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Is Charter missing the boat on Opelika's muni broadband network?

Charter's (OTC BB: CCMM) contention that its HFC (hybrid fiber coax) is more reliable than Fiber to the Home (FTTH) wasn't enough to sway Opelika, Ala.'s residents to not vote in favor of going

Bridging the legacy to next-gen revenue disconnect

One of the constant themes I've heard large service providers stress to me over the past 12 years in covering this industry, especially when I ask them about the evolution of the next-generation

Top Women in Wireline 2010

I'd like to call your attention to FierceTelecom's new Top Women in Wireline issue--a new annual series recognizing important women innovators in the wireline segment of the telecom industry. Women

Packing up Packet Optical Network Platforms

I wanted to take a minute to invite you to the second of FierceTelecom's three-part webinar series on Packet Optical Network Platforms (PONPs). Our second webinar in the series--Carrier Roundtable:

Utilities, telcos look for common ground

At a time when consumers are being more conscious of their spending, including necessities like electricity, the notion of an easy smart energy plan that would help users track their usage via an

Frontier Communications charts a new course

Yesterday, Frontier (NYSE: FTR) began new chapter of their life in the telecom history books with the completion of its acquisition of Verizon's (NYSE: VZ) rural lines in 14 states. When

Get ready to ride the new competitive consolidation wave

If you haven't noticed lately, there's been no shortage of rumors that four regional fiber network providers are rumored to be for sale. For anyone that can remember back to the late 1990s .com

Broadband metering: A misguided struggle for bandwidth control

After rumors percolated on consumer advocacy site Stop the Cap, AT&T (NYSE: T) finally made it official on Wednesday that they will formally end its DSL metering trial in its Beaufort, Texas and

Big Three indie telcos strive for identity

Independent ILECs are in a state of transition. Unlike their larger RBOC counterparts that have battled dwindling traditional PSTN subscribership by expanding their wireless and, more recently, TV

Ethernet exchange: Another tool in the Ethernet service toolkit

When I look at the emergence of the Ethernet exchanges--the latest being Telx's Ethernet Exchange--I am reminded of the bandwidth trading dream I followed in my first article 10 years ago for the