Charter follows through with Chapter 11 plan

St. Louis-based cable TV company Charter Communications, which was weighed down by almost $22 billion in debt at the end of 2008, followed through last Friday on its previously announced plan to make

EU can't pass 3-strike rule for illegal downloaders

The European Union (EU) couldn't come to agreement on measures to cut off subscribers from the Internet if they illegally download copyright-protected material. Instead, the debate turned into a

EU asks DT to justify landline rates

The European Union (EU) Commission has asked the German telecom regulator, the Bundesnetzagentur, to explain the fees it allows Deutsche Telecom to charge competitors for terminating calls to DT's

FairPoint expects normal New England operations by June

FairPoint has set a June deadline for reaching normal operations. It plans to focus on improving its call centers, billing, and order processing, with improvement checkpoints built into its plan. A

Ireland: Calls for Eircom to be renationalized

Calls are afoot on the Emerald Isle for the government to consider renationalizing Eircom after an EU report blasted the company, and called its key services expensive and unreliable. Mobile services

CWA stays visible in AT&T contract countdown

With less than two weeks left on a set of contracts with AT&T, the Communications Workers of America (CWA) is keeping up the protest pressure, as picketers walked outside of AT&T offices in

ISPs try to explain RIAA anti-piracy relationship

AT&T, Cox, and Comcast are all working to clarify exactly what they are doing with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Earlier this week, executives from the three firms said

CTIA show wireline angles: FMC and backhaul

Supercomm is on the move, which clears the spring of big trade shows at which you can expect to see both the top telco talent making the rounds and large numbers of important core telecom vendors

Shenandoah Telecommunications to buy North River Telephone Cooperative

On Thursday Virginia-based Shenandoah Telecommunications Company (Shentel) is going to buy the North River Telephone Cooperative in Mount Solon, Virginia. Terms of the deal were not announced at this

Verizon promos wholesale backhaul to wireless carriers

If you are a cellular company, Verizon wants to put its wholesale backhaul capacity to work for you - regardless of who you are. As carriers look to make deals at CTIA next week, will this

Cloud computing remains divisive term

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting story about cloud computing. The story is built somewhat on how no one can agree what cloud computing really means, though also on criticism of the concept

Level 3 claims largest capacity win

Level 3 Communications has won what the company describes in a press release as the "largest single capacity commitment" in its history, a dedicated network wavelength deal supporting existing

Google completes quick, easy IPv6 job

A group of Google engineers worked on a part-time project for about 18 months, and now all of the company's services can support IPv6. Google has been chatting up IPv6 lately, becoming as vocal a

Cnet: AT&T on RIAA anti-piracy team

Cnet News reports that AT&T confirmed that it is working with the Recording Industry Association of America to test the RIAA's new multi-step anti-piracy program. An AT&T executive confirmed

Those OTHER upcoming April Vegas events

Life after CTIA? Yes, really. Two more telecom-related events will be happening in Las Vegas in April, with Fierce editorial staff in attendance. Representatives from upwards of 200 carriers will be

Verizon Business expands virtualization offerings

Several months after moving into the enterprise server virtualization market as an authorized consultant for VMWare solutions, Verizon Business appears to be expanding its professional services

N.C. frees AT&T from retention marketing restrictions

Federal regulators within the past year have sought to curb the ability of telcos to make marketing pitches to customers of theirs who are in the process of switching to competitors. However, the

China Telecom profit sinks along with 2009 spending

China Telecom, the largest telco in China, said that its 2008 net income of $129.4 million was about 96 percent lower than the previous year, despite a 3.3 percent increase in revenue. Some of the

Verizon eyes long-haul optical overhaul

Light Reading, reporting out of OFC/NFOEC in San Diego, has a story on Verizon Communications' request to optical technology firms to create a new long-haul network element similar to metro

Infinera demos 400 Gb/s circuit

Infinera, an optical networking company out of Sunnyvale, Calif., announced Tuesday it has demonstrated working 400 Gb/s photonic integrated circuits and said these chips would save 80 percent in