Verizon does political battle for Philly FiOS

Last night at a regulatory hearing in Philadelphia, Verizon Communications said it would invest $1 billion in the city to compete with home-town favorite Comcast for TV and Internet services. City

Telecom's rattling tin cup

Asking a corporate CEO if he'll take money from the government is like asking a five-year-old if he wants to eat ice cream. About 90 percent of the time, the answer will be "Sure." (Another 9 percent

SPOTLIGHT: Vermont's telecom plan

Backed by the governor and the state legislature, the Vermont Telecommunications Authority (VTA) is getting kudos for working to extend broadband Internet access and cell phone coverage to every

AT&T to slash 12,000 jobs

AT&T announced it will cut 12,000 jobs throughout the next year, take a $600 million charge in the fourth quarter related to those cuts, and also will cut its capital spending in 2009. AT&T

Biz Week: AT&T layoffs start telecom downturn

As if we didn't have enough bad news to worry about, Business Week asserts that cutbacks in consumer spending means that telecommunications service providers will have to do the same, causing a

Alcatel-Lucent strategic plan coming Dec. 12

Alcatel-Lucent confirmed some recent chatter that it will unveil a new strategic plan next week. Specifically, Dec. 12 will be the day that new CEO Ben Verwaayen issues the new plan, following what

Windstream looks to cut retiree benefits

Another telco is set to go to court over retiree benefits. Windstream Communications has an appointment in front of a federal judge on Dec. 15. Windstream wants the freedom to reduce retiree benefits

Telecom Italia to cut 4,000 more jobs

The other shoe dropped in Telecom Italia's attempt at financial recovery, as the company announced 4,000 more job cuts on top of about 5,000 announced last summer. The cuts will take the telco's

FBI puts spotlight on copper theft

The Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a report today highlighting the growing problem of copper wire theft and emphasizing how all levels of law enforcement are now attacking the once-obscure

Broadband funds fit into stimulus package

Funds to spur universal broadband Internet access reportedly will end up as part of a federal government economic stimulus package, according to a senior aide to House of Representatives Speaker

Hardware Corner: ATCA goes wireless

The Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture standard is set to have a broad effect on the telecom industry, and next-generation mobile broadband standard LTE is set to have a major impact on the

UBS predicts 10 percent carrier capex cutback

UBS analyst Nikos Theodosopoulos revised his forecast for cuts in U.S. carrier spending next year from a drop of about 5 percent to a steeper decline of 10 percent or more. He said cable TV firms and

Embarq retiree lawsuit set to proceed

A U.S. District Court Judge in Kansas said she would allow a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of Embarq retirees over the elimination of healthcare benefits to proceed. This issue, revolving

AT&T CEO: Obama should encourage telecom growth

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson called on President-elect Barack Obama to foster policies in office that will encourage investments in the telecom industry and infrastructure. It's a nice thought

Lawsuit: Cisco blocks outsider gear maintenance

A new lawsuit filed on behalf of equipment services firm Multiven alleges that Cisco Systems engages in anti-trust behavior by limiting post-warranty access to software updates and bug patches to

Judge questions 'carte blanche' telco immunity powers

U.S. District Court judge Vaughn Walker wondered aloud about the "carte blanche" immunization powers the telco immunity legislation crafted by Congress earlier this year provides for the U.S.

Microsoft shoots CSF telecom service provider product

Even Microsoft is shooting some of its lame horses these days. The company has informed its telecom service provider customers that it is pulling the plug on the Connected Service Framework product,

AT&T inflicts metered billing trial upon Texas town

Poor Beaumont, Texas. First, Time Warner decided to run trial caps between 5 and 40 GB and overage charges of $1 to $1.50 per GB. Now, AT&T has decided to extend its metered broadband trial into

SPOTLIGHT: Comcast lobbies to slow Philadelphia Verizon FiOS

Comcast is lobbying its friends on the Philadelphia City Council to slow and/or derail Verizon's efforts to open the city for FiOS. We don't know if we should feel sympathy or view this as karmic

Etisalat partners with France Telecom, buys stake in SoftAtHome

United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based Etisalat and France Telecom have partnered up on the delivery of digital home services. Etisalat is also buying a 16.6 percent stake in SoftAtHome, a joint venture