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11 years and counting

After serving two tours of duty at Horizon House Publications-one as Editor in Chief of the TelecomEngine website and earlier as both Staff and Senior Editor of Telecommunications Magazine--I just

We're Growing!

We've added another member to the Fierce editorial team! Starting today Sean Buckley, former Editor-in-chief of Telecommunications, will be writing FierceTelecom. Sean, who is a familiar face to many

Rural consolidation a cautionary tale

I must assume that amid all of the recent controversy and troubles surrounding FairPoint Communications readers have forgotten that I once supported the North Carolina company's acquisition of the

Happy Birthday, America

Hey, folks, just a quick note to tell you that the FierceTelecom newsletter will not be published on Friday, July 3, as we get an early start on the holiday weekend. Have a good 4th of July, and

xTCA's big day getting closer

The family of xTCA standards--the Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA), MicroTCA, and Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC)--are as familiar as, well, family to the major network

Better LTE than never to address backhaul needs

If you feel like you have been hearing a lot about next-generation wireless network technology LTE, your senses are not deceiving you. ABI Research said recently that as many as a dozen wireless

Avoiding another Nacchio

The U.S. Supreme Court may review the Curious Case of Joe Nacchio this week, and I call it that not because Nacchio is aging backward, but because he is trying to make time move backward. Maybe then,

Summer's here, Supercomm's not, so take a break

Supercomm 2009 originally was planned for this week. It has since been moved to Oct. 21-23, and perhaps the trade show and the industry itself will be better off for the change. Still, it seems very

Obama launches cyberspace policy adventures

President Obama last Friday made his promised pledge to improve overall U.S. and intra-government cybersecurity. There weren't many specifics in his announcement, unless you were looking for a

With 'say on pay,' shareholder activism returns

Corporate shareholders in a variety of industries have been seeking to have more of a role in advising company boards on executive compensation and related issues. It's the latest strain of