TWC brings video to the SMB

If there's anything that cable operators such as Time Warner Cable can bring to the business market with minimal effort, it would be their bread and butter video service. Time Warner Cable's B2B unit

Verizon extends managed router service to SMBs

With its latest Managed Router Solution, Verizon Business SMB Solutions is responding to the idea that small to medium-sized business may not be the same size as a large enterprise, but their need

InfoVista enhances its mobile backhaul capabilities

Network management vendor InfoVista is pumping up its multi-vendor Ethernet backhaul offerings with a pre-integrated, off-the-shelf adapter with Alcatel-Lucent's 5620 Service Aware Manager. Now, the

Arris enhances DVR capabilities with Digeo acquisition

Looking to further expand its DVR and interactive video capabilities, Arris has reached an agreement to buy Digeo and its intellectual property portfolio for about $20 million. The acquisition of

Chile: Broadband connections up 10% in H1

South America's economy may be in shambles, but it's clear that subscribers like their broadband connections. Case in point is Chile where broadband penetration is currently 9.7 percent--the highest

Middleburgh Telephone Company injects fiber into access network

Upstate N.Y.-based Middleburgh Telephone might not be the household name in Fiber to the Premises deployments, but the telco's recent move to upgrade its existing HFC network with Motorola's GPON and

Verizon to compete with Comcast in Pittsburgh

Soon Comcast will have a competitor enter yet another one of its flagship markets, as Verizon has just won a cable franchise agreement to offer its FiOS TV service in Pittsburgh. Under the terms of

FCC to hold broadband plan update meeting

Fresh with its proposed ‘net neutrality' proposals inciting the ire of wireline and wireless operators alike, the FCC announced that it will have its next public meeting to discuss its national

Part II--FierceTelecom Leaders: Monisha Merchant, director of product management, Level 3 Communications

FierceTelecom: Are you seeing growing interest from rural providers to offer middle mile services along your network path?Merchant: Yes, we have seen a strong interest from rural providers. We

FierceTelecom Leaders: Monisha Merchant, director of product management, Level 3

Level 3 may be known as one of the class of the late 1990s long-haul wholesale providers that built a long-haul optical network that crisscrossed the U.S. for other carriers. As it built out its

Windstream: Net Neutrality will hamper broadband rollouts

Jeff Gardner, CEO of independent rural ILEC Windstream, is not happy about the FCC's proposed Net neutrality rules. Similar to its ILEC brothers Qwest, CenturyLink and Verizon, Windstream also

FairPoint fails to comply with NYSE listing standards

Just as FairPoint tries to right its ship into less choppy waters, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has notified the troubled ILEC that it's not in compliance with its continued listing standards,

Qwest to fold Malheur Bell into operations

Oregon's Malheur Bell, whose roots stretch back to 1895 before its initial telephone exchange in Vale, Ore., was connected with the outside world, this December will process its last call as an

AT&T punches up its wholesale VoIP offerings

AT&T has introduced new enhancements for its wholesale VoIP service that it says will help customers expand their respective VoIP calling areas. The features include new access options for

House of Reps: We want broadband-enabled schools, hospitals

Legislators have posed a mission to the FCC and the National Telecommunications & Information Association: Bring more broadband to hospitals, libraries and schools. This call for broadband

Comcast brings 50 Mbps DOCSIS 3.0 service to Colorado

Hello, Qwest. It's Comcast, here to take on your VDSL2 enhanced speed efforts right in your Denver, Colo. market. Following recent moves in Chicago and Minneapolis, Comcast will launch a 50 Mbps

FairPoint says it has improved customer response times

FairPoint believes that it's starting to turn a corner in resolving ongoing customer issues with the lines it bought off of Verizon last year. In a report to Vermont regulators, the service provider

Forget landline voice: I want data, video and wireless

Wireline landline voice loss? Who cares? It's hard to imagine that even five or 10 years ago, we would ever hear any leader of a Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) turn their back on the service

AT&T, Verizon see video as major growth engine

With their landline voice revenues continually being eaten away by cable and wireless substitution, AT&T and Verizon are confident that their billion-dollar bets on video are going to pay off in

Bell Aliant launches Fiber to the home service

Following an earlier agreement it reached with the New Brunswick community to invest $60 million in a 70,000-subscriber Fiber to the Home network, Bell Aliant has officially launched its FibreOp