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Comptel 2010: Competitive providers, wholesalers find new identities

As I prepare to hop aboard a plane to head down to Nashville, Tn. on Sunday to attend my first Comptel show in six years, I thought this was a good time to put out my thoughts on what I think will be

Packet Optical Networking Platforms find their niche

We've got a lot going on here on the wireline side of FierceTelecom this week. In addition to the launch of our new FierceCable newsletter, I would like to call your attention to our new eBook on

Welcome FierceCable!

Today, you'll see a new daily publication in FierceTelecom's wireline publication roster: FierceCable. You can sign up for our new FierceCable publication by clicking on this link. Heading up the

Vonage, back from the brink

In case you were wondering, Vonage--the VoIP juggernaut of a few years back whose attempt to become the dominant new player in the telecom voice world was beaten back by lawsuits, a weak IPO and

Closing the SMB fiber availability gap isn't easy

Vertical Systems Group's latest stat flash about the penetration of fiber into businesses once again illustrates the ongoing and unfortunate fiber disconnect that exists between the big ticket

Middle mile providers: Complementary, not competitive

It was interesting to see news break last week that Qwest is considering, and I underline considering applying for broadband stimulus grant funding when the National Telecommunications and

Happy President's Day

Just a quick to note to you that FierceTelecom will not be publishing on Monday in observance of the President's Day holiday. We'll be back bright and early on Monday morning bringing you up to date

Building the perfect Bellhead

No one is entirely sure what Google is up to with its announcement of trial plans for a 1 Gbps fiber-based, open access broadband service. We could speculate on how Google is trying to prove that

Old telecom service habits die hard

If there's anything to glean from AT&T winning a recent Leadership award from Frost & Sullivan for SONET services, it's that this decades-old technology still has plenty of utility left in

Comcast's busy week puts its multi-play telecom strategy on display

Cable TV company Comcast is at a pivotal point in its evolution as a multi-play telecom service provider. Its status as a telecom giant that should be mentioned in the same sentence as AT&T and