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Sean Buckley is the senior editor of FierceTelecom. He joined the FierceTelecom staff in July 2009 and is responsible for covering news and trends in the wireline section of the telecom industry. Before joining the FierceTelecom staff, Sean most recently served as the Editor-in-Chief for Telecom Engine from 2006 to 2009 overseeing both the former print publication Telecommunications Magazine Americas and its transition to a web-based publication. Sean returned to Telecommunications in July 2006 after a brief one-year stint covering the public sector IT and mobile network infrastructure trends as a senior analyst at Current Analysis. In addition to writing about wireline industry trends, Sean enjoys playing with his two sons, reading history books, watching the Celtics, and listening to Grateful Dead concerts on Sirius Satellite Radio. Sean works out of his home office Dracut, Mass., and can be reached at Follow @FierceTelecom on Twitter and find him on LinkedIn.

Articles by Sean Buckley

Integra Telecom puts Overture to work on its Ethernet over Copper network

Integra Telecom would like to get Ethernet to as many customers in its footprint as possible, but it's realistic that despite its aggressive fiber strategy, the CLEC can't bring fiber to every

Cable & Wireless Worldwide extends Ethernet reach into the Americas

Cable & Wireless Worldwide (LSE: CW.L) believes that the next best bet for its Ethernet service portfolio resides in Americas-based multinational corporations (MNCs). Fiber optic

Verizon's wireline union workers to return to work, but contract negotiations will continue

Verizon's (NYSE: VZ) 45,000 wireline union workers plan to return work on Monday night, Aug. 22--but discussions on a new labor contract will continue. The return of Verizon union workers to their

AT&T says Alabama has the highest rate of copper theft

Out of all of its network regions, AT&T (NYSE: T) is seeing that the state with the largest number of incidents of people stealing copper wire from its network is Alabama. Following recent

Verizon CFO Shammo: Expanding wireline's profit remains a challenge

Verizon (NYSE: VZ) may have built a profitable wireless business, but ongoing declines in its traditional copper-based voice service continues to eat into its wireline segment's bottom line. To fight

First Communications broadens Ethernet reach with Ethernet DIA

First Communications may not have the name recognition of AT&T (NYSE: T) or Verizon (NYSE: VZ), but the service provider's Business Services Group (BSG) is offering an alternative Ethernet-based

Week in research: Optical networking rebounds in Q2; Service providers embrace SaaS for internal functions

Optical network hardware spending saw uptick in Q2: What a difference one quarter makes. Following an 11 percent decrease in Q1 2011, overall global optical network equipment sales rose 13 percent in

CenturyLink won't buy Sprint, will focus on business, broadband opportunities

While rumors have been swirling around that CenturyLink may purchase Sprint--a company that interestingly enough spun out EMBARQ as a separate wireline division in 2006--CenturyLink's (NYSE: CTL)

UPDATED: AT&T takes five-step approach to its IPv6-only transition

AT&T (NYSE: T) would like to migrate all of its networks and end-user customers to an IPv6-only environment, but realizes that the process will take a number of years, an Inquirer article says.

tw telecom wins State of Texas IP service contract

tw telecom (Nasdaq: TWTC) struck yet another coup in the state & local government sector by winning a five-year contract with the State of Texas. Under the terms of contract, tw telecom will