BT pushes Ethernet in the First Mile

Facing increasing network traffic driven by booming advanced video and 3G mobile usage, U.K. telco BT is moving more aggressively into Ethernet Services with the deployment of Ethernet in the First

Telcos continue shaping CDN future

Are traditional telcos quick enough and nimble enough to succeed in the content delivery network market?'s Dan Rayburn (He's also principal CDN analyst at Frost & Sullivan)

Infonetics: Second-half capex boost coming

After a tight first half for carrier capital spending, Infonetics Research said that telecom carriers as a category are likely to boost capital expenses in the second half as stimulus plans

Cogent put off by Qwest long-haul price

Past experiences have shown that Cogent Communications CEO Dave Schaeffer will never be accused of saying too little, and so it is not necessarily surprising to hear that Schaeffer was very candid in

Verizon spends $200 in advertising alone per FiOS customer

Verizon's betting big--as in $23 billion big--on its FiOS technology. But just how much more is it going to have to pay to attract and keep new customers? A new report in AdvertisingAge says the

Phenom/pariah NebuAd officially dead

NebuAd, which ignited an Internet privacy brouhaha that prompted Congressional debate and hearings, spawned a spate of lawsuits and brought “behavioral targeting” into the mainstream

N.H. PUC puts FairPoint on notice, requests more info

New Hampshire's PUC--which last week opened up a $50 million treasure chest for beleaguered FairPoint Communications to dip into--has decided it wants a closer look at the telco's financials,

AT&T's dereg lobbying in Tennessee tops $523,000

AT&T spent more than a half million dollars and used at least 20 lobbyists to convince Tennessee lawmakers deregulating basic telephone service in the Volunteer State was a good idea. The bill

Nortel's future may rest with fiber optics and MEN unit

Nortel Networks Corp. will be disassembled in coming months, as units are sold off at fire-sale prices to help it restructure after filing for bankruptcy, analysts say. As North America's largest

Survey: Customers rank pay-TV services below par

Customer satisfaction with pay-TV dropped nearly 2 percent in the first quarter of the year, even as overall satisfaction edged upward, says a University of Michigan study. The quarterly American

AT&T looks to trump bad home wiring with Ruckus

AT&T is hoping its new Ruckus Wireless gear will help its U-verse installers work around one of their biggest hurdles: deteriorating or poor home wiring. The company says it's planning to launch

Companies try to hold on to declining landline revenue

The image of telcos as simple service providers has been changing as cable and the Internet have battled with them for landlines. Add to that the decline traditional telephone companies have seen in

Has the bleeding stopped? Qwest COO says 'maybe'

Some good news from out West: Qwest Communications COO Tom Richards told JPMorgan Chase analysts that the company is seeing some "stabilization on the competitive end" of access line losses, but

Is the EU heading toward more telco break ups?

"Functional separation," the government-mandated splitting up of national telecom incumbents-ala AT&T and the Baby Bells in the U.S.-is gaining momentum in parts of Europe. British Telecom was

Comcast spent $12.5M lobbying in 2008

Comcast's lobbying budget grew from $570,000 in 2001 to more than $12.5 million in 2008, according to a report by the Center for Responsive Politics. "Comcast is the big elephant in the room ...

Net-neutrality advocates want FCC reg reviews, new broadband direction

FCC rulings that inhibit or don't promote open broadband competition and net neutrality should be subject to review, says Free Press. The open-Internet advocates also want broadband to be classed as

FTTH buildouts show promise; France Telecom gets bundling green light

> Companies try to hold on to declining landline revenue. Article > FTTH buildouts show rebound in April. Article > Court: France Telecom Can Bundle TV Channel, Internet, Phone. Article >

TVN Entertainment, Avail Media tie knot

Video-on-Demand giant TVN Entertainment Corp. and Avail Media, the only independent aggregator and provider of linear content, are merging to become a fully integrated, end-to-end solution for

Frontier shareholders narrowly reject 'say-on-pay' proposal

A Communications Workers of America-supported bid to give Frontier Communications stockholders a vote on how much compensation the company's executives received was narrowly defeated by a vote of

Cablevision looks to extend $3.4B loan to 2016

Cablevision Systems, worried about the continued projected weakness in credit markets and the potential for higher interest rates, is hoping to take a $3.4 billion term loan set to mature in 2013 out