Verizon: Strike would not slow FiOS

While Verizon employees handed out strike fliers in Washington, D.C., and a day after the Communications Workers of America described ongoing

Qwest gets enterprise pricing forbearance

Just days after turning down Qwest Communications' request for forbearance from wholesale pricing regulation, the Federal Communications Commission has partially granted the telco's wish for

Verizon Strike Flier

CWA/IBEW flyer on DC streets: 'Your Verizon Service May be Affected'

Turning up the heat on Verizon, union members handed out CWA/IBEW-prepared fliers warning "Your Verizon Service May be Affected. **Customer

CWA: Verizon talks 'disappointingly slow'

The Communication Workers of America union, in a brief statement late Tuesday night, said negotiations with Verizon had recessed for the evening, and that the "pace of the negotiations is

Qwest Q2 profit heads south, along with outlook

On the heels of having its four-market forbearance petition rejected, Qwest Communications reported a 24 percent decline in profit to $188 million as part of its second quarter earnings summation.

Cisco sees lower growth pattern continuing

Cisco Systems has been trying to return to its traditional goal of having 12 percent to 17 percent growth rate, but Cisco CEO John Chambers said the wobbly economy is making it more challenging than

Frontier keeps broadband growth coming

While broadband subscriber growth is slowing for many telcos, that does not appear to be the case for now for Frontier Communications (formerly Citizens Communications). The Stamford, Conn.-based

LG-Nortel to acquire WDM-PON developer

The timing of mass-market WDM-PON deployment remains uncertain, but that did not stop LG-Nortel, a joint venture of Nortel Networks and South Korea's LG, from agreeing to acquire Novera Optics, a

CWA, IBEW, Verizon make progress on main issues

Verizon’s unions are reporting “slow but significant progress” in talks aimed at averting a strike by the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of

Congress wants info on web data mining

This summer’s NebuAd drama has created more angst in Congress and spawned yet another probe of Internet providers. The House Energy and Commerce Committee is looking into how telcos, cablecos

Verizon's FiOS top service in magazine poll

Strike or no strike, Verizon's FiOS is going to roll through New York City like a wildfire through dry timber--it's that good. At least that's if you believe PC Magazine readers who rate--for the

Also Noted: Comcast spent $2.8 million to lobby in Q2

Patent reform, tax matters and cable ownership limits were among the grocery list of topics Comcast paid $2.8 million to lobbyists for in the second

AlcaLu looking for a peerless leader

There are some people destined to be together: Astaire and Rogers; Lerner and Lowe; Starsky and Hutch. Alcatel-Lucent Patricia Russo and Serge Tchuruk won’t be added to that list anytime soon.

Also Noted: Germany has Europe's largest telecom market

A large and affluent population that's receptive to emerging technologies has helped Germany become Europe's largest telecom market with Internet usage above European averages, according to Research

Also Noted: Cablevision Wins Appeal On RS-DVR

The U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals toseed a lower court's decision blocking Cablevision

AT&T's got its head in the cloud

AT&T, looking to drive more broadband business, is planning to join the multitude of companies offering computer storage “in the cloud.” The telco is joining rival Verizon—which

A new star wars: Is Dish looking to use DirecTV's force?

Struggling Dish Network, which for the first time in its 12-year-history reported a losing quarter Monday, once again is casting longing looks—a la 2001—at rival DirecTV and a possible

Verizon, unions extend talks, put off strike

Verizon Communications and the Communications Workers of America and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers unions agreed to extend negotiations just after midnight Saturday, and the unions

AT&T eyes WiMAX for rural broadband expansion

AT&T CTO John Donovan said last week in an interview with USA Today that the telco is interested in using WiMAX to extend broadband coverage in rural markets where it would be more expensive to