SureWest bonds with ADSL2+

SureWest Communications, whose claim to fame is as a pioneering fiber-to-the-home carrier, is now offering bonded ADSL2+ broadband service in its home territory. And in some cases, it's doubling or

SPOTLIGHT: AT&T continues to lose wireline and the surprise is…?

A deeper dive into AT&T's third quarter number reveals the company lost 990,000 phone lines, cutting total revenues down 2.2 percent to $17.6 billion. Analysts are making a fuss about it, but

AT&T's warm 3Q results

In reporting its third quarter results, AT&T met analyst expectations as it boasted of strong wireless performance and gains for both U-Verse IPTV and wireline IP revenues. Wholesale revenues

NARUC urges FCC to postpone reforms

The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners has called for the Federal Communications Commission to postpone action on reforms to the intercarrier compensation and Universal Service

Could U.S. CTO help broadband cause?

Presidential candidate Barack Obama has warned his supporters not to get over-confident about his chances in the election, but that hasn't quieted the discussions about the figures who could play

MEF eyes Ethernet peering point

Light Reading, reporting from its Ethernet Expo in New York, says the Metro Ethernet Forum is considering creating a third-party Ethernet peering point for carrier Ethernet hand-offs. The Ethernet

Tellabs tallies $999 million loss, cuts 280 jobs

Network equipment vendor Tellabs posted a net loss of $999 million as part of its third quarter earnings report, though most of the loss came from a $988 million charge to write-down intangible

Long Island's broadband battle

Cablevision and Verizon are locked into a high speed war in New York that many of us hope to see in our back yards real soon. Cablevision has picked up more than 2 million phone customers and is

Comcast speed & price increases in pipeline

Comcast employees apparently didn't get the Apple Computer Zip-it training, because they're talking about new speed tiers and pricing to rollout in several markets over the next few weeks. Employees

DT to partner with competitors for fiber build

Deutsche Telecom is reportedly going to work with its competitors to build out fiber networks, rather than shouldering the costs by itself. DT fixed-infrastructure boss Timothy Höttges is

Bye bye public property pay phones

Pay phones may soon join the crank phone and pulse dialing in the dustbin of telecommunications history, if trends in San Diego and other areas continue. Coronado tore out more than half of the pay

SPOTLIGHT: AT&T 3Q earnings preview

AT&T reports its third-quarter financial results Wednesday, and financial analysts are making their predictions on what might be revealed. "Relatively steady" results are expected, despite the

Debt tightness still threatening telecom

Third quarter earnings so far have not painted a terribly ugly picture for the telecom industry. We'll learn more as major carriers report earnings this week, but aside from some obvious caution

Ericsson net income down, but sales up

Swedish vendor Ericsson reported third-quarter net income of $378 million, and, although that was a 28 percent decrease from the same quarter last year, the figure still beat analysts' estimates.

Telcordia positions PLS for 100G security

Telcordia reportedly is due to announce a new technology development today that will address the need for better optical layer transmission security at speeds up to 100 Gbps. The technology, photonic

EFF challenges telco immunity law

Remember the whole telecom immunity controversy? How easy it was to forget the several months of wrangling and debating amid--well, amid several more months of wrangling and debating, although this

Vendor financing unlikely to return

We're almost a decade removed from an era in which start-up carriers often were coaxed along in their ambitious network expansions by attractive vendor financing deals for gear and services. Those

Qwest expands Ethernet service availability

Qwest Communications announced that it rolled out Ethernet service in 759 new cities this year, and now it serves a total of 1,129 U.S. markets and six international markets. What's more, about 95

UK crime-fighting concern over VoIP calls, social networks

The huge growth in VoIP traffic is "jeopardising" the capability of UK law enforcement to investigate all types of crime, senior officials are telling The Times of London. As more and more calls get

Carrier IPTV connection rates up around the world

Worldwide subscriptions to IPTV rose to 17 million in the quarter ending June 30, a 11 percent increase from the previous quarter and a 95 percent increase from a year ago, says Point Topic .