TTI Telecom sees 27% bump in Q2 revenues

Telecom supplier TTI Team Telecom reported that its second quarter revenues improved to $14.3 million, up 10 perent from its $13 million take in the first quarter and 27 percent from the second

U.S. broadband speeds? Dawdling

U.S. broadband providers are looking for ways to speed growth, but U.S. internet users are just looking for speed, period. And, according to a new Communications Workers of America survey, it’s

Canadian regulators to rule on throttling by Oct. 31

The FCC moved to put an end to Internet throttling by ISPs when it issued a knuckle rap to Comcast over it's P2P traffic shaping. To

NebuAd facing uncertain future

DPI phenom NebuAd—the target of a recent Congressional committee

tw telecom sees 1st quarterly profit since 2001

tw telecom rode its expanding fiber network for enterprise customers to a strong 8 percent increase in revenues for the second quarter, the company reported this week. The provider of managed voice

McCain takes heat for lack of telecom savvy

John McCain has no platform plank on increasing broadband access for the millions of Americans who have no connection. And, says Salon, he has a history of blocking the advancement of tech issues.

Cablecos, telcos struggle with falling broadband growth

Telcos and cable companies may have survived the second quarter and only suffered a few scratches, but the long-term prognosis for these patients may not be so good. Broadband sign-ups in the quarter

Bell Canada sends Frank & Gordon packing as new ad strategy launches

Bell Canada has been taking it on the chin lately ... a tougher-than-expected LBO that ended up in Canada's Supreme Court, revelations and the ensuing dust up over aggressive traffic shaping, the

Turns out, Big Brother IS watching

It seems the brouhaha over NebuAd and its targeted advertising based on web-user tracking that made headlines last month was really just the tip of the iceberg. Some of the largest Internet and

XO Holdings profit edges up in Q2

XO Holdings' profits edged up in the second quarter, bucking economic trends and giving it the confidence to reiterate its earnings guidance for the year. "We continue to invest in new network

Red Wing, Minnesota: Boots, skates … fiber?

Tiny Red Wing, Minn.-home to Red Wing boots and Riedell ice and roller skates-is gearing up a pitch to its residents for a citywide fiber optic network, a plan that local cable provider, Charter

MTS sees Internet, wireless gains; profit decline

Canada's third-largest telco said its profits fell some 33 percent in the second quarter, despite strong gains in its high-speed Internet, wireless and digital TV business. Regional communications

Embarq wants to be your BFF. LOL

Just like mom told you to never go to bed angry at your spouse, Embarq has decided it’s not going to let customers go away unhappy with their service. The Sprint spin off announced Monday it

Q2 finds telcos under pressure

Just about every big U.S. telco and many of the small ones have reported second quarter earnings by now, and while the those reports could have been much worse amid turbulent economic conditions,

Qwest CWA members approve strike, if needed

As expected, Communications Workers of America members employed by Denver-based Qwest Communications International voted Sunday to authorize union leadership to call a strike if ongoing negotiations

Verizon, unions reach tentative agreement

Verizon Communications reached agreement with the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers unions on a tentative new three-year contract Sunday, just

Telus raises revenue outlook

Telus, Canada's second-largest telecom service provider, reported second quarter earnings that included a revenue spike of 8% to $2.4 billion, and a profit increase of 5.5% to $267 million. Also,

Cogent sees 'lumpy' Internet traffic pattern

Ethernet-based service provider Cogent Communications reported a 19 percent surge in revenue over the second quarter of last year to $54 million in the same quarter this year. However, Cogent also

Vonage sub growth, churn slow

Vonage has a new CEO, and if its second quarter earnings results are any indication, it may be starting a whole new era that departs from a traditional quarter-to-quarter performance characterized by

CWA, IBEW expected to authorize Qwest strike

With negotiations ongoing—and rocky--between Verizon, the CWA and IBEW, another big contract deadline with major issues is about to come due on the other side of the country. And, like their