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Boosting business services: How the FCC's CLEC decision affects competition

On Monday, the Federal Communications Commission approved a request to grant cable operators limited forbearance from Section 652(b) of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, freeing MSOs like Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and Cox Communications to purchase CLECs. Is the business services segment set to explode?

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Why bother with fiber? Here's a few reasons

A recent Forbes column pointed out that Google's FTTP build in Kansas City was ambitious, expensive, and potentially a money-loser for the Internet search giant. But what is the true cost of not building it?

Service providers find new opportunities in the data center

For the most part, the look of the data center has not changed much over the past ten years. But data centers have taken the central role of the mechanism to deliver cloud services to both large enterprises and SMBs.

Business: The other 'underserved' broadband market

There has been no shortage of efforts to bring broadband to more consumers--including the FCC's CAF-I initiative and Google's community FTTH project in Kansas City. While these initiatives are both promising, neither addresses another obvious problem: the lack of affordable high-speed broadband services for businesses.

Honoring women wireline executives

For the third year in a row, we at FierceTelecom are recognizing and honoring women who hold senior management and executive positions in wireline service providers across the United States.

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Will Verizon's new speed tiers, bundled options make cable jump?

Verizon finally revealed the pricing for its new 300 Mbps FiOS speed tier and the increase of its existing speed tiers via its Quantum Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) brand. How will cable respond?

TDS' Vital Support Systems purchase is about building solutions, not just collecting assets

TDS advanced its managed service vision by making a move to purchase Des Moines, Iowa-based Vital Support Systems, a sign that it wants to be more responsive to their business customers' desire to work with a third party to help manage their IT service functions.  

FierceTelecom gets a new look

As a frequent visitor to FierceTelecom, you may have noticed the new site design we rolled out today. The new site was designed so you can more easily see the top news stories of the day, as well as find the compelling features, analysis, and special reports that FierceTelecom delivers to readers daily.