U of Kentucky drops landlines for dorms

After a formal survey found that incoming students prefer using their cell phone (surprise!), the University of Kentucky decided to discontinue landline voice connections for its student dormitories.

MSF announces details for GMI 2008

The MultiService Forum has announced further details for its Global MSF Interoperability event (GMI 2008) set to take place next month. The massive interoperability test involving five carrier test

SUPERCOMM comes back to life

After two years producing their trade show under the NXTcomm brand, the Telecommunications Industry Association and USTelecom have decided to revive the SUPERCOMM show name they used during the 1990s

TWC won't throw down DOCSIS 3.0 blanket

DOCSIS 3.0 has been seen as the cable TV industry's answer to big-bandwidth fiber networks, with speed potential from 50 Mbps to well beyond 100 Mbps. Comcast, Charter Communications, Time Warner

Akamai report: U.S. broadband picking up steam

A new report shows that the U.S. may be making progress with its place in the world rankings for overall broadband adoption. According to the report from content delivery network provider Akamai, the

TW Telecom's Tuesday bruising

The company formerly known as Time Warner Telecom is not having a good day on Wall Street. Last night, tw telecom's latest SEC filing said it was going to warn of slower revenue trends at an

Customer service: It's about me, me, me!

Back in The Day, before the Internet and deregulation and FioS, the phone companies (well, except for NYNEX) understood customer service. Not any more. A (only half-kidding) Avi Freedman once joked

Qwest asks for basic service price hike in Colorado

After 13 years, Qwest is asking for a price hike on no-frills phone service. Under the rate proposal filed with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, the cost of a basic phone line would go up by

Connecticut: AT&T neglecting wired customers

The Connecticut State Attorney General and the Communications Workers of America (CWA) took AT&T to task yesterday, saying the company is neglecting its wired customers. In a Monday news

A brewing customer service war

In Delaware (and likely other parts of the country), Comcast and Verizon duke it out over who provides better customer service, with the cable company working on improving its story and image, while

Congress returns to mull telecom issues

Lawmakers return to Capitol Hill this week to posture over Net neutrality rules and other telecommunications issues. But with a "lame duck" fall session and the 2008 Presidential elections, few

SPOTLIGHT: Private line services to hit $40.6B in '08

INSIGHT Research predicts spending on private line services will hit $40.6 billion this year, posting solid growth for the third straight year. According to the company's "Private Line and

FCC may loosen telco reporting demands

The Federal Communications Commission may loosen the requirements for the types of information that telcos must provide as part of the agency's annual report program. The annual reports track

Verizon network holds against Hanna

Tropical Storm Hanna worked its way up the East Coast and through New England this weekend, delivering moderate wind and torrential rains, but Verizon Communications said its network held up well and

Amoroso aims to secure AT&T

Network World conducted a Q&A with Edward Amoroso, the chief security officer of AT&T, after Amoroso delivered a keynote speech at the Forrester's Security Forum last week in Boston. In that

Christy leaves Alcatel-Lucent

Cindy Christy, the president of Alcatel-Lucent's Americas Region, has become the latest executive of the Paris-based company to depart the firm. However, she is leaving for personal reasons and not

Can Ben Verwaayen save Alca-Lu from itself?

Take two competing corporate cultures, add a dash of snobbery and two very distinct leadership styles, add very stiff-and cheap-competition from China to taste, and, finally, squeeze in a twist of

NebuAd: From phenom to pariah to past tense?

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Embroiled in Congressional controversy over privacy violations, faced with continued defections by its one-time star struck clients, and having just lost its CEO ,

Embarq adds voice mail service to entice fixed-line customers

As it struggles to retain fixed-line customers who've been abandoning landlines in record numbers, Embarq yesterday announced it was offering customers a new service that allows them to screen voice

Comcast wants FCC to drop throttling sanction

As expected, Comcast is appealing the Federal Communications Commission's August decision to sanction the cableco for throttling P2P traffic and violating net neutrality principles. The