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Building a foundation for ATCA

Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) and its brother MicroTCA have a lot of advertised potential for the telecom and other vertical industries: lower-cost, accelerated product

Comcast deserves FCC scrutiny, too

The Federal Communications Commission has a lot on its plate at the moment: Net neutrality, the development of a national broadband plan, Google Voice, E-Rate, Frontier's acquisition of Verizon

Ethernet NNI-keeping services consistent!

You'd be hard pressed to find a large or even a mid-sized business enterprise customer that hasn't embraced carrier Ethernet (or is in the process of upgrading its legacy lines to Ethernet) as their

A decade in quick review

The end of the decade is sneaking up on us--barely two months away (unless you're one of those people who insists the decade ends on a '0' year, in which case make a note to come back and read this

SUPERCOMM: Multitasking your fiber network

Organizers of this year's SUPERCOMM event may have been selling the idea of the broadband connected nation, but one of the offshoots of the show's theme was how service providers are leveraging fiber

SUPERCOMM: Final anti-Net Neutrality efforts likely futile

CHICAGO--The Wednesday morning keynote at SUPERCOMM here featured something most platitude-laden trade show keynotes don't feature: A passionate argument attempting to influence events set to play

Falling into SUPERCOMM

Today I will head out to my first tradeshow as a FierceTelecom editor. Besides leaving the family behind for three days, what feels strange is that I am going to be at SUPERCOMM in October. Okay,

Will Supercomm be stimulating?

Supercomm 2009 is less than one week away. The show will be held Oct. 21-23 in Chicago, and as a Chicagoan I am pleased to inform you that we are expecting a fall heat wave next week. That means

Wireless backhaul: A bountiful wireline opportunity

This week you'll notice a new feature in the newsletter and on the Fierce Telecom site: the launch of our very first eBook on wireless backhaul. Having spent time in a previous life covering both the

M&A allure again follows Windstream

There has been some recent speculation that independent rural telco Windstream Communications could be positioning itself to acquire FairPoint Communications. That would be an interesting (yes,