Verizon to axe more jobs

Verizon's Chief Financial Officer John Killian is not sugarcoating what's in store for the ILEC's workforce: more job cuts are coming. During an investor conference late last week, Killian said

Loosening bans, tightening control

After an appeals court recently struck down the long-standing ban on cable TV firms being able to serve more than 30 percent of U.S. pay TV customers, I figured it would take just a few weeks for the

AT&T brings tech support to the mid-sized business market

Similar to most small to medium-sized businesses (SMB), the mid-sized business also usually lacks the in-house IT capabilities of a larger enterprise, but AT&T says "we can help." Leveraging the

Analyst weighs benefits of a Comcast-Time Warner union

It's been barely two weeks since the cable industry convinced the U.S. Court of Appeals to overturn the FCC's 30 percent cable ownership cap ruling, and already rumors of cable mega-mergers are

Tata to extend Ethernet service into China

Tata Communications is taking its Ethernet ambitions beyond its home border as it expands the service into China. Building on its current MPLS and IPLC capabilities it already offers there, Tata's

Telmex faces anti-trust allegations

While Carlos Slim is working hard to take the title of the world's richest man away from Bill Gates (according to recent estimates in Forbes Magazine), his telecom fortunes are now coming under

Sarin makes return to Cisco's board

Cisco announced on Wednesday that they have reappointed Arun Sarin, Vodafone's former CEO, to its Board of Directors. Previously, Sarin served on Cisco's board from 1998 to 2003, when he became

Huawei again shoots down AlcaLu union rumors

For the second time in the span of two weeks, rumors of a marriage between Chinese vendor Huawei and Alcatel have been squashed. A report in French magazine Challenges--one that Fierce Wireless

Comcast, Cablevision think the FCC's exclusivity ban should be eliminated

After the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit overturned the FCC's 30 percent subscriber ownership cap, the cable industry thinks it may have the leverage it needs to also have the exclusive

FairPoint asks for yet another extension to resolve problems

Taking a quote right out of the movie Office Space, FairPoint executives yesterday said during a joint meeting with the PUC commissioners in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont that it needs more time

Vivendi makes play to diversify its international fortunes

French telecom and media conglomerate Vivendi SA submitted a $2.9 billion offer for wireline service provider Brazil's GVT Holdings. The proposed deal represents a company-wide effort to expand

IBM plugs more money into the broadband over powerline circuit

Powerline technology may have found its niche in home networking and, more recently, in the emerging smart grid movement, but it has continually struggled to establish a presence as a broadband

Juniper, NSN move forward with carrier Ethernet venture

After a brief courtship, Juniper Networks and Nokia Siemens announced this week that they have received regulatory approvals for Carrier Ethernet Solutions BV, their new Carrier Ethernet venture.

Windstream stays out of the large M&A fray

While Frontier and CenturyTel have engaged in multi-billion dollar merger and acquisition deals, Windstream has yet to make a major move. The service provider seems content to acquire smaller telcos,

Teleworking: a challenge and an opportunity

Being a full-time teleworker, it's good to see that the FCC is now turning its attention to this topic as part of the broadband plan it will submit to Congress in February. At this point, the FCC is

iSMART Consortium tested souped up version of VDSL2

Recent deployments by large incumbent carriers Qwest and TeliaSonera are proving that VDSL2 can deliver multi-megabit speeds over existing copper, but impairments will severely degrade what's

Broadband Forum: Americas see upswing in broadband subscriptions

Boosted by aggressive network deployments by major service providers, it was a stellar year for broadband and IPTV growth in the Americas region. According to the Broadband Forum's yearly broadband

Comcast puts the pedal to 100 Mbps metal in Minneapolis

Taking a page from its 50 Mbps DOCSIS 3.0 rollout playbook, Comcast is targeting Minneapolis with a 100 Mbps Internet service. Initially targeted at businesses, Minneapolis was the first market where

Part 3 - Interview with Dave Pistacchio, President of Optimum Lightpath

FierceTelecom: With all of the fiber that Optimum Lightpath has put in the ground over the years, I have to ask how is the wholesale business doing these days? Pistacchio: That's an interesting

Part 2 - Interview with Dave Pistacchio, President of Optimum Lightpath

FierceTelecom: Are there specific markets segments where the need for Ethernet is ripe? Pistacchio: Health care has been consistent in terms of its use of telecom technology. Financial markets