Frontier's Verizon acquisition facing CWA union wrath

Given all of the operational issues that both FairPoint and Hawaii Telecom had after they bought unwanted lines from Verizon, it's not surprising to see that labor unions that work for

SUPERCOMM Thursday keynotes get back to business

CHICAGO--Thursday morning's keynote speeches at SUPERCOMM provided a cool contrast from the Wednesday batch, which had included strong statements from Verizon chief Ivan Seidenberg in opposition of

AT&T Q3 09 wireless up, landlines down again

AT&T's third quarter 2009 earnings present an all too familiar tale in the wireline industry. Third quarter revenues totaled $30.9 billion, net income attributable to AT&T was $3.2 billion,

Securities Americas consolidates infrastructure with Cox Business

After it began building a new data center, Securities America concluded it would be more efficient to go with one carrier for its voice, video, data and Internet services. Its choice was Cox

SUPERCOMM: Qwest lights fiber-based mobile backhaul future

Qwest's capital spending plans might not be going up all that much in 2010, but one area that's not slowing down is wireless backhaul. In an interview with Reuters this week, Qwest's Chief Technology

Sun to lay off another 3,000 workers

As Sun Microsystems waits for the European Commission's (EC) approval to be acquired by rival Oracle, the company said it will have to reduce its workforce by 3,000 during the next year. Larry

SUPERCOMM Keynote: CenturyLink wants a public/private broadband policy

Speaking at the second day-one SUPERCOMM morning keynote, Tom Gerke, executive vice chairman of CenturyLink reported that the leaders of the new ILEC, a combination of the former CenturyTel and

SUPERCOMM: Final anti-Net Neutrality efforts likely futile

CHICAGO--The Wednesday morning keynote at SUPERCOMM here featured something most platitude-laden trade show keynotes don't feature: A passionate argument attempting to influence events set to play

SUPERCOMM: Verizon launches app assurance via SaaS

Chicago--Verizon Business, among other news, announced a new Application Assurance service at SUPERCOMM that puts performance monitoring tools in the hands of corporate enterprise customers--though

SUPERCOMM keynote: Verizon touts the smart network world

A key theme at this year's SUPERCOMM show is all about using networking technology to create smarts: 'Smarter Planet, Smarter Health Care and Smarter Education.' One service provider taking this

Verizon brings FiOS to Allentown

Perhaps if Billy Joel knew about Verizon FiOS back in 1981, his famous song "Allentown" might sound something like, "they're bringing fiber into Allentown." Verizon will bring its Fiber to the

France Telecom puts restructuring process on hold

Following a number of suicides by workers, France Telecom will delay its restructuring process until the end of 2009 while continuing conversations with unions over working conditions. "We will

IPv6 is on the move

If you're looking for proof that the adoption of IPv6 is becoming a U.S. phenomenon, take a look at both Comcast and Verizon Wireless. Both of these service providers have decided to migrate from

Lantiq supes up home networking capabilities by acquiring Aware

Only a few short months after Golden Gate Capital formed Lantiq when it reached a deal to buy Infineon's wireline business, the new company is already expanding its prospects by reaching a deal to

Genband hypes reseller deal with Verscom

Genband, the IP networking vendor, will be at Supercomm 2009 this week talking about its new "Master Reseller" arrangement with Verscom Managed Services, a wholesale provider serving the Europe,

Falling into SUPERCOMM

Today I will head out to my first tradeshow as a FierceTelecom editor. Besides leaving the family behind for three days, what feels strange is that I am going to be at SUPERCOMM in October. Okay,

Indie telcos continue to rely on access revenue

A new report by the Telergee Alliance revealed that a strong number of independent telcos continue to rely on access revenues that are collected from other service providers connecting calls to and

Vivendi nearing sale of stake in NBC Universal

It appears that General Electric is one step closer to getting out of the entertainment business as the conglomerate is in talks with Vivendi SA to determine what European company should get for its

Windstream extends 'Lifetime Price Guarantee' to business customers

Windstream is giving its business customers the same price and service commitment its providing for its residential customers with its 'Lifetime Price Guarantee' voice/data offering. Unlike typical

Nokia, Siemens search for exit out of NSN venture

Nokia Siemens Networks may have sounded like a great idea when it was officially formed in 2007, but reports indicate that both Siemens and Nokia are looking for a way out of the venture. A person