Ciena emerges as suitor for Nortel's Ethernet assets

After months of speculation, Ciena is stepping into Nortel's garage sale to talk about buying the beleaguered company's profitable Ethernet assets. The Maryland-based company said it is now in

Verizon gains MEF recognition for European Ethernet effort

Verizon Business' newly appointed President Fran Shammo said one of his major goals for 2009 and beyond was not only to change the perception that Verizon Business is just a network company, but to

Alleviate my network pain!

You'll probably notice something new today in our newsletter and our FierceTelecom site. We have launched a new series of poll questions that ask what your major network pain points are. We'll be

KPN ups ante to purchase rest of iBasis

The ongoing war between iBasis and KPN, which has been trying since this past summer to purchase the rest of its stake in the wholesale voice competitor, is once again heating up as the Dutch

France Telecom's group deputy CEO departs

Amidst a raft of employee suicides, France Telecom as Louis-Pierre Wenes, the telco's deputy CEO, said he will resign from thecompany today. Citing unhappiness with his respective work environment,

Windstream could be examining a bid for FairPoint

It's unlikely anyone envisioned the outcome to be this bad when FairPoint crafted a deal to purchase Verizon's New England telephone lines, but now the company is facing possible bankruptcy. And with

Time Warner: We're not interested in NBC Universal

Just as rumors emerged last week that Comcast was making a move to purchase NBC Universal--one that Comcast executives denied was ever in the cards--Time Warner said that they don't have any plans to

Level 3, 8x8 target public sector opportunities

The U.S. public sector is one of the biggest buyers of telecom services, and VoIP provider 8x8 thinks partnering with a larger wholesale carrier such as Level 3 will increase its sales chances in

Is Comcast's Brian Roberts overpaid?

At a time when families are struggling to pay their monthly bills, Comcast's CEO Brian Roberts has the honor of being named to the top five list of the most overpaid CEOs. As reported in a Telephony

Sprint reaches VoIP patent agreement with Big River Telephone

Large incumbent operators filing lawsuits against competitive and independent service providers over VoIP services has become a phenomenon in recent years. Case in point is Sprint. The IXC, which

Hargray Communications, GulfPines go Ethernet over Copper with Actelis

Just as the baseball season heads into the playoffs, Actelis Networks scored a double play this week as independent ILEC Hargray Communications and CLEC Gulf Pines will extend their copper-based

AT&T to acquire VeriSign security business

Looking to beef up its network-based enterprise security war chest, AT&T announced it will acquire VeriSign's global security consulting business. Terms of the deal, however, have not been

BT Openreach to conduct FTTP trials in existing service areas

Long the holdout in the Fiber to the Premises race, Openreach--BT's local access network division--announced this week that it will launch FTTP trials in its "brownfield" service areas in January.

Rumor mill: Comcast could make bid on NBC Universal

Reports have emerged that Comcast may be thinking about purchasing General Electric's NBC Universal. A Wall Street Journal report revealed that people close to the matter said Comcast has been

Hub snub might be a good thing

At the beginning of the year, I made kind of a big deal about Verizon's next-generation home phone, the Hub. I really wanted one, but ultimately was turned off by the overall price involved for the

Current France Telecom CEO should resign, say political groups

Only days after a report emerged that another France Telecom employee committed suicide (the twenty-fourth in the past 18 months), French political groups have started saying that France Telecom's

Vertical: Global Ethernet interconnect market rises up

In its latest global business Ethernet report, Vertical Systems Group illustrates that six service providers are dominating the global international interconnect market. U.K. competitive operator

IBEW, AT&T iron out three-year contract

In the latest happening in the ongoing saga between AT&T and its union-represented employees, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) voted to ratify a three-year labor

Windstream to slash 5 percent of its workforce

Verizon and AT&T aren't the only service providers that are deemphasizing their landline roots. Seeing similar opportunities to capitalize on broadband business services to plug up the bleeding

Fiber to the Library movement picks up steam

Last week, a group of congressmen posed a challenge to the FCC to bring more fiber-based broadband services to anchor institutions including libraries, schools and hospitals. Now, the Digital Village