Vivek Badrinath takes helm of Orange Business

The latest change in France Telecom Group's realigned management team came into place this week as the operator has appointed Vivek Badrinath as the CEO of Orange Business Services unit. Reporting

FCC's brave new plan for national broadband

by Arunas A. Chesonis, Chairman and CEO of PAETEC Communications Innovation, entrepreneurship, and competition are the bedrocks underlying the United States' growth into the world's most vital

Verizon conducts dual stack IPv6/IPv4 FiOS subscriber test

Verizon may have already been working to meet IPv6 address compliance mandates for its large business and government customers, but with the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) predicting

AT&T commits $1 billion to upgrade business network capabilities

AT&T is so confident that its business customer base will continue to consume more and more high-end services in 2010 that it is going to plunk down $1 billion to expand its application, mobile

Optimum Lightpath serves up low latency optical transport service

Optimum Lightpath is enhancing the need for network responsiveness with the introduction of its new optical transport service. Building off its previously announced 40 Gbps transport service, the new

Huawei's U.S. expansion ambitions face government security obstacles

Huawei may still be an insurgent player in the U.S. telecom market, but with a presence at both Cox Communications and WiMAX provider Clearwire, it is clear the Chinese player is making an impact.

XO enhances Northern, VA LMDS wireless network

With a 19,000-mile U.S. network in place, XO is no slouch in the fiber department, but the service provider complements its wired holdings with a sizeable 80 market Local Multipoint Distribution

Fierce Telecom Leaders: Pat Bennett, Covad and Dan Foster, MegaPath - Part II

FierceTelecom: Do you see your merger as a potential sign of new consolidation in the CLEC industry? Bennett: I certainly do. There will be continued consolidation for multiple reasons for different

Fierce Telecom Leaders: Pat Bennett, Covad and Dan Foster, MegaPath

While consolidation of the competitive market is an ongoing phenomenon, CLECs Covad Communications and MegaPath last week reached an agreement to officially merge. Calling it a "merger of

Motorola will report separate Q1 financials for its four units

As Motorola prepares to divide up its Mobile devices, Home business, Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Networks into separate companies next year, it will report separate financial results for its

ICSA Labs: Vendors, businesses aren't prepared for the IPv6 transition

If you're a vendor that sells network equipment to the public sector or a business where the web is essential to your daily operations, you better make sure that you have some kind of IPv6 address

XO takes Q4 09 profit hit, but sales and year results were up

XO's Q4 09 report saw a typical mix of hits and misses heard at many carriers this year. While XO's profits of $13.3 million were down from $21.5 million in Q4 08, sales increased $.06 million from

Union members held protest of Frontier/Verizon deal at FCC headquarters

Frontier may be making progress in gaining necessary state regulatory approvals for its purchase of Verizon's rural lines, but members of the West Virginia Communications Workers of America (CWA)

Verizon will be hit with $970 million healthcare charge

Verizon revealed that the Obama administration's new healthcare reform measure will force it to take a big charge during Q1 2010--a $970 million non-cash tax charge in Q1 2010 to be exact. This news

Breaking down barriers to IMS via sophisticated testing

IMS is much like other IP Services (e.g., Cloud Computing, Smart Grid, MPLS and IP Data Services, etc.) in that it is a complex mélange of a variety of protocols that all have to function

BT network outage had domino effect in the UK

BT is working round the clock to bring back up "the vast majority" of landline phone and broadband services following an outage caused by "major flooding" late last week at a telephone exchange in

Cisco gives its home networking brand a makeover

As Cisco looks to appeal to the broader consumer market, the routing giant thinks it's about time to segment its home networking products to fit the needs of both the tech-savvy and not-so-tech-savvy

NH group wants $66 million to build middle mile network

Network New Hampshire Now, a New Hampshire-based coalition, believes that if it had a fiber network in hand it would be able to not only give the state higher Internet access speeds, but an economic

AT&T Government scores Networx win from the EPA

AT&T continues to rack up government contract wins off of the General Services Administration's (GSA) Networx telecom services procurement program as it has now been awarded a $29 million WAN

NTT America beefs up aggregation network

NTT America has injected new life into its aggregation network with Cisco ASR 9000 routers as it looks to expand their footing in its U.S. and potentially into Latin America. Over time, NTT America's