O2 UK puts wireless/wireline core network into BT Wholesale's hands

As O2 gets ready to compete in the UK's wireline voice market this March, the service provider is turning to its old parent company BT to oversee its wireless and wireline core network connections.

Optimum Lightpath lights up 40 Gbps optical transport service

Optimum Lightpath is answering its business customer's call for more bandwidth with its new 40 Gbps optical transport service. Offered with a flat-rate pricing model throughout its entire footprint,

Vertical: U.S. Business Ethernet rises up

Business Ethernet service may have yet to be a mass market offering, but it's hard to not notice that enterprises' demand for the service is driving both incumbent and competitive players to up their

Kathleen Abernathy joins Frontier's regulatory team

Just as Frontier moves to become the largest rural telco with the acquisition of Verizon's rural lines, the ILEC has brought aboard former FCC commissioner Kathleen Abernathy as its new Executive

France Telecom to reshuffle the management deck

After Stefane Richard, France Telecom's heir to the CEO throne, led a chorus asking CEO Didier Lombard to step down, the telco might instead decouple the CEO and Chairman posts. This move, if granted

Ralls County Electric finds its FTTH pulse

With its $19 million of broadband stimulus money in hand, Missouri-based Ralls County Electric Cooperative and partner Pulse broadband are getting down to the business of building an open access

Carphone puts demerger details on the table

Now that Carphone Warehouse has set the end of March to officially demerge its two units (TalkTalk and New Carphone Warehouse), it has finally revealed how the new companies will look. Under the

IP migration puts temporary dent into private line revenue

Private line services have enjoyed years of steady growth, but it appears that the $34 billion market segment is about to enter a short period of decline. While enterprises and wireless operators

AT&T U-Verse VoIP service hits 1 million mark

While AT&T's Q4 09 wireline earnings saw the usual declines, U-Verse Digital Home Voice service, which now reaches 1 million customers, was a big contributor to the service provider's IP service

Juniper gains lead in Q4, but challenges remain

Juniper may have eked out a slight lead over analyst expectations with $941 million in revenues for Q4 09, but keeping that momentum alive in Q1 2010 will be far from easy. One analyst that's

Vodafone Germany launches two-pronged VDSL assault

After hatching a pilot VDSL deployment last July, Vodafone Germany will bring the service to 750 municipal areas in a dual phase strategy that will leverage its own network as well as rented

Nokia Siemens Networks' revenues fell hard in 09

For Nokia Siemens Networks, 2009 will go down in the company's history as a year of missed opportunities and disappointments, and its 2009 total revenues reflects those misteps. The company's total

Time Warner Cable rises up in Q4

Time Warner Cable seems to be bucking the downward trend that plagued some telcos and the vendor community in that it saw its profits increase during the fourth quarter of 09. TWC also beat analyst

Verizon's New York FiOS deployment is on course

Despite a slowdown in subscriber growth in Q4 09, Verizon has strong ambitions for its FiOS Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) network deployment and its related FiOS TV service. A key piece of its FTTP

DT won't be obligated to share VDSL fiber pipes

Deutsche Telekom's ongoing fight with competitors over access to its VDSL network took a new turn as Germany's highest court, the Bundesverwaltungsgericht, ruled that the incumbent operator does not

Salisbury, NC progresses with its municipal FTTH deployment

Salisbury, NC's dreams of transforming itself into a so-called 'smart city' with a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network deployment took two big steps this week as the city revealed that it has employed

Frontier gets local video franchise thumbs up in Oregon, Washington

Frontier appears to have hit another milestone in moving to acquire Verizon's rural lines as Verizon Northwest received all local franchise approvals in Washington State and Oregon. These approvals

Why WiFi? Why not?

I had not followed the run up of rumors to this week's Apple iPad announcement very closely, but I know plenty of iPhone customers who hate AT&T's network performance, so I was as surprised as

Don't hang up on wireline yet

When I look at this week's earnings from AT&T and Verizon, it's hard not to notice the fact that wireless is again the rock star while wireline services slowed a bit. At the same time, I can't

AT&T: Wireless, IP-based data drive Q4 09 performance

With over 2.7 new subscribers coming aboard, it's clear the star for AT&T in Q4 09 was wireless, driving its profits up 26 percent during the quarter. At the same time, it's hard to ignore the