Foundry molds Ethernet opportunities for Brocade

Brocade Communications Systems plans to close its acquisition of Foundry Networks in the fourth quarter of this year, and at its analyst day event this week, the company talked about the reasons

Broadband services enter new era

Broadband growth in general has been slowing, and DSL in particular has been dropping fast. It's increasingly apparent that broadband Internet will no longer be an all-you-can-eat proposition, and

Verizon Business joins virtualization parade

Virtualization of data centers and other network resources, with moves by companies such as Cisco Systems, VMware, Nortel Networks, Juniper Networks and others, are dominating the headlines. Amid

Nortel sounds warning bell, may sell unit

Nortel Networks is still having a tough time, but in estimating lower-than-anticipated third-quarter sales and lowering its revenue forecast for the year this week, the vendor blamed a trend that

AT&T demonstrates new technologies, eyes TDM sunset

AT&T CTO John Donovan and AT&T Labs engineers provided a glimpse of the future in New York City this week, demonstrating several new technologies and applications that involved wireline,

Spotlight: Bell Labs' honor questioned, defended

Nature magazine reported last month that Bell Labs was dialing down fundmental physics research and that many of its scientists in that particular department had been moved to other areas of

NGN power problems

Powering the outside plant of next-generation networks (NGN) presents multiple challenges. Add a Hurricane and watch things break. Service providers have to deal with problems with improperly

GENBAND adds NextPoint

Knocking a couple of lines from its shopping list, GENBAND has acquired NextPoint. But how much was that company in the window? GENBAND executives made no secret they were shopping for competencies

SPOTLIGHT: How will India get broadband?

India is presenting an interesting case study on broadband technology adoption. The country's 1.1 billion inhabitants only have one broadband connection for every 400 people. A recent Heavy Reading

Cisco boosts Carrier Ethernet

Cisco has announced a new 40G line card for its 7600 router, along with enhancements to two of its ethernet switches, wrapping the announcements in a "better video wrapper." Aggregation service

BT & HP sign $660M partnership extension

BT and HP announced a $660 million, seven and a half-year extension to their existing partnership, the BT HP Alliance. HP will continue to serve more than 100,000 BT customers in the U.K. under the

Documenting the death of landlines

Landline abandonment is spreading from the consumer realm to businesses, with more people opting for a cell phone-only approach. Most people are moving away from dedicated phones to save $30 or more

SUPERCOMM: What's old is new again

SUPERCOMM is back, or at least it will be next June in Chicago. The Telecommunications Industry Association and USTelecom last week took another sharp turn in their colorful history of producing this

Juniper Networks goes virtual with security

Virtualization is one of the hottest trends in telecom, and now, Juniper Networks has announced the SRX Dynamic Services Gateway, a new platform that features security virtualization capabilities

AT&T works on Ike restoration

AT&T has brought in an additional 600 technicians to help the 1,400 or so already in place to respond to Hurricane Ike in storm-ravaged parts of Texas, according to a company statement. Some

DT faces its own union fight over streamlining

Germany's Deutsche Telekom has long seemed a safe haven from the layoffs and other operational cost cutting measures affecting many of the world's telcos, but now DT may be set to face the music. The

CLECs look for daylight

Economic pressure is squeezing the entire telecom industry, but CLECs may be feeling it more than the big former RBOCs. TW Telecom, Paetec and Cogent Communications are among the CLECs that have

SPOTLIGHT: Broadband age, paper tracking, phone service data

Trying to get phone service data out of state public utility commissions - now that the FCC has bagged collecting and reporting it - is a mixed bag. Every state has a different reporting standard,

Hanna, Gustav, now Ike

Disaster contingency plans are getting a heavy-duty work out this month, as service providers finish responding to Hurricane Gustav's fury and prepare for the landfall of Hurricane Ike. Gustav's

Dialogic devours NMS hardware biz

Dialogic is buying NMS Communications Platform business for the lump sum of $28 million in cash, subject to the signoff of NMS stockholders. It is the latest in a long string of acquisitions by