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Consumer broadband lifts the ILEC wireline tide

One of the common themes that continues to be seen in the consumer broadband segment--both telcos and cable operators--is that the first quarter is the best quarter in terms of net additions, and Q1 2013 was no different.

Finding new opportunities in the data center

The data center market continues to evolve from a place where enterprises and service providers store racks of equipment to a platform for delivering managed services. One of the key trends driving the new interest in data centers, for both traditional providers and ILECs that are trying to transform themselves from voice-centric telcos, is cloud services.

Have a great Memorial Day

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Submarine cable equipment underdogs prepare to shake up the market

The submarine cable systems market doesn't get much attention beyond those within its specific telecommunications segment. With the exception of those times that a significant cable cut--such as a recent slew of outages in March off Egypt--impacts countries across a region, submarine cabling rarely makes the news. That may be changing.

CenturyLink dips its feet into the 1 Gbps FTTP waters

CenturyLink, like its fellow RBOC AT&T, has been conservative about transforming its last mile network that leverages a hybrid copper/fiber fiber to the node architecture, but its new pilot in Omaha shows that it wants to consider fiber to the premises as part of its broader last mile access toolkit.

Meet the 2013 rising stars of wireline

In our new feature, The rising stars of wireline in 2013, FierceTelecom profiles five wireline executives who are the risk takers or change leaders at their respective wireline companies.

Does Google Fiber's iProvo move spell doom for open access?

Broadband proponents hail Google Fiber's buildouts in Kansas City, Austin and Provo as a smart, fast way to get 1 Gbps service into more areas of the United States. But the Internet search giant's potential dominance of the broadband network space may endanger the ideal of open access for other providers.

Unraveling the mystery of software-defined networking

SDN is a new buzz word in the telecom and IT worlds, with promises of automation and enhanced service provisioning times. Yet despite its potential, the SDN concept comes with a number of challenges. Besides the lack of an industry standard, service providers and vendors need to figure out how to integrate SDN with existing OSS/BSS.

Discovering the 15 highest-paid leaders in wireline telecom

As the wireline segment of the telecom industry continues to evolve, so has the pay of its ranking executives, and this year was no different. In our new feature, 15 highest paid CEOs in wireline in 2013, we chronicle the salaries and compensation of the highest-paid individuals in our coverage segment.

Sprint finds its wireline service niche in the mid-sized business market

Sprint may today be known as one of the largest wireless operators, but it is just as strong on the wireline side, where it has found a "sweet spot" in serving mid-sized businesses that have been often ignored by larger players. I spoke with Mike Fitz, vice president, wireline and solutions engineering, on what sets Sprint apart in the business services segment.