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Latin America: A new telecom growth engine

Latin America's telecom market, much like its landscape, is a diverse tapestry of everything from traditional wireline voice services to next generation networks (NGNs) consisting of fiber and

Look, we're growing again

You're going to see a new face appear at the FierceTelecom site beginning this week as Samantha Bookman joins the FierceTelecom wireline team as our Managing Editor. In her new role, Sam will help

CenturyLink, Qwest: A new service provider era?

CenturyLink's bid to acquire Qwest reminds me of the song 'Closing Time' by Semisonic where the singer croons: 'every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.' When CenturyLink does wrap

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of low latency

Network latency is one of those issues, while not necessarily noticeable if you're sending a non-critical an e-mail, it is noticeable to the financial trader who could potentially lose millions from

Feeding the content machine

If there's anything that Internet consumers are hungry for, it's content, and lots of it, when we want it. This includes everything from my wife trolling web pages to confirm when Charlaine Harris

IPv6 migration: Are we there yet?

IPv6, at least for U.S.-based carriers and Internet consumers (businesses and residential users), has been a far-off concern since the early 1990s when the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and

Good Night, and Good Luck to Dan

Today, I am talking to you on a bit of a sad note as FierceTelecom says goodbye to fellow Irishman and journalist colleague Dan O'Shea who is leaving FierceMarkets this week. You might have gotten to

Comptel 2010: CLEC consolidation isn't easy

As Comcast put the final touch on its acquisition of Chicagoland-based CLEC Cimco with the FCC giving its approval of the deal last week, it signified the entrance of another major non-traditional

Comptel 2010: Quality, not price, is job one for wholesaler operators

After finally landing Monday night in Nashville, Tn., which caused me to miss a day's worth of meetings due to poor weather in Massachusetts, I found my way on to the COMPTEL Plus Spring show floor

Give Frontier a chance

Is the ghost of FairPoint Communications haunting Frontier Communications? Probably not as much as telecom industry insiders would think, though FairPoint's problems certainly could give Frontier's