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Sean Buckley is the senior editor of FierceTelecom. He joined the FierceTelecom staff in July 2009 and is responsible for covering news and trends in the wireline section of the telecom industry. Before joining the FierceTelecom staff, Sean most recently served as the Editor-in-Chief for Telecom Engine from 2006 to 2009 overseeing both the former print publication Telecommunications Magazine Americas and its transition to a web-based publication. Sean returned to Telecommunications in July 2006 after a brief one-year stint covering the public sector IT and mobile network infrastructure trends as a senior analyst at Current Analysis. In addition to writing about wireline industry trends, Sean enjoys playing with his two sons, reading history books, watching the Celtics, and listening to Grateful Dead concerts on Sirius Satellite Radio. Sean works out of his home office Dracut, Mass., and can be reached at Follow @FierceTelecom on Twitter and find him on LinkedIn.

Articles by Sean Buckley

Vodafone advances into Australia wireline market with OTT, femtocell services

Vodafone plans to make a big splash in the competitive Australian telecom market by offering a set of new wireline-based services that complement its wireless services suite. Although it does not

Kevin Sheehan, Matt Squire to leave Overture Networks

Two of Overture Networks' main executives will be leaving the company now that the integration of the former Hatteras Networks, which it acquired last year, is complete. Overture's current President

Home networks continue shift towards becoming a multi-service environment

It's clear that the consumer home network is changing. What was once nothing more than a few telephone lines and a basic data modem to connect to the Internet is becoming a hub for premium online

BT, Scotland Yard create copper theft taskforce

As a frequent target of copper theft, BT (NYSE: BT) hopes that a new joint group it has created with Scotland Yard will help nip the problem in the bud. The new Waste and Metal Task Force consists of

Zayo extends presence into the data center market with Green House Data agreement

Zayo Group's completion of a fiber build to Wyoming-based data center provider Green House Data illustrates how the data center business is fast becoming a new profitable target for wireline

Verizon, Cablevision settle Internet speed ad lawsuit out of court

Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ) and Cablevision (NYSE: CVC), two of New York's fiercest broadband providers, have settled their lawsuit out of court over ads the telco ran that did not accurately

France Telecom injects Alcatel-Lucent's 100G optical system into key network routes

France Telecom-Orange (NYSE: FTE) is the latest service provider to take the 100G optical challenge, upgrading its fiber route between Paris and London to stay apace of the user's never-ending

Integra's CEO Kevin O'Hara wants to put company on stable ground

Whether it was their reorganization, move to focus on larger businesses, not to mention hiring its third CEO, it's clear that Integra Telecom endured a lot in the past year. However, new CEO Kevin

Ohio-based broadband stimulus projects delayed by fiber cable shortages

While the federal government's move to tighten its reins on the broadband stimulus work process is necessary to drive out fraud and waste, one unforeseen problem stimulus grant winners are seeing is

Paetec/Intellifiber veteran Clint Heiden joins Sidera Networks as president

Clint Heiden, the former SVP and president of National Accounts and Fiber Services for Paetec (recently acquired by Windstream), has found a new home at Sidera Networks as the competitive provider's