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Michael Kennedy is a regular FierceTelecom columnist. He is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Network Strategy Partners, LLC (NSP), management consultants to the networking industry--recently purchased by ACG Research. Michael is now a Principal Analyst at ACG Research. He can be reached at mkennedy@acgresearch.net.

Articles by Michael Kennedy

U.S. broadband outlook: Not what was expected

Kennedy Recent FCC statistical reports suggest that U.S. broadband development is headed in some surprising directions. Wireline-based broadband may become an adjunct to subscription TV

Scaling the router control plane to meet bandwidth demand

Michael Kennedy, ACG Research As network usage moves to the cloud, personal and mobile services the quantity of network signaling-control plane-traffic is exploding. Router vendors and

Expanding the role of the IP router to meet growing network demands

Michael Kennedy, ACG Research A decade ago IP networks provided access from fixed locations to mail systems and static information sources. Today IP networks provide access to a wide range

IP networking: Building value through network subscriber and application awareness

Michael Kennedy, Principal Analyst, ACG Research Network subscriber and application awareness are two ways that IP networking is being extended beyond Layer 2 switching and Layer 3

Market maturity, competition force service providers to adopt more sophisticated business models

Michael Kennedy, Principal Analyst, ACG Research Service providers are seeking increasingly sophisticated business models with more complex interactions between their customers, suppliers,

Video driving carriers to rethink their network architecture choices

Michael Kennedy, Principal Analyst, ACG Research It is not new information that video makes up most of total consumer IP traffic and is quickly over taking mobile data traffic. The types

Optical transmission innovations underpin service growth

Optical transmission innovations are tightly linked to the emergence and rapid growth of Internet video, cloud-centric services, 4G mobile, and financial trading networks. Advances in video

QoS is an essential element to create profitable Ethernet services

(Editor's note: This article is part of a new FierceTelecom eBook, Ethernet QoS: Trust, But Always Verify. Click here to get your copy today.)IP/Ethernet-based networks are the foundation upon which

Internet video needs sophisticated business models

Internet traffic will continue growing at high double digit rates, primarily due to Internet video, but it does not necessarily follow that this growth can be converted to growing profits. A major

Network traffic: Strong growth ahead, but is it sustainable?

The outlook for traffic growth driven by technology breakthroughs on the supply side and creative ideas on the demand side is very strong. Growth in all market segments--residential and enterprise