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Using Big Data to Merchandise in the Moment

Big Data seems to be the innovation panacea these days, doesn't it? After all, the proper analysis and manipulation of large, massive volumes of data can lead to great things, right?

While this sometimes seems like an overused cure-all, it's an inherent truth in the telco industry and for communication service providers (CSPs). Telcos spend more per company on big data initiatives than any other industry.

Big Data provides many opportunities for CSPs, but none more important than the ability to deliver an enriched customer experience through powerful personalization that is driven by better and more relevant content. And when CSPs can provide a better customer experience, they'll reap the benefits of Big Data through reduced churn, greater loyalty, more up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, and, of course, increased revenue.

TIA 2014: Strategies for Thriving Amidst Dramatic ICT Transformation

The TIA Network of the Future Conference, being held June 3-5 in Dallas, TX, is a must-attend three day conference for anyone whose business is dependent on the network. The Conference, which highlights the intersection of markets, technology, and policy perspectives, will focus on transformation of the ICT industry as globalization, technological innovations and regulatory environments present both challenges and opportunities. The transition from hardware-dominated solutions to a network defined by software platforms requires an in-depth look by service providers, suppliers, and users of network technologies. The event will feature enlightening keynotes, interactive roundtable discussions, informative workshops, networking opportunities – and importantly, it will feature you: your input and ideas will help drive the discussion and outcomes. For more information, visit

The Zero Sum Game: A Battle for Subscribers

As developed markets move more towards mobile saturation, global providers are employing ever-increasingly creative tactics to attract and retain new subscribers. But, as it quickly becomes a zero sum game, what's the right strategy?

Why it's Time for the Telecoms Industry to Embrace Carrier Ethernet Standards

There is no doubt that the popularity of Carrier Ethernet is on the rise. We're seeing rapid adoption due to its cost benefits versus TDM, not to mention its flexibility in terms of access and transport technologies. As the worldwide telecommunications industry shifts from TDM to packet-based technologies, Carrier Ethernet services and the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) have taken leading roles in providing various data networking services that were previously the exclusive domain of TDM.