CenturyTel CEO's compensation: $7.6 million

Glen Post, the chairman and CEO of CenturyTel, was given a compensation package worth $7.6 million for 2008, the Associated Press reports. That pay package was actually about 15 percent less than in

Windstream billing dispute lawsuit targets Verizon-Alltel

Independent telco Windstream Communications has filed a $7 million lawsuit against its former parent firm and fellow Arkansas company Alltel, which is now owned by Verizon Wireless. The lawsuit stems

E-mail outage has Comcast all a-Twitter

Cable TV giant Comcast's e-mail service was down for several hours on Saturday. It's not know how many customers were affected by the outage, but one thing was certain: Comcast appeared resolved to

CWA exec board green-lights strike authorization

UPDATE:Special Report: The CWA AT&T contract negotiation saga The executive board at the Communications Workers of America (CWA) authorized Friday a strike against AT&T operations in five

Kontron releases 10Gig ATCA blade, 2U rack mount server

This week Kontron officially released the Kontron AT8050, its latest AdvancedTCA (ATCA) 10 Gigabit node blade built around the Intel Xeon 5500, and a 2U rack mountable IP network server incorporating

Sprint CFO racks up $600,000 in flight costs

Sprint's Chief Financial Officer booked more than $600,000 in airplane travel last year, outspending CEO Dan Hesse by a factor of 30. The extravagant perk was revealed in a recent SEC filing. When

VT regulators tighten up on FairPoint

The Vermont Public Service Department (PSD) is cracking the whip on FairPoint. A draft "stabilization plan" created by the regulatory agency calls for the removal of FairPoint executives if the phone

IBM reportedly revises Sun offer to $7B

IBM has reportedly revised its offer to acquire Sun Microsystems to $9.50 per share, down from the original $10 per share offer. The new offer still places the valuation of Sun at around $7 billion,

The Qwest conundrum

Word on the street (Well, the Wall Street Journal) is Qwest wants to sell off its long-haul network. Say what? There are two questions the WSJ story raises: Why and how? First, why? A financial

Hong Kong financial regulators moving to block PCCW buyout

Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission announced Thursday it is moving to block the $2 billion buyout of PCCW. Regulators told a court reviewing the deal to privatize the company that a

Cox: Cable subscriber growth slowing due to maturity, not economy

Dallas Clement, Cox's senior VP of strategy and development, said a recent slowdown in subscriber growth is due to the maturing nature of the business, but the slow economy and increased competition

Emerson launches new ATCA bladed server platform

Emerson Network Power has launched the Katana 2000, a new bladed server platform based on AdvancedTCA (ATCA). Target applications for the new server include high-volume data applications with media

Level 3 intros new wavelength service offerings

Level 3 Communications today announced new optical wavelength services in response to what it describes as "growing customer demand" for optical networks in both the enterprise and carrier markets.

Buyers for Qwest long-haul network likely to be scarce

If Qwest is indeed seeking to sell its long-haul network, it may have a hard time finding a buyer among the usual suspects. A Wall Street analyst says that a sale is "unlikely" for various reasons.

Cloud services and sunny days for telcos

Cloud computing and cloud services have been celebrated as the next big thing and also slammed as the next over-hyped re-tread of an application area that already exists. Everyone from IBM to

TWC plans metered billing expansion

Time Warner Cable is continuing to take the lead on establishing metered billing and tiered pricing for Internet service. The cable TV company was among the first to test the concept in a long trial

April Fools', Netheads (from the IETF)

Network World reports on the Internet Engineering Task Force's annual April Fools' Day joke, this year an announcement detailing a "laughably complex" alternative to the group's recent discovery that