Lawsuit: Cisco blocks outsider gear maintenance

A new lawsuit filed on behalf of equipment services firm Multiven alleges that Cisco Systems engages in anti-trust behavior by limiting post-warranty access to software updates and bug patches to

Judge questions 'carte blanche' telco immunity powers

U.S. District Court judge Vaughn Walker wondered aloud about the "carte blanche" immunization powers the telco immunity legislation crafted by Congress earlier this year provides for the U.S.

Microsoft shoots CSF telecom service provider product

Even Microsoft is shooting some of its lame horses these days. The company has informed its telecom service provider customers that it is pulling the plug on the Connected Service Framework product,

AT&T inflicts metered billing trial upon Texas town

Poor Beaumont, Texas. First, Time Warner decided to run trial caps between 5 and 40 GB and overage charges of $1 to $1.50 per GB. Now, AT&T has decided to extend its metered broadband trial into

SPOTLIGHT: Comcast lobbies to slow Philadelphia Verizon FiOS

Comcast is lobbying its friends on the Philadelphia City Council to slow and/or derail Verizon's efforts to open the city for FiOS. We don't know if we should feel sympathy or view this as karmic

Etisalat partners with France Telecom, buys stake in SoftAtHome

United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based Etisalat and France Telecom have partnered up on the delivery of digital home services. Etisalat is also buying a 16.6 percent stake in SoftAtHome, a joint venture

IMS report card out

The NGN IMS Forum has issued its second IMS Report Card, a summary of the readiness of IMS and NGN services based on the results observed at the five IMS Forum Plugfests. Mashups get special mention

Qwest complains about little New Mexico carrier

Qwest feels outmatched when it comes to competing with smaller, unregulated companies that use Qwest's own equipment to deliver competing phone services. Since January 2007, Qwest has been trying to

USF problems snowball toward 2009

Universal Service Fund reform is looking like an even bigger issue for the next iteration of the Federal Communications Commission to deal with, along with a White House administration and Congress

Report: BCE, buyers arguing break-up fee

Bell Canada Enterprises and the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan- which is leading the BCE buyout plan along with three U.S.-based private equity firms-are haggling over the deal's $1.2 billion break-up

BT investigated again over Phorm trial

The U.K.'s Crown Prosecution Service is investigating whether or not national telco BT broke any laws when it collected the Internet browsing information of about 18,000 customers without consent in

Hawaiian Telcom turns to Chapter 11

Hawaiian Telcom has filed for bankruptcy, a move that will not come as much of a surprise to folks who have been following the firm's struggles over the last year. The telco suggested recently that

New Zealand outage leaves 500,000 without broadband

New Zealand national telco Telecom experienced a broadband network outage late last week that caused service disruptions to about 500,000 customers on the telco's national network. The Friday night

EU ministers reject 'super-regulator' idea

The effort to create a so-called "super-regulator" of telecom matters in Europe was dealt another blow late last week while Americans were preparing their Thanksgiving dinners. While meeting in

Hardware Corner: CGL propels ATCA efforts

In a previous Hardware Corner, we talked about some of the industry associations contributing to the ongoing development and market adoption of ATCA. We may have overlooked one: The Linux Foundation,

BCE deal dealt another blow

Bell Canada Enterprises has been looking to close its $42 billion privatization by the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan and its private equity firm partners by Dec. 11, having said just weeks ago that

AT&T wants to help EPA

Verizon Communications arguably has been the more aggressive of the two largest U.S. telcos when it comes to environmentally-friendly strategies and technologies. But AT&T has done a lot, too,

Alca-Lu CFO Pesquidoux out, Tufano takes over

The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. The second, third, fourth and fifth steps involve launching a broad strategic review, shaking up management, selling asset stakes to raise

Cisco to shut down... for four days

Much is being made of the decision by Cisco Systems to shut down its facilities in the U.S. and Canada from Dec. 29 to Jan. 2--four days packaged around the New Year's Day holiday. The company

SEC filing: Embarq rejected higher buyout bid

CenturyTel and Embarq received Federal Trade Commission approval this week for the former's acquisition of the latter. But the bigger news coming to light in a Telephony story is that Embarq