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M&A allure again follows Windstream

There has been some recent speculation that independent rural telco Windstream Communications could be positioning itself to acquire FairPoint Communications. That would be an interesting (yes,

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Over the next month, we’re going to be bringing you some challenging new polling questions on our website and in the newsletter. Please vote as often as you like. Each complete entry will

Alleviate my network pain!

You'll probably notice something new today in our newsletter and our FierceTelecom site. We have launched a new series of poll questions that ask what your major network pain points are. We'll be

Hub snub might be a good thing

At the beginning of the year, I made kind of a big deal about Verizon's next-generation home phone, the Hub. I really wanted one, but ultimately was turned off by the overall price involved for the

Broadband gateways search for power efficiency

For all the advances we see every day in our telecom industry, its ironic how much of a role traditional electric power continues to play in every e-mail and every call we make. In a town where the

Net neutrality song remains the same

FCC chairman Julius Genachowski proposed two new rules to be added to the FCC's existing Net neutrality policy that would seek to (1) keep broadband service providers from blocking or degrading

Forget landline voice: I want data, video and wireless

Wireline landline voice loss? Who cares? It's hard to imagine that even five or 10 years ago, we would ever hear any leader of a Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) turn their back on the service

Cable extends its Power streak

Another J.D. Power residential telephony customer survey, another cable TV industry knock-out. The results of the J.D. Power 2009 Residential Telephone Customer Satisfaction Study show the winners in

Broadband over powerline's pulse still beats

Broadband over powerline (BPL) service is just one of those technology trends that, just when you think it's dead, it rises once again. Last week, IBM Global Financing established a financing

Loosening bans, tightening control

After an appeals court recently struck down the long-standing ban on cable TV firms being able to serve more than 30 percent of U.S. pay TV customers, I figured it would take just a few weeks for the