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Get ready to ride the new competitive consolidation wave

If you haven't noticed lately, there's been no shortage of rumors that four regional fiber network providers are rumored to be for sale. For anyone that can remember back to the late 1990s .com

Broadband metering: A misguided struggle for bandwidth control

After rumors percolated on consumer advocacy site Stop the Cap, AT&T (NYSE: T) finally made it official on Wednesday that they will formally end its DSL metering trial in its Beaufort, Texas and

Big Three indie telcos strive for identity

Independent ILECs are in a state of transition. Unlike their larger RBOC counterparts that have battled dwindling traditional PSTN subscribership by expanding their wireless and, more recently, TV

Ethernet exchange: Another tool in the Ethernet service toolkit

When I look at the emergence of the Ethernet exchanges--the latest being Telx's Ethernet Exchange--I am reminded of the bandwidth trading dream I followed in my first article 10 years ago for the

IP transformation is all about making new connections

Yesterday, I asked Kelly Ahuja, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Service Provider Routing Technology Group at Cisco (NasdaqGS: CSCO), about what's been driving demand for the mighty

Broadband bundles are about value, not just the pipe

Verizon's (NYSE:VZ) decision to get rid of long-term contracts for its FiOS customers in Tampa, Fla. is a realization that no matter how compelling Fiber to the Home is in terms of speed and service

Latin America: A new telecom growth engine

Latin America's telecom market, much like its landscape, is a diverse tapestry of everything from traditional wireline voice services to next generation networks (NGNs) consisting of fiber and

Look, we're growing again

You're going to see a new face appear at the FierceTelecom site beginning this week as Samantha Bookman joins the FierceTelecom wireline team as our Managing Editor. In her new role, Sam will help

CenturyLink, Qwest: A new service provider era?

CenturyLink's bid to acquire Qwest reminds me of the song 'Closing Time' by Semisonic where the singer croons: 'every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.' When CenturyLink does wrap

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of low latency

Network latency is one of those issues, while not necessarily noticeable if you're sending a non-critical an e-mail, it is noticeable to the financial trader who could potentially lose millions from