FairPoint reworks its capital structure

FairPoint may have become the eighth-largest U.S.-based telephone operator with the purchase of Verizon's New England landline operations in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, but it's come at steep

FairPoint tries to tackle New Hampshire billing issues

It seems like every week one of the states in FairPoint's New England region has an operational issue with the lines it bought from Verizon earlier this year. Following an order from the Maine Public

Estonia gets on the national broadband network train

Australia and the U.S. aren't the only countries with grand broadband network plans. A report emerged in the Postimees Online that the Estonian government has approved a plan to develop a national

Arris reaps rewards of cable's DOCSIS 3.0 drive

Buoyed by aggressive deployments by Comcast, CMTS supplier Arris said it saw an uptick in DOCSIS 3.0 network equipment shipments during the second quarter. According to an article in Cable Digital

The telecommunication research crisis

A 2006 report of the National Research Council documents the crisis in telecommunication fundamental (or basic) research (here). The report is the result of a study chaired by Dr. Robert W. Lucky to

Fiber's here, but don't forget about DSL

It's easy to get caught up in the promise of Fiber to the Premises (FTTP). Every consumer I know that has Verizon FiOS FTTP-based service, especially early adopters such as Taqua's VP of Marketing

FCC kicks off national broadband plan workshops

Starting this week the FCC is asking the public to provide their perspectives in a series of broadband plan workshops, as the agency develops a national broadband plan it will submit to Congress in

Calix and Hatteras bond over the broadband stimulus

Looking to help Tier 2 and Tier 3 ILECs make the most of their broadband stimulus grant awards, Hatteras Networks and Calix have struck a new Ethernet development and solution partnership. Calix and

Nacchio could have prison sentence reduced

Former befallen Qwest Communications leader's Joe Nacchio's luck may be taking a turn for the better, as his 6-year prison term may be reduced due to a federal appellate court ruling that he was

European telco Q2 roundup: BT, France Telecom, Telefonica beat expectations

It might be premature to break out the celebration glasses, but three of Europe's largest telcos (BT, France Telecom and Telefonica) reported that their second-quarter results rose above analyst

Level 3's revenue slide continues in Q2

There's not a lot to like about Level 3 Communications' second-quarter performance as the company reported a $134 million loss. The competitive wholesaler reported that Q2 2009 consolidated revenue

Verizon to slow DSL defection with NFL Sunday Ticket

FiOS Fiber to the Premise (FTTP)-based service may be Verizon's broadband future, but since it will be years until it can extend fiber to every subscriber in its nationwide footprint, the ILEC is

Cablevision holds its own in Q2

Verizon's FiOS service voice may be getting louder in New York, but that's not slowing down Cablevision's momentum, or at least not yet. During the second quarter, the MSO reported that consolidated

Comcast wraps up San Francisco DOCSIS 3.0 buildout

Comcast has just scored another point in its competition with AT&T's Fiber to the Node U-Verse service by completing the rollout of DOCSIS 3.0 in its San Francisco market. Following the

FairPoint faces more troubles in Maine

Just as FairPoint realigns its management house to resolve ongoing issues with the New England properties it bought off of Verizon, FairPoint is once again facing problems in Maine. This week the

Alcatel-Lucent finally posts a profit

Alcatel-Lucent, which chalked up losses in each of its last nine quarters, has reported its first profitable quarter since the company made its debut in 2006. As news of the company's $19.6 million

SureWest enhances its copper bond with IPTV

SureWest may be a pioneer in rolling out Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) services, but as an ILEC, it also wants to be able to offer new products over its sizeable copper network infrastructure.

Investing in a broadband future-plugged-in

By Frank Bernhard With all the recent fanfare paid to wireless data and applications alike, one might begin to wonder if the horizon for wired broadband is simply fading to a bleak mural of a

Still strength in union numbers?

The last year or so has not been an easy one for the telecom industry's rank and file employees, particularly those who are members of unions. Going back to the summer of 2008, union members had to

Tyco: Submarine telecom rose to the occasion in Q3

Tyco Electronics may have taken a hit on discontinued operations such as the sale of its Wireless Services business to Harris-Stratex, but that did not stop the company from accruing $2.5 billion in