Targeted ads take another step back

As telcos and other broadband service providers become more communicative about how targeted advertising works and what consumers might have to gain from it, the telecom industry should be starting

TeliaSonera revises 2009 forecast

While U.S. telco giants Verizon Communications and AT&T are coming out of first-quarter earnings looking fairly robust, a couple of European telcos are busily revising their financial forecasts

Nortel aims to extend bankruptcy protection to July 30

Nortel Networks, which filed for bankruptcy protection in January and had been planning to exit its protection period on May 1 with a new business plan, has filed a document with the Superior Court

Verizon posts Q1 profit, revenue increases

Verizon Communications continues to produce financial results that contradict the notion that the economic recession is affecting telecom. The telco reported first-quarter earnings that included a

VC investment in networking firms dips

Venture capital firms invested less money in telecom networking companies during the first quarter of this year than they had in any other quarter since 1996, according to the quarterly MoneyTree

Report: Tiscali working on U.K. asset sale

As Italian telecom operator Tiscali attempts to re-negotiate its debt, the company also is in the midst of negotiating the potential sale of its U.K. assets of the company to Carphone Warehouse Group

Verizon and bandwidth caps: The real story

Time Warner Cable's continuing faux pas over bandwidth caps and DOCSIS 3.0 is costing it good will, but the cable company's fumbling around has Verizon worried that the PR fiasco has triggered more

CWA President: AT&T strike "a tactic we may yet use"

Speaking at the union's first ever e-meeting Thursday, CWA President Larry Cohen said a strike against AT&T remains a "tactic we may yet use" against the company. However, the union and its

Qwest to drop Montana phone rates May 1, add more DSL to state

Qwest customers in Montana will see the price of their landlines go down beginning May 1 as a part of a settlement of a complaint filed in October 2006 that the phone company was making more than its

Rural Africa gets telecom building boom

Eastern and southern African counties have started telecommunications projects aimed at connecting rural areas to cities and increasing countrywide connections to international networks. The projects

PCCW ditches privatization effort

Hong Kong telco PCCW has stopped its $2.1 billion bid to go private, the company said in a statement released Thursday. PCCW Chairman Richard Li, leader of the effort, said he had decided not to

Verizon plays coy with bandwidth caps

Verizon has no plans to implement consumption-based bandwidth caps on its Internet service - but left the door open to pursuing that option under certain circumstances. In remarks Tuesday at a NAB

Nortel fights auto workers union over severance

When it rains, it pours. The Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) union is fighting Nortel in an Ontario court over severance and other payments to former employees. The CAW asserts that Nortel shouldn't be

Is TWC tying DOCSIS 3.0 to metered usage tests?

GigaOM reported earlier this week that Time Warner Cable might be considering pulling DOCSIS 3.0 upgrade plans from markets that had been targeted for its now-suspended plans to expand its metered

House subcommittee tackles targeted ads

Today's meeting of the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Internet will be worth watching, as an AT&T official is expected to testify in favor of stricter

AT&T, industry capex outlooks appear rosy

During AT&T's first-quarter earnings call yesterday, company officials noted that capital spending for 2009 remained on course to be between $17 billion and $18 billion for the full year. The

Zhone: "Buy American" for broadband stimulus

The "Buy American" movement has been a simmering undercurrent to the attempts by the Obama administration and Congress to stimulate the American economy. It's interesting and ironic to hear "Buy

Huawei reports $18.3 billion in 2008 revenue

Light Reading Asia has a report and table charting the progress that Chinese vendor Huawei Technologies has made recently in climbing the ranks of top revenue-generating global vendors. The sometimes

CWA reminds AT&T of network, people behind profit

While it reported a $3.2 billion quarterly profit this week and posted overall numbers that beat many analyst expectations, AT&T neglected to provide an update on ongoing contract negotiations

Nab some NAB news

Attendance at NAB 2009 reportedly is down about 20 percent, which would probably put it in line with attendance drops that most other trade shows have experienced so far this year. However, there