As the old adage goes, there are three sides to every story – yours, mine, and the truth. Every day, our editorial team attempts to get to the heart of the truth with every story we write. That relentless pursuit of the truth means we aren't always able to share detailed personal perspectives from those making the news we cover. Often those stories are extremely compelling and informative. With that in mind, we have launched a new offering: Executive Insights.

This new feature will offer a glimpse into the front lines of our industry – as told by the newsmakers themselves. Starting today you will notice a yellow box containing our Executive Insights headlines appearing just below the news headlines. Please note that these are paid placements that have not been curated by our editorial team. I encourage you to click through and read what your industry colleagues have to say.

Do you have a story to tell? Click here to submit your contribution and tell the Fierce audience how you see the industry evolving.

As with any new feature we implement, I'd welcome your feedback. Please contact me directly if you have questions or suggestions on how we can further improve this offering to better serve you as a reader.

Jason Nelson

Publisher, Telecom Group