Nortel regroups on Carrier Ethernet, bets on optical

As a part of its downer conference call yesterday, Nortel said it going to stop investing in its Carrier Ethernet switch/routers and put the money into optical transport. Putting money into optical

tw telecom scores 51 site IP VPN deal

tw telecom has announced a 51-site IP VPN deal with Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union in Tampa. The installation includes off-site data center connectivity, Ethernet Internet services and voice

Optus offers naked DSL

Down Under, Optus joins the ranks of several smaller telcos in Australia offering naked DSL (i.e. without voice landline service). With more tech-savvy Aussies using VoIP and/or shifting to mobile

U of MD keeping landline phones

In a contrarian move, the University of Maryland doesn't plan to get rid of its dorm landlines. Students are puzzled as to why and annoyed at the telecommunications fee they are stuck with to keep

AT&T offers remote management services for IT shops

AT&T is offering businesses what it terms a one-stop solution for managing and monitoring their IT resources, regardless of location. AT&T's Remote Infrastructure Management will deliver the

DT opens up VDSL network

Deutsche Telekom (DT) is opening up its VDSL network to competitors and will be selling a wholesale service. DT says the move to offer wholesale is voluntary and happening without regulatory

Radware sees potential in Alteon assets

Despite weakened carrier spending around the world, Israel's Radware sees great potential in the former Alteon Websystems application delivery assets that it is in the process of buying from Nortel

Nortel posts $2.1 billion Q4 loss, pushes bonus plan

Nortel Networks, currently under bankruptcy protection and in the midst of broad restructuring, reported fourth-quarter earnings today that included a $2.1 billion loss fed by a $1.2 billion

Re-thinking the home phone's re-invention

It has been just over a month since Verizon launched its Verizon Wireless Hub VoIP system, the latest "re-invention of the home phone" that follows like-minded efforts by AT&T and others. The

TDS reports lower revenue, line equivalent gain

Telephone and Data Systems, which owns U.S. Cellular and wireline independent telco TDS Telecom, reported fourth-quarter earnings last week that included a 3.2 percent dip in TDS Telecom's revenue,

Iowa Telecom posts revenue boost, sees more deals

Iowa Telecom, a small telco that was in the news last year for acquiring two other small telcos in the Midwest, reported fourth-quarter earnings Friday that were helped by the first of those deals,

Can "Cap-and-Trade" start a softswitch upgrade?

What does a cap and trade policy on carbon emissions have to do with how you might pay for a new softswitch? It's not quite an intuitive leap, but if you are cap-ex constrained, new environmental

Deutsche Telecom posts surprise Q4 loss

Europe's largest telecom group posted a net loss of $920 million, as compared to a $949 million loss a year ago when the company had to book retirement charges. A group of analysts surveyed by

Verizon and PA PUC work out customer service settlement

On Thursday the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission proposed a settlement with Verizon Pennsylvania to improve Verizon's customer service in the state. An investigation by the PUC revealed the

Vertical: Business Ethernet services up 43% in '08

Vertical Systems Group said demand for business Ethernet services went up by 43 percent, when measured in terms of the number of ports. "Tens of thousands" of new business Ethernet service installs

Cablevision says it's ready for DOCSIS 3.0

During its earnings call Thursday, Cablevision says it has wired the bulk of its network with DOCSIS 3.0 and will announce a high-speed service for residential and business services "shortly." A

From Bush to Obama, telecom immunity law defended

In a move that will upset a lot of voters, the Obama administration has asked a federal judge to uphold a telecommunications immunity law passed to cover companies that cooperated with the Bush

SkyWi: Qwest delays interruption, New Mexico landlords win eviction

In New Mexico, SkyWi received a temporary stay of execution, er, service interruption from Qwest, but the company's New Mexico subsidiary is being evicted from its Las Cruces offices for failure to

Cogent Communications posts record revenue and profit, but misses guidance

Cogent Communications released its financial statement Thursday showing a 10 percent increase in revenue for the fourth quarter and a 20 percent increase in revenue for the full year. Fourth quarter

Cablevision posts Q4 2008 loss, adds more phone lines

Cablevision posted its fourth-quarter and full-year 2008 results Thursday, showing a loss of $321 million translating to $1.11 a share, with most of the results attributable to "impairment charges"