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5 wireline issues Wheeler will face if he becomes FCC chairman

Last week, Tom Wheeler faced a Congressional panel, one of the last formalities before he is approved as FCC chairman. It's a deal that appears to be almost done. What will Wheeler's legacy be? What side will he take on the issues in front of the regulatory agency?

Honoring women in wireline leadership roles

In our fourth annual Women in Wireline feature, FierceTelecom is celebrating those women leaders who are making their mark in the industry through their work developing products and innovations or serving as advocates for specific technologies or service provider groups.

AT&T won't be Europe's economic savior

Where will U.S. telcos purchase assets next? Eyes are turning toward Europe, as the continuing economic trouble there makes telecom acquisitions more attractive. But will investors' hopes be dashed in the coming months if AT&T, Verizon, or other carriers balk at a major purchase?

Tier 1 incumbents AT&T, Verizon, others meet wireless backhaul demand

If the advent of Apple's iPhone is any indication, the proliferation of easy-to-use smart phones and tablet computers is driving a host of new bandwidth-hungry data and multimedia services. The rise in bandwidth-hungry traffic that users are accessing from their phones means that wireless operators require a higher speed wireless backhaul network.

Bridging the copper-to-fiber gap needs more than Verizon, AT&T interim solutions

Two weeks ago, Verizon announced it would be replacing damaged and destroyed copper voice lines on some of the barrier islands off Long Island, N.Y., and in New Jersey with its recently developed Voice Link service. With deployment of this wireless-based alternative to traditional voice service beginning this month in other rural regions, Verizon's solution sets a troubling precedent for incumbents migrating off of legacy wireline networks.

Consumer broadband lifts the ILEC wireline tide

One of the common themes that continues to be seen in the consumer broadband segment--both telcos and cable operators--is that the first quarter is the best quarter in terms of net additions, and Q1 2013 was no different.

Finding new opportunities in the data center

The data center market continues to evolve from a place where enterprises and service providers store racks of equipment to a platform for delivering managed services. One of the key trends driving the new interest in data centers, for both traditional providers and ILECs that are trying to transform themselves from voice-centric telcos, is cloud services.

Have a great Memorial Day

I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day. Because of the holiday, FierceTelecom won't be published on Monday, but we'll be back in your inbox first thing Tuesday morning.

Submarine cable equipment underdogs prepare to shake up the market

The submarine cable systems market doesn't get much attention beyond those within its specific telecommunications segment. With the exception of those times that a significant cable cut--such as a recent slew of outages in March off Egypt--impacts countries across a region, submarine cabling rarely makes the news. That may be changing.

CenturyLink dips its feet into the 1 Gbps FTTP waters

CenturyLink, like its fellow RBOC AT&T, has been conservative about transforming its last mile network that leverages a hybrid copper/fiber fiber to the node architecture, but its new pilot in Omaha shows that it wants to consider fiber to the premises as part of its broader last mile access toolkit.