Libraries, community colleges vie for additional broadband funding

It has been barely a month since the initial awardees of broadband stimulus grants were announced, but the American Library Association (ALA) is calling for the National Telecommunications and

Could private networks free up more corporate bandwidth?

Financial institutions and healthcare may be two of the largest vertical industry users of bandwidth, but they are continually finding that their connections are getting clogged up during peak usage

AT&T wants to put the PSTN out to pasture

It's hard to imagine that the same company that consumers relate to as their phone company, AT&T, is keen on doing away with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Plain Old Telephone

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

With 2009 barely in our rear view mirror and another New England winter storm on its way, I think now is as good a time as ever to take a look at what I think is in store for the wireline industry

FierceTelecom 2010 Prediction: Industry leaders weigh in

As we put together our list of top five predictions for 2010, we also sought the opinion of other industry experts on their thoughts for the new year. Take a look at what these industry experts

FierceTelecom 2010 Prediction: Forget 40 Gbps, I want 100 Gbps

Long haul optical and data transmission has come a long way since the former GTE (now Verizon) turned up one of the first optical links for interoffice trunks transmitting T1 (1.5 Mbps) speeds.

FierceTelecom 2010 Prediction: Middle mile march

In bridging the so-called broadband divide, service providers in underserved areas will need competitively priced interconnection and backhaul facilities to major network interconnection points.

FierceTelecom 2010 Prediction: Qwest goes to the auction block?

With many of the tier 2 telcos buying one another, it's probably only a matter of time before one of them gets ambitious and makes a possible move for Qwest, the smallest of the remaining three

FierceTelecom 2010 Prediction: Wholesale wireless backhaul demand will rise

Wireline wholesalers that sell wireless backhaul services are probably saying to themselves, 'thank you Steve Jobs and the iPhone, you just gave us even more business we can sell to wireless

FierceTelecom 2010 Prediction: Cable gets down to business

Cable operators may face an initial perception problem that they are nothing more than just video providers, but it's clear that will just continue to expand their ambitions as an alternative

2009 Year in review: Runners up

Although I think we picked a solid list for our 2009 year in review series, there are a few others I felt I could not overlook in the process: France Telecom's suicides: While it may seem like a

2009 Year in review: Obama unveils the Broadband Stimulus plan

Arguing that broadband access should be a fundamental right for all Americans, a tenet of the Obama administration's ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) set aside $7.2 billion in funds to

2009 Year in review: NSN struggles for consistency

Nokia Siemens Networks' (NSN) struggles in 2009 seem to be related to a series of misses the company has had this year in attempting to realign its leadership, M&A strategy and reorganization.

2009 Year in review: FairPoint files for bankruptcy protection

FairPoint's troubles with the acquisition of Verizon's New England-region phone lines began not long after they flipped the switch from Verizon to take over the systems and they failed to transfer

2009 Year in review: Tier 2 telco consolidation finally begins

Consolidation of the tier 2 ILEC market, while inevitable, is really not one story, but rather a series of stories. At the center of these stories are the three main tier 2 service providers:

2009 Year in review: Nortel sells out

Nortel's presence as a major force in the telecom industry will soon be no more than a fading memory as the company continues to wrap up a bargain basement sale of its key assets. The company's road

2009 Year in review: Telecom trials and tribulations

Even after conducting various top five and top ten lists for other publications, including other topics right here at FierceTelecom, it's never easy to synthesize a top five list of the best stories

Schmidt to lead Obama's cybersecurity drive

With the appointment of former Bush administration and eBay staffer Howard Schmidt to cybersecurity coordinator, President Obama has finally reached his goal of "personally selecting" a cybersecurity

GENBAND makes "stalking horse" bid for Nortel's CVAS division

GENBAND is the first to step out of the speculation mill and launch a "stalking horse" bid for Nortel's Carrier VoIP and Application Solutions (CVAS) business. Working in conjunction with its

Comcast's DOCSIS 3.0 march continues in Northern California

Comcast is giving another 27 Northern California communities a DOCSIS 3.0 holiday gift. This latest deployment in California, which will be available to area businesses and residents beginning today,