A 3D TV Bubble is emerging

The Avatar movie has become a blockbuster, stimulating interest in 3D TV for the home. Sony, which put its TV wares on display at last week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is betting its

Pike & Fischer: Broadband subscriber signup slump coming in 2010

Consumers may be unwilling to part with their broadband connection, but you'll be hard pressed to find a surge of new subscribers in 2010. According to a new report from Pike & Fischer, only

Comcast wins round one in FCC net neutrality case

It appears that Comcast may have gained a three-judge panel's ear in the ongoing battle over whether the FCC has the right to punish the cable giant for blocking the online file sharing application

AOL to begin involuntary job cuts

After only 1,100 employees (it originally asked for 2,500 in November) voluntarily took an early severance package from the company as part of its $200 million restructuring effort, AOL's new CEO Tim

CenturyLink lays off another 600 EMBARQ workers

Barely six months into its new life as a newly merged company, CenturyLink continues to chop even more local employees that resided in the former EMBARQ Overland Park, Kansas headquarters. Since the

Part III - FierceTelecom Leaders: Arunas Chesonis, Chairman and CEO of PAETEC

FierceTelecom: Despite the sagging economy, there are some vertical segments that are expanding facilities and need to upgrade their network infrastructure. Are there any segments that are showing

Part II - FierceTelecom Leaders: Arunas Chesonis, Chairman and CEO of PAETEC

FierceTelecom: I have to ask with many tier 2 ILECs conducting deals, what's your take on the carrier merger/acquisition landscape? Do you have plans to conduct any deals of your own in 2010?

FierceTelecom Leaders: Arunas Chesonis, Chairman and CEO of PAETEC

Arunas Chesonis, chairman and CEO of competitive provider PAETEC, believes that its differentiator in the alternative business services market segment will continue to be based on a national

Comcast, FCC come to blows over net neutrality again

Comcast and the FCC are coming to blows in court once again over net neutrality, a provision that the agency designed to ensure any service provider will not deliberately throttle speed or prevent

Bell Labs wants to reduce communications energy consumption

As the telecom industry continues to adopt green as its color, Bell Labs has launched its Green Touch consortium. Led by Bell Labs, the global consortium has set a lofty goal of making communications

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Telefonica's stock drops amidst Venezuela's currency devaluation

Despite its strong presence in the Latin American telecom market, Telefonica is once again finding that Venezuela's devalued currency is having a negative effect on its stock price. News of

Report: Cable cashes in on the Ethernet service trend

As cable companies continue to assert their business services savvy, a key element in that effort is providing Ethernet services. According to Light Reading Insider's latest report Cable Operators

Jeff Kelly takes top post at BT Global

BT is taking its Global Services division in a new direction with the appointment of EDS veteran Jeff Kelly as the unit's new CEO. Kelly will replace Hanif Lalani, a 26-year BT employee, who decided

West Virginia unions protest Verizon's Frontier deal

Regulators aren't the only ones opposed to Frontier's impending deal to purchase Verizon's old lines in West Virginia. Now, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and politicians

U.S. telecom capex to see slight uptick in 2010

Telecom vendors rejoice: your carrier customers might finally start spending some money on your gear in 2010. According to a research note issued yesterday by Avian Securities, capex spending by both

FCC wants more time to craft broadband plan

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has sent a letter to Congress asking for a four week extension to deliver its national broadband plan--meaning that the plan will be delivered a month late.

U.K. government allocates $1.6 billion for broadband

The British government has high hopes to expand broadband to more customers outside of the major cities, and to prove it has created a $1.6 billion next-gen broadband fund. Designed to pump funds

T-Mobile shuts down @home landline replacement service

T-Mobile was so confident that its @Home landline replacement service would be such a draw for consumers that when it introduced the service in July 2008 it had a commercial showing a woman cutting

AT&T to cut even more wireline employees

Ongoing landline losses are forcing AT&T's hand to cut more employees in Connecticut, but the decision isn't sitting well with either local unions or state regulators. In Connecticut, AT&T