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Jamal Simmons is co-chairman of the Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA). He is currently a principal at The Raben Group, a Washington, DC consulting firm, where he provides communications and strategic counsel to corporate and non-profit clients. During the 2010 congressional election he was the Democratic political analyst for CBS News and before that a fixture on CNN during the 2008 election.

Articles by Jamal Simmons

Modern myths of moving away from the old telephone network

Fear of the unknown can hold back American innovation and economic growth in the form of those who invoke bogeymen to scare consumers away from technological advances. That's happening today, as a dialogue is just beginning on how to upgrade and modernize the nation's old telephone networks to next generation high-speed Internet networks.

It's time for the entire broadband ecosystem--including voice--to invest

Innovations in technology have meant leaving behind cherished LPs and cassette tapes for CDs and digital music, and throwing out analog televisions and rabbit ear antennae for digital TV and broadband-delivered video-on-demand. Things change, and phone service is no different.

Policy Makers: Don't predict future of technology--ensure it by encouraging investment

On October 9, 1910, the headline "Auto vs. Horse: Six-Day Test Shows Motor Car Cheaper and More Efficient Animal" blazoned across The New York Times. You may find humor in this revelation...

Achieving universal broadband: Five steps in the right direction

Whether riding on the Amtrak train in the northeast corridor or sitting at home in Elko, Nevada, nothing is more frustrating than waiting on a slow Internet connection to check email or surf the web.