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A. MICHAEL NOLL, a regular FierceTelecom columnist, is retired professor emeritus and former dean at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California. In the early 1970s he was involved at the White House on issues involving the difference between data communication and computing.

Articles by A. Michael Noll

The death of POTS is greatly exaggerated

It seems popular today to speak of the impending death of POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). But if "Phantastic" is substituted for "Plain," POTS is much alive and booming. The question is, what does POTS really mean?

Telstar satellite: Proving the naysayers wrong

A. Michael Noll takes a look at the launch of the Telstar satellite as its 50th anniversary approaches, and the doubts that might have been voiced.

The continued decline of Alcatel-Lucent: A wakeup call

A. Michael Noll The French telecommunications manufacturer Alcatel lusted after the American Lucent Technologies, and in 2006, after a few years of courtship, consummated the affair.

Constraining the Internet's freedom is necessary to stop online piracy

A. Michael Noll Congress is proposing to legislate against Internet piracy with the now-on-hold Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA), but the Obama administration is

Why AT&T's deal for T-Mobile would never have worked

A. Michael Noll Back in 2000, Deutsche Telekom (XETRA: DTE.DE) initiated its acquisition of VoiceStream Wireless for $50.5 billion. I wrote then in the Los Angeles Times that "this deal

Why the former Bell system breakup was wrong

A. Michael Noll The Bell system breakup 27 years ago got it all wrong for many reasons. The U.S. Justice Department, in its 1974 antitrust case against AT&T (NYSE: T), demanded that

Apple's Jobs should be remembered as a product innovator, not an inventor

A. Michael Noll When it comes to product innovation, Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) has been incredible. Apple makes all my computers and media players. But when it comes to invention, Apple has not

Broadband, narrowband, or both?

Will broadband services win out over narrowband services, or will they both continue to coexist since they seem destined for very different purposes? The 78-rpm phonograph record did not have the

AT&T's proposed T-Mobile acquisition: Going from monopoly to duopoly

The proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA by AT&T (NYSE: T) divulges the true direction of telecommunication in the United States as it moves from the old monopoly of the former Bell System to a

Should we take the IBM-Jeopardy challenge seriously?

The IBM-"Jeopardy" Challenge was resolved on Feb. 16, 2011 with a clear victory for IBM's (NYSE: IBM) Watson computer. Should we care or worry that soon computers will battle it out on TV's Jeopardy?