FCC Commissioner Tate departs, now what?

Closing out her three-year term, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate took part in her last meeting via teleconference on Tuesday. Tate, one of three Republican

SPOTLIGHT: More hotel bandwidth, already!

Internet connectivity at hotels is often taken for granted - until it crashes or simply grinds to a halt. Event organizers, hotels and conference centers are rushing to keep up, as travelers move

Businesses begin losing landlines

Anecdotal reporting indicates businesses and institutions are now starting to ditch landlines. Not quite the holiday message the major carriers wanted to hear. Higher education has been one of the

The 2008 FierceTelecom Person of the Year

Our FierceTelecom Person of the Year for 2008 is... Barack Obama. No, we didn't just choose him because it was easy to link to an existing image calling him Person of the Year-though that is pretty

2008 Year in Review: The battle against bigger bytes

The Internet is disappearing before our eyes, or rather, the network capacity supporting the Internet is disappearing, running dry beneath our fingertips. Nemertes Research just last month renewed

2008 Year in Review: No rest for labor unrest

Labor negotiations are seldom smooth and unfettered by controversy, so perhaps this year's contract disputes between major telcos and their unions are nothing more than business as usual. However,

2008 Year in Review: DPI, targeted ads draw controversy

Deep packet inspection wasn't new as we entered 2008, and neither was the concept of targeted advertising. In fact, DPI already was under fire for its connection to Comcast's delaying of peer-to-peer

2008 Year in Review: Telco immunity divided Congress

Telco immunity was perhaps the second-most divisive telecom issue of 2008, after the union disputes and other labor-related issues that lingered throughout the year. As lawsuits waited in limbo,

2008 Year in Review: Consolidation takes a breather

Looking back at our headlines from throughout 2008, telecom industry consolidation was a big story from the beginning of the year to the very end, but in between events took a major turn. The private

2008 Year in Review: Telecom nuclear winter, Take 2

Snow is swirling around the FierceTelecom Chicago outpost as I write this. The dog is curled up in a ball to stave off a draft coming from... somewhere. The temperature is dropping. Visions of sugar

Updating the CenturyTel/Embarq org chart

As CenturyTel and Embarq merge, details are appearing about where key executives from both companies will (initially) land. Former Embarq CEO Tom Gerke will be in charge of HR and regulatory &

Broken router busts Time Warner Cable digital phone service in Hawaii

Time Warner's digital phone service for the state of Hawaii is down statewide, clobbered by a broken router on the mainland (Orange County, Calif., to be specific). Oceanic Time Warner Cable

Calls to Santa flood phone lines

Around the globe, the impending arrival of Santa Claus is driving phone news around the globe. In New Zealand, Santa has received 700,000 phone calls since his call center phone lines opened up in

Check Point acquires Nokia's security appliance biz

Check Point Software has agreed to take over Nokia's security appliance business. Terms of the deal were not disclosed at this time. Over the past decade, the two companies have worked together to

Middle East undersea cable repairs commence

France Telecom (FT) Marine cable ship CS Raymond Crouze is now on site above two badly damaged undersea telecommunications cables severed on Dec. 19. "Sources" say both cables were cut within five

SPOTLIGHT: Little phone company for NFL's Big Game.

Fort Meade, Fla.-based Hodgetel will be supplying the phone lines used during Super Bowl XLIII. The small company, started by former GTE worker Larry Hodge (now we know where the name comes from),

Vote for FTPotY 2008

I don't know how many of you are still around and how many of you have sworn off work for the holidays, but we can't let the year end without choosing our FierceTelecom 2008 Person of the Year.

Qwest loses Nebraska PSC lawsuit

A U.S District Court Judge ruled against Qwest Communications in a lawsuit the telco had filed disputing an earlier ruling by the Nebraska Public Service Commission to force Qwest to charge its

2009 growth for Huawei, ZTE?

Most of the telecom industry's vendor community is preparing for another downturn to be marked by shrinking carrier capex. But Chinese vendors Huawei Technologies and ZTE both are talking about

SDP market growing, battle brewing

The arena for service delivery platform software and integration services has changed greatly within the last 18 months, seeing consolidation absorb many of the technology specialists that pioneered