Tandberg talking to potential buyer

Oslo, Norway, videoconferencing company Tandberg, not to be confused with the Tandberg TV group now owned by Ericsson, is in preliminary acquisition talks with a private equity firm. Tandberg

Qwest, unions forge contract agreements

Just a day after ongoing negotiations with the Communications Workers of America seemed to be faltering, Qwest Communications has reached new contract agreements with both the CWA and the

MegaPath buys merchant provider to bolster niche appeal

Ethernet service provider MegaPath last week announced that it is acquiring IP Merchant Solutions, a company focused on connectivity for credit card processors. MegaPath is in the process of creating

Penn. residents criticizing Comcast cabinets

Some Pennsylvania residents are complaining about the deployment of unsightly, above-ground cable TV pedestal boxes near their homes by Comcast. The say the company should deploy its network

Qwest, unions keep talking after contract expires

Qwest Communications was still talking to its labor unions Sunday after contracts with the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers expired Saturday

Hawaii no paradise for struggling telco

Hawaiian Telecom is one of the oldest ILECs in the United States and the largest telco in Hawaii. It's also more accustomed to losing money than Bear Stearns. The company, which Verizon sold to

Qwest prepared for massive amounts of digital content and data at DNC

With labor turmoil (Qwest and it's unions have a 12:01 a.m. MT Sunday deadline for a new contract) and its battles with the FCC for

Activist hedge fund buying stake in Cablevision

Analysts and industry watchers who celebrated the "new openness" of Cablevision and its CEO James Dolan after the company hosted a

Qwest, unions schedule all-day talks; hope to avoid strike

Qwest and its chief union, the Communications Workers of America, say negotiations to avoid a strike have picked up speed. Both sides are hoping for a new deal before the contract for roughly 20,000

AT&T tells Congress it wants to track web surfing

Toss another log on the fire of Internet privacy and possible Congressional oversight. AT&T, in its response to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce's recent request for information on the

Hesse talks about why he left Embarq for Sprint

Dan Hesse was CEO of a company he liked -- Embarq -- working with a strong team he enjoyed, and he had the support of his board, not something every CEO can say even in the best of times. His life

Cablevision makes nice with Wall Street

Cablevision took its dog and pony show to Wall Street for three days this week to try and schmooze investors who’ve become increasingly disenchanted--and more militantly vocal--about the

Verizon goes on the offensive in Northern New Jersey

After a summer that saw cable companies gang up on telcos and their service offerings in broadcast ads, Verizon has responded in kind, telling northern New Jersey residents that it is time to

Clock ticking down in Qwest, union negotiations

The clock is ticking, and both Qwest and its unions are getting ready for a strike if negotiators don’t bring home a contract this weekend. The 20,000 members of the Communications Workers of

Revising Intercarrier Compensation.

Carl Ford takes a look at the FCC’s new focus on Intercarrier compensation. Check out his

Swisscom results hurt by landline business falloff; early lease termination

Swisscom’s Italian subsidiary Fastweb helped ease the pain, but Switzerland’s biggest telco still experienced a 13 percent drop in profits—to $379 million—for the second

TTI Telecom sees 27% bump in Q2 revenues

Telecom supplier TTI Team Telecom reported that its second quarter revenues improved to $14.3 million, up 10 perent from its $13 million take in the first quarter and 27 percent from the second

U.S. broadband speeds? Dawdling

U.S. broadband providers are looking for ways to speed growth, but U.S. internet users are just looking for speed, period. And, according to a new Communications Workers of America survey, it’s

Canadian regulators to rule on throttling by Oct. 31

The FCC moved to put an end to Internet throttling by ISPs when it issued a knuckle rap to Comcast over it's P2P traffic shaping. To

NebuAd facing uncertain future

DPI phenom NebuAd—the target of a recent Congressional committee