Windstream fulfilling dealmaker dreams

Rural telco consolidation has been a pet topic of Wall Street for about a decade, when the largest telcos were first looking at off-loading their least-lucrative access lines in smaller markets.

Seeing through the clouds: Challenges still to overcome

by Jim Warner, Vice President and Head of TM Forum's Digital Media, Advertising & Cloud Computing Program Cloud computing has hit a fever pitch in 2009, with more and more companies being

FairPoint: Maine PUC wants ILEC to lower rates

In the latest installment of the never-ending saga between FairPoint Communications and New England State Public Utilities Commissions, the Maine PUC is mandating that the beleaguered service

Comcast seeks federal regulator's blessing for Cimco acquisition

Comcast is keen on enhancing its SMB service capabilities, so now it's asking the FCC to approve its pending acquisition of Chicago-based CLEC Cimco Communications. Since the FCC's decision has to

Sorry NSN, but Ciena will get Nortel's optical division

After losing out to Ciena, Nokia Siemens Networks' made one last ditch effort yesterday to bid on Nortel's optical network division by not only upping its paying price, but also filing an objection

France Telecom names Stephane Richard to deputy CEO post

France Telecom made it official this week that Stephane Richard will become the telco's Deputy CEO beginning in January 2010. Richard's appointment was submitted by France Telecom's current chairman

Ofcom puts BT's pension deficit under review

Ofcom this week has launched an investigation into whether BT Group PLC's pension deficit should be a factor when the incumbent carrier sets its wholesale service rates. Although it's not clear how

FCC wants to refocus USF on broadband access

Taking a page from Spain's and Finland's efforts to use their respective USF funds to expand the availability of broadband throughout their respective countries, U.S. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski

Comcast launches bandwidth metering trial

Comcast is giving Portland, Oregon customers a no-surprises way to check how much bandwidth they are consuming through its usage-metering pilot. For the next few weeks, customers will be able to view

Zayo Bandwidth sets aggressive network spending target

Zayo Bandwidth may only be a regional fiber-based bandwidth provider, but it's worth noting that its $65 million capex commitment to expand its network in 2010 is bucking conservative capital

NSN takes another pass at Nortel's MEN

Ciena may have beat out Nokia Siemens Networks with a $769 million bid ($530 in cash and $239 million in convertible notes) for Nortel's Metro Ethernet Networks and optical assets, but NSN isn't

Windstream's acquisition binge draws credit concerns

Windstream's spending spree, which will increase its overall debt, appears to have hit a snag as Fitch Ratings has placed the company's credit rating on "Rating Watch Negative." In the past year, the

Video: Cable's SMB churn reducer

It's safe to say that cable operators--who've been building up a strong cadre of services including everything from their traditional DOCSIS-based data, voice and Ethernet services--have been

Verizon enhances its Massachusetts DSL footprint

Verizon may be the loudest proponent of Fiber to the Premises (FTTP), but its recent drive to expand DSL service throughout Western and Southern Massachusetts proves that the company is not

Alcatel-Lucent raises the IP router market bar

Cisco and Juniper may have long dominated the edge and core routing market segments, but it's hard to ignore the progress Alcatel-Lucent is making. While the legacy Alcatel was a relative newcomer to

European carriers flex their M&A muscle

Consolidation of the U.S. tier two telco market may be getting a lot of attention lately, but the recent merger of France Telecom and TDC's mobile/fixed-line networks in Switzerland illustrates that

Nortel puts bonuses into more executives' hands

As its remaining employees face an uncertain future, it seems insulting that Nortel is going to hand out more bonus money to even more executives. In the latest installment of the Nortel bonus

Charter comes out of Chapter 11

Amidst protests from some of its main creditors, Charter Communications has been able to successfully come out of bankruptcy. Charter's exit from Chapter 11 protection comes only a few weeks after

Nokia Siemens realigns focus on marketshare

Following sweeping changes to the company's organizational structure, Nokia Siemens Networks' new president Rajeev Suri believes the focus of the company should be on upping its marketshare. "In

European court mandates France Telecom pay back state aid

A European court has denied France Telecom's appeal of a European Commission ruling that it should repay $1.5 billion in state aid. Europe's second-highest court, the Court of First Instance, held up