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Michael Kennedy is a regular FierceTelecom columnist. He is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Network Strategy Partners, LLC (NSP), management consultants to the networking industry--recently purchased by ACG Research. Michael is now a Principal Analyst at ACG Research. He can be reached at mkennedy@acgresearch.net.

Articles by Michael Kennedy

The opportunity in evolving IP services

New, more sophisticated IP services are emerging, as are the associated service delivery platforms to meet the changing use and nature of the Internet. And a number of underlying trends also are driving service providers to emphasize service monetization, better network scaling, and better resource utilization in their business models. Read more

Use cases define future shape of Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking (SDN) began as a conceptual extension of data center virtualization and as such its true form has been tough to visualize. Now, as SDN use cases are being revealed on the web and in public forums, it is becoming clearer what SDN is, how it will be implemented and who will benefit or be hurt by its adoption.

Building the case for Software Defined Networking for metro networks

Software defined networking architecture that has its origins in data center networks is a promising approach for upgrading or building out metro networks. How will SDN be integrated into the service provider's business case?

Hard data on the state of the Internet

Kennedy Akamai's "The State of the Internet" report provides hard data on Internet attack traffic, IP address usage and the Internet's performance. Akamai's data is no small sample. Over

Defining cloud computing services: benefits and caveats

Kennedy Cloud computing service delivery has a strong business case that includes cost reduction, service acceleration, and improved service delivery quality and reliability. Before

Making the business case for mobile data offloading: A service with no downside

Kennedy There are multiple business cases for mobile data offloading, including those for mobile data subscribers and mobile and broadband network operators. The business cases are driven

U.S. broadband outlook: Not what was expected

Kennedy Recent FCC statistical reports suggest that U.S. broadband development is headed in some surprising directions. Wireline-based broadband may become an adjunct to subscription TV

Scaling the router control plane to meet bandwidth demand

Michael Kennedy, ACG Research As network usage moves to the cloud, personal and mobile services the quantity of network signaling-control plane-traffic is exploding. Router vendors and

Expanding the role of the IP router to meet growing network demands

Michael Kennedy, ACG Research A decade ago IP networks provided access from fixed locations to mail systems and static information sources. Today IP networks provide access to a wide range

IP networking: Building value through network subscriber and application awareness

Michael Kennedy, Principal Analyst, ACG Research Network subscriber and application awareness are two ways that IP networking is being extended beyond Layer 2 switching and Layer 3