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Taking stock of wireline's hottest technologies

During my almost 15 years covering the telecom industry, I have seen various implementations of new technologies come, go, and even reemerge in different forms. However, the one common theme I see whenever compile such lists is what we think of as "hot" or "new" often builds on top of something that came before.

Happy Presidents' Day

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For providers, how far does consumers' data privacy extend?

Today marks the fifth Data Privacy Day, an international event that aims to improve knowledge and practices around protection of data, particularly online.Where does the wireline segment stand in terms of protecting its customers?

Sizing up 2012's top wireline mergers and acquisitions

What were the big merger and acquisition deals that took place in the wireline telecom industry in 2012? FierceTelecom is answering those questions in our fourth annual wireline M&A report where we detail the top deals of the year.

Happy Birthday, Dr. King

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Watching the home automation opportunity in 2013

Home automation as we know it has been around for two decades, but in 2013, it may finally come into its own, with analysts predicting a compound annual growth rate of as much as 45 percent. But what's driving the projected growth in home automation? And what could stop that growth in its tracks?

Google's 1 Gbps will unchain the subscriber from bandwidth caps

Google's 1 Gbps FTTP service has managed to simultaneously catch the hearts and minds of the lucky residents in Kansas City, Mo., and Kansas City, Kan., and the ire of cable operators that dismiss the service as overkill. But it's also the first step to free subscribers from usage-based billing.


New York City needs to support Verizon's fiber switchover

The resistance to Verizon's replacement of copper infrastructure with fiber by six NYC landlords, and pushback by some subscribers, isn't entirely surprising. But the move to a fiber-based infrastructure is an important step forward.

At ITU's Dubai conference, what's not being said about Internet freedom rings loudest

The United States and Internet freedom advocates worldwide have sounded the alarm about the WCIT conference being held in Dubai from Dec. 3-14. At stake, they say, is the right to free and unrestricted expression, and the foundation of the Internet itself. But to hear the ITU talk about it, this historic conference is really nothing important.

Wireline moves forward amid shifting sands: a look at 2012's trends

It's been an interesting quarter for wireline and the telecom industry in general, with M&A activity continuing and traditional telcos swaying toward VDSL solutions. But some new trends have cropped up in the past few months.