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At ITU's Dubai conference, what's not being said about Internet freedom rings loudest

The United States and Internet freedom advocates worldwide have sounded the alarm about the WCIT conference being held in Dubai from Dec. 3-14. At stake, they say, is the right to free and unrestricted expression, and the foundation of the Internet itself. But to hear the ITU talk about it, this historic conference is really nothing important.

Wireline moves forward amid shifting sands: a look at 2012's trends

It's been an interesting quarter for wireline and the telecom industry in general, with M&A activity continuing and traditional telcos swaying toward VDSL solutions. But some new trends have cropped up in the past few months.

Unified communications breathes new business revenue life into rural telcos

For many smaller independent ILECs, which have spent much of their 100-plus year lives selling nothing more than traditional POTS, unified communications for businesses is becoming a new revenue savior. As the PSTN declines, UC could mean the difference between survival or extinction.

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to wish all of you a safe and happy Thanksgiving Day.

Welcome to the Best of FierceTelecom 2012

In our special Best of FierceTelecom 2012 issue, we highlight some of our most popular, most informative and most interesting special reports and interviews that we compiled during the past year.

Sandy's new challenges reflect resiliency of traditional and next-generation services

As the Northeast continues to recover from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, critics have been quick to point out how vulnerable the communications infrastructure is to giant, unprecedented superstorms. Getting lost in the storm of "what-ifs," however, are the examples and data that showed how resilient and adaptive that infrastructure, and the people responsible for it, could be.

Looking at 10 innovators who changed the course of telecom

I would like to call your attention to our second annual "Innovators who changed the course of telecom" series. With the consumer's reliance on gaming consoles and wireless devices as well as their expectation of always-available high speed Internet, it's easy to forget the many innovators who laid the foundations that make these applications a reality.

Profiling leadership of the top competitive providers

FierceTelecom is taking the time to look at emerging executives in the competitive telecom service provider space in our annual Competitive Provider Leaders feature. As you'll see, we continue to track the ongoing consolidation of the Competitive Local Exchange Company (CLEC) industry.

CLECs to ILECs: Don't hang up your copper networks!

Traditional ILECs may see their copper facilities as nothing more than an aging asset of the legacy voice-only service age, but for competitive telcos serving the business market, copper is still very much in fashion.

What lies beyond 100G?

The increased bandwidth demand which service providers in the wireline and wireless industries face is driving a growing number of large incumbents and even competitive telcos to make a migration towards 100G in their core backbone and metro networks.