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Michael Kennedy is a regular FierceTelecom columnist. He is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Network Strategy Partners, LLC (NSP), management consultants to the networking industry--recently purchased by ACG Research. Michael is now a Principal Analyst at ACG Research. He can be reached at mkennedy@acgresearch.net.

Articles by Michael Kennedy

Operations expense drives connection-oriented Ethernet design choices

Carrier metro networks are migrating from SONET/SDH transport to connection-oriented Ethernet designs as new business models are emerging built upon residential triple play, Ethernet mobile backhaul,

Carving out a cloud computing service business case

Cloud computing services are emerging as new value-added service offerings for network-based service providers. They create business opportunities for network-based service providers by allowing them

Smart grid changes access network economics

The electric power industry's deployment of smart grids embodies some surprising changes for the economics of communications access networks. Business case motivations for deploying smart grids

Making sense of the Tier 2 wireline service provider consolidation wave

What do CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL), Fairpoint (OTC: FRCMQ.PK), Frontier (NYSE: FTR) and Windstream (Nasdaq: WIN) see that everyone else is missing? It seems to be common industry knowledge that voice

Internet video: broadband service provider threat or opportunity?

Broadband service providers are taking a hard look at Internet video and trying to determine if it is a threat or opportunity. It is a threat if it drives up broadband usage while media companies and

Carrier Ethernet access: encouraging progress toward network convergence

Adoption of Carrier Ethernet access networks is accelerating. This is due, in my opinion, to strong demand for increased bandwidth in all market segments as well as the emergence of new technologies

How MEF mobile backhaul initiatives help wireline operators

Though vitally important to both wireless and wireline service providers, the mobile backhaul market itself is overflowing with multiple technologies, vendors, service providers and solutions. This

MEF standardization drives development of Ethernet business services

Momentum for the widespread adoption of Ethernet business service offerings has been building steadily for nearly a decade and now appears to be poised to make major inroads into the installed base

Network convergence is at hand, driven by technology, service providers

Convergence upon a single physical network for voice, video and Internet as well as wired and wireline services will soon be a reality. This is being driven not only by technical innovations, but by

Packet Optical Transport--Evolution vs. revolution

There is an industry consensus that the long term target network will be a packet-optical converged network built upon Ethernet, IP/MPLS, and DWDM. Today's access and aggregation networks, however,