Verizon Enterprise Solutions said it will use new technologies from Ericsson to improve its virtualized services, including its SD-WAN offerings.

Private equity company EQT Infrastructure announced it will purchase Lumos Networks in a deal valued at $950 million.

Frontier is concerned that CenturyLink’s proposed acquisition of Level 3 could hinder rural broadband investment.

Windstream wants to turn off the Centrex and BRI-ISDN services in Omaha, Nebraska.

AT&T and Broadcom have entered into a new relationship to drive SDN innovations at the silicon level.

Cincinnati Bell sees potential in acquiring other companies that could enhance its network expansion and IT product set.

Mount Washington, Massachusetts, decided that they needed to rectify the lack of broadband availability by building out their own FTTH network.

Charter sees potential in using some form of fixed wireless to complement its fiber network to reach additional business customers.