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Wireline industry scare fest: What keeps telco executives up at night?

As Halloween approaches, FierceTelecom decided to ponder: What makes wireline executives turn their heads in a 360° fashion? Putting aside my fascination with how the story and graphic images of

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I'd like to call your attention to our first annual competitive business telecom leaders feature. Given the changes in the U.S. competitive telecom market, we decided it was time to take a look at

Could a common policy architecture drive wireless/wireline blended services?

While it is easy to say that wireless and wireline are two separate service worlds that should never touch one another, that is a mentality that overlooks the possibilities of how the two worlds can

Calix and Occam: A tale of two different, yet similar, vendors

Hungry to have more Ethernet in its diet, Calix plunked down $171 million last week to buy up last mile rival Occam Networks. Calix and Occam's Ethernet and overall approach to the market illustrate

Trends and bends at this week's COMPTEL show

The Fall COMPTEL show in Dallas this week featured the usual product releases and deal announcements, but behind the usual show bluster was a light breeze of optimism amongst the sales and marketing

Four trends to watch at COMPTEL Fall 2010

Chances are, if you're headed out to the COMPTEL PLUS Fall show next week, you're going to hear a lot about various transitions and opportunities taking place in the competitive retail and wholesale

Verizon's 10, 15 Mbps DSL service is great if you can actually get it

Verizon (NYSE: VZ) this week introduced new 10 and 15 Mbps DSL speed tiers in its non-FiOS markets in what could be seen as another defensive play against cable. Residential and SMB customers that

Let FierceTelecom help you find qualified job candidates

Finding qualified job candidates for open positions at your company is never an easy task. But FierceTelecom has found a way to make the process simpler and easier for you and your Human Resources

Top government communication provider leaders

I'd like to call your attention to FierceTelecom's new Government Communications Leaders feature--a new series recognizing innovators serving the public sector market segment. For the first

Windstream's Q-Comm purchase shows broadening of competitive market

Windstream (Nasdaq: WIN) was back in the M&A headlines this week with its proposed acquisition of Q-Comm and its two subsidiaries Kentucky Data Light (KDL) and Norlight Communications. Like many