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Samantha Bookman is the editor of FierceOnlineVideo and managing editor, Wireline, with FierceMarkets' Telecom group. Prior to joining FierceMarkets, she was the web editor for Horizon House's two trade publications, Telecommunications and Microwave Journal. When not covering the fast-evolving online video ecosystem, she can be found digging through the comics stacks at Outer Limits, hiking, or practicing martial arts. Based in Boston, Mass., Samantha can be reached at Follow @FierceSamantha on Twitter and find her on LinkedIn.

Articles by Samantha Bookman

Fairpoint axes 90 more employees in New England region

As expected, FairPoint Communications is bringing down the axe on 90 wireline positions across Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont over the next several months. The layoffs aren't a surprise as they were part of a collective bargaining agreement signed last year.

Google Fiber comes to Austin, mayor announces

Yet another big announcement this week just went official as Google confirmed during a joint community-press session that it will be bringing Google Fiber to Austin, Texas.

Internet exchanges play critical role during submarine cable outages

A series of submarine cable outages in the past two weeks caused widespread disruptions of Internet service in the EMEA and Asia regions, leading to increased attention on the importance of alternate routes and better interconnectivity. For land-based Internet exchanges, the timing couldn't be better, according to Harald Summa, CEO of Germany-based DE-CIX Management GmbH.

Week in research: M&A climbs, deal values don't; quantum cryptography prepares leap forward

Buyers prowling the global telecom marketplace in 2012 saw plenty more deals being made, but at much lower valuations, an IDC report says. More than 3,800 deals were made last year, a 14.2 percent rise over 2011 M&A activity.

Spamhaus DDoS was just a warning shot

Plenty has already been written about last week's distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack targeting the servers of Spamhaus, an organization that fights email spam. With the event past, one remaining point is that the attack, which flooded exchange points with data at a rate of 300 Gbps, is the beginning of large-scale DDoS campaigns using shifting tactics to exploit infrastructure vulnerabilities.

Massive DDoS attack sets records, but Internet keeps chugging along

A "massive" distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack directed against anti-spam organization Spamhaus slowed Internet speeds for some regions of the globe, but failed to cause widespread outages, numerous news sources reported.

Rumor mill: Ericsson looking to buy Microsoft's IPTV business

A report from Bloomberg citing "people with knowledge of the matter" says that Ericsson is in negotiations with Microsoft to buy its Mediaroom IPTV software business, a transaction that could be announced in just a few weeks.

5 reasons Verizon needs to restart its FiOS rollout

Verizon had a decent year for FiOS, adding 607,000 Internet subscribers and 553,000 video subscribers to its net total. It's sticking to its plan to build those subscription numbers in the areas where it already has deployed FiOS. But Verizon, which halted new deployments of its fiber product last year, needs to bite the bullet and restart its rollout.

Choosing the wireline market's top contenders: who backs up their talk?

These days, many wireline-centric providers say they're challenging the telecom market or innovating, but how many of them really stand out from the pack? In our new feature, "The Contenders," we take a closer look at five companies that are walking the walk.

Week in research: Consumers not ready for 1 Gbps; Fibre Channel sees record Q4

Even as Google prepares to launch its Google Fiber product in Kansas City, Mo., a study from Point Topic suggests residential consumers are not yet willing to pay for gigabit speeds.