BT unveils new FTTX locations

BT has named 300 new locations that will be able to take advantage of its ongoing Fiber to the X network deployment. Set to be upgraded between fall 2010 and summer 2011, BT will bring 40 Mbps Fiber

Telstra retools its management team

Telstra's CEO David Thodey has decided that it's time to make some changes to his top management team that he says are designed to align the executive structure with company goals. First on the list

Case Western Reserve University launches 1 Gbps FTTH project

Lost in all of the hype over Google's Fiber to the Home drive is Cleveland, OH-based Case Western University's 1 Gbps FTTH trial. To get the project up and running, CWRU's broadband service provider

AT&T extends 24 Mbps broadband service to entire customer base

AT&T is looking to shore up its competitive edge by extending its 24 Mbps/3Mbps U-verse High Speed Internet Max Turbo service to all of its 120 markets. Initially launched in three markets

Windstream seeks $238 million to fill in broadband gaps

Windstream's broadband network may now reach over 1.1 million subscribers, but it is having a hard time justifying the expense to expand these services into its 'unserved' communities. To close that

Deltacom expands Ethernet Access service footprint

Deltacom is taking its Ethernet Access (E-Access) service suite to five new markets in Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina. Available in speed increments from as low as 2 Mbps all the way up to 1

RCN Metro extends network into Concord, NH

By expanding its network into Concord, NH RCN Metro now offer services out of 144 COs across its network footprint. Targeted at service providers that offer business services to enterprise customers,

XO launches nationwide 40 Gbps service

XO is leveraging its sizeable U.S.-based metro optical networking holdings to debut a nationwide 40 Gbps network service. Available to both large enterprise and wholesale customers, XO says the 40

Republican Congressmen express dismay over FCC's broadband plan

It has been barely two weeks since the FCC unveiled its national broadband plan to Congress and did not take long for the political gloves to come off. One idea that did not sit well with some

Verizon FiOS deployment drive to focus on established communities

Out of the three RBOCs, Verizon is the most aggressive in overbuilding its respective copper networks with Fiber to the premises (FTTP) services, but if you're not in an existing community that's

600 communities vie for Google's Gbps Fiber-to-the-home program

Google's 1 Gbps network fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) experiment has attracted more than 600 communities that want to enhance their respective networks with fiber-based broadband access services. To win

Ericsson's Vestberg: Network services are key to growth

Ericsson, like its other vendor counterparts may have continued to see their profits dwindle as a result of price savvy competitors and cutbacks, but it thinks the network services market could be

AT&T could take $1 billion hit from healthcare reform

The ink may still be drying on the Obama administration's new healthcare reform bill, but it's already having an effect on AT&T, which says it will have to take a $1 billion non-cash charge for

Frontier sells debt to fund Verizon rural line acquisition

As Frontier proceeds with its acquisition of Verizon's rural phone lines, the service provider has decided sell off $2 billion of its debt as high-yield, high-risk bonds. Proceeds from the sale of

BT Innovate names Clive Selley as its new CEO

BT's appointment of Clive Selley as its new CEO of the Innovate and Design division, which oversees network and platform development in addition to technology strategy and research, illustrates the

Comptel 2010: CLEC consolidation isn't easy

As Comcast put the final touch on its acquisition of Chicagoland-based CLEC Cimco with the FCC giving its approval of the deal last week, it signified the entrance of another major non-traditional

Qwest enters round two of the broadband stimulus race

It's official, Qwest will apply for a $350 million broadband stimulus funding grant to extend broadband services to rural communities in its 14-state ILEC region. Qwest plans to use the grant funding

Colocation provider Telx gets ready to go public

Colocation provider Telx is in the process of launching an initial public offering that could fetch up to $100 million. Currently operating 15 U.S.-based data centers, Telx boasts a household name

Iowa Telecommunications Services' board approves merger with Windstream

Windstream has reached another milestone in its M&A growth strategy today as Iowa Telecommunications Services' shareholders gave their approval for their merger with the independent ILEC. When

Australian govt says it doesn't need Telstra to build the NBN

As the Australian government and incumbent phone company Telstra continue to search for a peaceful way to jointly work on the Next Generation Broadband Network (NBN), the country's communications