Kennedy: Telcos struggle to retire copper

There is an industry consensus that future telecom access networks will use fiber optic media and IP/Ethernet protocols. However, there is no consensus on what to do with the 100s of millions of

Reliance rumored to be selling FLAG and Yipes assets

Shouldering large debt and ongoing capital expenditure for expanding its wireless GSM network in India, Reliance Communications needs some cash now. To obtain that cash, the conglomerate reportedly

France Telecom sets sights on Africa, Mid East

France Telecom is confident about expanding its fortunes in other countries, but in obtaining those goals it will continue to expand in markets where it already has an established presence and, in

Verizon's Seidenberg quells DIRECTV acquisition speculation

Even if purchasing DIRECTV could make it the number two video provider second only to Comcast, Verizon's CEO Ivan Seidenberg is saying 'no thanks, but we're okay.' This reaction came in response to a

Siemens, Nokia: we're going to hang on to NSN

Despite a report that emerged in the Financial Times Germany this fall that Siemens wanted out of the Nokia Siemens Networks venture, Nokia and Siemens sent a letter to their customers late last week

Ex-Nortel employees find life outside tech industry

To say Nortel's workforce has had a tough year would be an understatement. Some ex-Nortel employees, who have been laid off too many times due to the poor economy and the company's bankruptcy

Ciena's 09 results reflect challenging telecom market

Service providers' slow exit out of their current spending holding pattern is not helping telecom equipment vendor Ciena as its full year revenues declined 27.8 percent from $902.5 million to $652.6

Telecom status update: Cautiously optimistic

To a corporate executive, there can't be two more comforting words in the English language than "cautiously optimistic." If things turn out well, you get to have retroactive dibs on foresight, and if

Cox turns up DOCSIS 3.0 in Vegas and Southern Nevada

Cox Communications continues to plow ahead with its DOCSIS 3.0-based Ultimate Internet mission as it brings the service into Las Vegas and Southern Nevada. This latest DOCSIS 3.0 deployment follows

Britain puts broadband tax on table

If Britain's consumers want more available broadband services, they're going to have to pay for it. To help reach the goal of building out enhanced broadband services to 90 percent of the country by

Vodafone Germany, Alcatel-Lucent synch up on smart metering

Vodafone Germany and Alcatel-Lucent are putting their heads together to give German consumers a smart metering service. Marketed through the two companies' sales organizations as a managed service,

AT&T Government wins VPN contract extension from USPS

The U.S. Postal Service has just signed, sealed and delivered a four-year, $120 million network contract extension to AT&T Government Solutions. Awarded under the Postal Advanced

Report: Americans consume 34 gigabytes daily

According to a new report from the University of California, San Diego, U.S. consumers' insatiable appetite for information continues to show no signs of slowing down. In 2008 alone, American

Ohio regulators give thumbs up for Frontier's Verizon acquisition

Frontier may be one step closer to clearing another state regulatory hurdle in its pending purchase of Verizon's rural lines. Today, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) and the Office of

Telstra: Breakup compromise with AUS government coming soon

After announcing late last month that it would run out of time to pass legislation to break up incumbent carrier Telstra in November before the end of the year, Australia's Communications Minister

FairPoint buys more time for reorganization

Following its Chapter 11 filing in late October, FairPoint is delaying the submission of its reorganization plan with the federal Bankruptcy Court in New York until Jan. 15, 2010. The ILEC said that

Republicans rail against FCC's broadband plan hired guns

Once again the FCC is coming under fire from yet another politician over how the Democrat-led agency is conducting research for the broadband plan it has to submit to Congress in February. This time,

Broadband Forum addresses VDSL2 chipset interoperability

As evidenced by ongoing deployments by major service providers including AT&T, Bezeq and Qwest, VDSL2 has certainly gained its place as the next generation copper broadband technology of choice.

Qwest will compete with OTT video and cloud computing

Out of the three RBOCs, Qwest continues to hold tight to its contrarian integrated services strategy. Qwest does not own a wireless network nor does it have any desire to build out a separate network

AT&T reaches the 2 million IPTV subscriber mark

Two million IPTV customers can't be wrong for going with AT&T. AT&T revealed today during the UBS 37th Annual Global Media and Communications Conference that two million customers subscribe