Time Warner again setting stage for metering, service tiers?

Time Warner has riled consumer groups again, quietly changing its terms of service to include language that could allow the cable company to establish service tiers and meter usage. Customers

Obama launches cyberspace policy adventures

President Obama last Friday made his promised pledge to improve overall U.S. and intra-government cybersecurity. There weren't many specifics in his announcement, unless you were looking for a

Ex-Nortel execs pitch to save company, national pride

Can a creative, quick-thinking band of former Nortel Network executives save the company, and in the process also further elevate Canadian pride by creating a national broadband infrastructure

Filing argues against Nacchio Supreme Court review

U.S. government attorneys argue in a new filing the the U.S. Supreme Court should not conduct a review of former Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio conviction on insider trading. The filing comes about a month

Google exec reportedly named deputy U.S. CTO

The New York Times reported late Friday that Google public policy executive Andrew McLaughlin was leaving the Internet giant to join the Obama administration as the deputy U.S. chief technology

Ecuador's prez alleges U.S. telco scam

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa is accusing U.S. telcos AT&T, Sprint and MCI (now owned by Verizon) of short-changing his country by under-reporting the minutes of long-distance calls they

Donnelley's latest phone book opened to Ch. 11

Yellow Pages publisher R.H. Donnelley filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, following Idearc as the latest phone book publisher to seek protection from creditors. Like Idearc, Donnelley likes

Obama 'cyber czar,' cybersecurity strategy imminent

President Obama is expected today to officially create a "cyber czar" position in his administration to lead cybersecurity strategy and coordination efforts at a national level. Further details of

Consolidated faces consolidation questions

As the rural telco arena begins to divide into camps of buyers and sellers in pursuit of consolidation, it appears that Consolidated Communications, based in Matoon, Ill., is more likely to be a

Verizon CEO nudges against Net neutrality

When Barack Obama was elected President last fall, it seemed like Net neutrality would be one of the hot topics of 2009. To date, that hasn't happened, though there have been other things going on in

AT&T unlikely to sell rural lines, CEO says

The Wall Street Journal reports that AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said at an investor conference this week that the company is not planning to sell any of its rural lines like Verizon

Zayo to acquire interconnect firm FiberNet

Zayo Group, the Colorado-based fiber network operator that has been on a tear buying up similar regionally-focused network operators the last couple of years, is buying yet another company. This

Verizon Business conducts 100G trial in U.K.

Verizon Business, one of the most aggressive pursuers of 100 Gbps Ethernet transmission among the major telcos, has conducted another high-profile test of 100G technology, this time over the JANET

FCC adds rural report to broadband debate

Following through on a provision made in a federal farm bill passed by Congress last year, the Federal Communications Commission has released a study called "Bringing Broadband to Rural America:

TeleGeography: 700M broadband subs by 2013

TeleGeography's GlobalComms Insight research service has released new research on the global broadband market that predicts there will be 700 million broadband subscribers worldwide by the end of

Nortel confirms it will exit LG JV

Nortel Networks, which generally has said it is interested in divesting business units and investments as it attempts to emerge from bankruptcy protection, confirmed in a press release that it is

Telcordia invests in Fine Point, launches CEM suite

Operational support system vendor Telcordia Technologies (remember when it was Bellcore?) has announced new OSS software focused focused on the emerging realm of customer experience management, and

With 'say on pay,' shareholder activism returns

Corporate shareholders in a variety of industries have been seeking to have more of a role in advising company boards on executive compensation and related issues. It's the latest strain of

Optimum Lightpath partners on NYC telemedicine offer

Mention of telemedicine applications usually brings to mind a tiny clinic lodged up in the mountains far away from a major hospital, but of course, any medical facility benefits from being better

BT skips bonuses, except CEO's and ex-chief's

While U.K. telco BT continues to struggle and miss financial targets, the company said BT CEO Ian Livingston, who has been with BT for about a year, will receive a bonus equal to about $550,000 for