Hawaiian Telcom faces acquisition bid

Hawaiian Telcom recently looked to move beyond its legacy of financial problems when it announced a reorganization plan to allow it to emerge from bankruptcy protection. The company said the plan

Comcast, Limelight line up behind IPv6

Cable TV giant Comcast and content delivery network firm Limelight Networks are the latest companies to jump on the IPv6 train as it prepares to leave the station. Comcast announced at the North

Qwest DSL backs up smart-grid trend

Will smart-grid pursuits be the next big trend among large telcos? A while back AT&T said it would partner with SmartSynch, and now Qwest Communications is working with Current Communications,

Oregon community's 5-year muni-fiber plan struggling

Sherwood, Ore., a small city southwest of Portland with about 16,000 residents, is knee-deep in cost overruns and service shortfalls after five years of trying to launch its own fiber-optic network.

Trustee raps Charter for 'improper' deals for officers

The U.S. Trustee overseeing the Charter Communications bankruptcy says the company's plan to reorganize improperly shields several of its officers and directors, including controlling chairman Paul

FairPoint names Duke Energy's Hauser CEO

Much-maligned FairPoint Communications isn't straying too far afield in its selection of a new CEO to replace its retiring top dog, Chairman and CEO Eugene Johnson, who's stepping down July 1. The

Broadband growth surges despite economic downturn

The U.S. added 11.4 million high-speed Internet subscribers from Q1 2008 to Q1 2009, second only to China's 17.1 million new connections over the past 12 months, as the global economic malaise failed

Avoiding another Nacchio

The U.S. Supreme Court may review the Curious Case of Joe Nacchio this week, and I call it that not because Nacchio is aging backward, but because he is trying to make time move backward. Maybe then,

Net neutrality proponents target national broadband debate

As various voices have begun to contribute to the national broadband discussion in the U.S., it is becoming clear the real debates on this issue will revolve around Net neutrality. As we noted last

UTStarcom to slash 2,300 jobs

UTStarcom confirmed it plans to cut at least half of its workforce--2,300 jobs--as it looks to restructure and cut costs. the company has taken several measure in the past few years to reduce costs,

SingTel may spin Optus lines into Australia NBN venture

Singapore Telecommunications, which has long had a major stake in the Australian telecom market through alternative carrier Optus, reportedly is looking to divest the fixed line assets of Optus into

NTCA wants Internet content giants paying into USF

More details are becoming clear about the filings various agencies have made in response to the Federal Communications Commission's request for comment on a national broadband plan. Telephony reports

Arrests made in international hacking-fraud ring

A two-year investigation in Italy has culminated in the arrests of at least five people for telecom fraud and another person being sought for allegedly orchestrating hacking attacks on the IT systems

Genachowski wait lingers into summer

The Senate Commerce Committee is scheduled to finally pick up discussion about Julius Genachowski, the proposed nominee for Federal Communications Commission Chairman, next Tuesday. This comes after

AT&T rewrites privacy policy

Saul Hansell at the New York Times has a closer look at the new privacy policy AT&T announced Thursday. The policy replaces a number of older policies, and reportedly aims to provide customers

Qwest may do VDSL2, with DOCSIS 3.0 as target

Qwest Communications is testing and reportedly planning a new VDSL2 broadband service supporting 40 Mbps downstream and 20 Mbps up for $109.99 per month. Nothing has been confirmed, but if it

SHLB latest group to seek broadband spotlight

If you're not part of a coalition in the age of broadband stimulus, you're nobody. The latest coalition to push for better broadband access is the Schools, Health and Libraries Broadband (SHLB)

Verizon tussles with Comcast over ads

Nothing may be certain except for death and taxes, but the likelihood that Verizon Communications and a cable TV competitor are fighting about marketing and advertising issues comes fairly close to

Hitachi telecom unit to join with mothership

Japan's Hitachi plans to absorb its telecom subsidiary Hitachi Communication Technologies in an effort to seek tighter integration of operational and technical resources, and better overall financial

Sprint takes femtocells wholesale

Sprint, which was the most aggressive early supporter of mobile virtual network operators and wireless resale among the major wireless companies, announced that its wholesale group will offer