Occam cuts jobs amid stimulus paralysis

Occam Networks, which as a key vendor to rural independent telcos stands to benefit from broadband stimulus funds that will be awarded to those service providers in the coming months, is set to cut

IP talent shortfall in telecom

Telephony has been doing a series on the changing telecom industry job market, and one of the stories looks at the likelihood that many companies in the telecom industry could encounter a shortfall

TDS earnings slip, faces sale pressure

Independent telco holding firm Telephone & Data Systems, otherwise known as the owner of U.S. Cellular, is again facing pressure from investor Southeastern Asset Management, this time to either

FairPoint execs get bonuses, revenue dips

The two top executives at troubled FairPoint Communications customers received performance-based bonuses recently at roughly the same time that the company was being lambasted over its

Cinci Bell grows profit, will reduce headcount

Independent telco Cincinnati Bell reported a profit of $28.8 million for the first quarter, more than double what it had for the same quarter last year. But, the company still announced plans to

Global Crossing reports net loss

Global Crossing posted a $59 million net loss for the first quarter, which actually showed improvement over the $72 million net loss for the same period last year. Company officials also said that

The R&D exit continues

Not too long ago in this space we talked about the potential loss of Nortel Networks as the last of the big, independent network equipment vendors from a past era. Well, Nortel hasn't given up the

Alcatel-Lucent net loss grows in Q1

Alcatel-Lucent's net loss increased in the first quarter of 2009, as sales of both wireless and wireline communications gear fell in markets around the globe due to the economic downturn. The company

Colorado town fights Qwest for fiber

Silverton is the only country seat in Colorado that is not connected to the rest of the state by fiber optics. Qwest has a $37 million contract with the state of Colorado to link every county seat

In NH, FairPoint transition blame spread to PUC, contractors

Local citizens and newspapers in New Hampshire are starting to look beyond FairPoint's transition problems to state regulators and contractors that supervised its purchase of Verizon's landline

MO: Intrastate access fee changes stuck in state senate

A move to reduce telephone access fees is currently hung up in the Missouri Legislature. The bill to reduce rates among local service providers such as AT&T, CenturyTel and Embarq ran into a

Carrier Ethernet showing "double-digit growth" despite economy

Carrier Ethernet services get a bullish thumbs-up from Insight Research's latest report. The firm expects Ethernet services to grow at a compounded rate of more than 25 percent, rising from $2.4

AT&T calls for FCC to reconsider Cox baseball programming access

AT&T is calling upon the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reconsider its complaint against Cox in San Diego. AT&T wants access to San Diego Padres games carried by Cox for its

Could CDN Velocix see telco buyer?

The content delivery network market is one of the hottest current industry segments, both in terms of technology developments and business activity. The sector certainly is no stranger to

ZTE goes West for new business

Chinese vendor ZTE is shedding slightly more light on recently mentioned new efforts to pursue more business in Europe and North America. The company told Light Reading Europe that it has

BT hits 21CN, voice convergence hurdles

Light Reading Europe reports that U.K. telco BT is slowing its 21st Century Network project and has pulled a wholesale converged voice offering because it couldn't make the economics of the service

Wired Ethernet increasingly idled by WLANs

Wireline Ethernet has long been the standard data connectivity technology of the corporate enterprise, but wireline Ethernet ports and cable are now increasingly being idled by wireless LANs,

Report: Verizon pursuing Wi-Fi plan

Verizon Communications finally may be joining the Wi-Fi generation, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. The company is considering offering free Wi-Fi to its residential broadband

Rural SPs minimize broadband, landline fluctuations

Rural telcos and other rural broadband service providers may be on the cusp of gaining new funding for broadband expansion through federal stimulus, but as a group they already are out-performing

Comcast plans major spectrum recapture project

Following up after Comcast's first-quarter earnings call yesterday, the cable TV giant said it is pursuing a $1 billion spectrum reclamation project that will allow it to gain up to 300 Mhz of