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Windstream fulfilling dealmaker dreams

Rural telco consolidation has been a pet topic of Wall Street for about a decade, when the largest telcos were first looking at off-loading their least-lucrative access lines in smaller markets.

Video: Cable's SMB churn reducer

It's safe to say that cable operators--who've been building up a strong cadre of services including everything from their traditional DOCSIS-based data, voice and Ethernet services--have been

Hunting for telecom turkeys

Just a few days before my wife and I pack up the kids to go to Grandma's house (okay, my mother-in-law lives down the street) to stuff our faces with turkey, stuffing and pondering why the Detroit

Google and the wages of coopetition

"Coopetition," that funny word that seemed to explode into popular usage during the last 15 years or so, may be the first word that comes to mind as the traditional telecom industry hears that Google

TelcoTV: Rise above the generic

The sun may have been absent during last week's TelcoTV show in Orlando, Fla., but one of the resonant trends that I saw in my relatively two short days at the show was the drive to differentiate. As

Strength in numbers at TelcoTV

One undercurrent of the TelcoTV 2009 event in Orlando this week is the concept of small independent telcos working together. Inspiring constituents to work as a team may be the mantra of many and an

Building a foundation for ATCA

Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) and its brother MicroTCA have a lot of advertised potential for the telecom and other vertical industries: lower-cost, accelerated product

Comcast deserves FCC scrutiny, too

The Federal Communications Commission has a lot on its plate at the moment: Net neutrality, the development of a national broadband plan, Google Voice, E-Rate, Frontier's acquisition of Verizon

Ethernet NNI-keeping services consistent!

You'd be hard pressed to find a large or even a mid-sized business enterprise customer that hasn't embraced carrier Ethernet (or is in the process of upgrading its legacy lines to Ethernet) as their

A decade in quick review

The end of the decade is sneaking up on us--barely two months away (unless you're one of those people who insists the decade ends on a '0' year, in which case make a note to come back and read this