Cincinnati Bell brings texting to landlines via Casabi

If you ever wanted to get text messages on a landline, Cincinnati Bell has introduced the Smart Home Phone, a device allowing customers to send and receive SMS text messages. Is it crazy, retro, or

SPOTLIGHT: The dark horse candidate for FCC Chairman

Among the possible candidates that have been batted around for Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman, Scott Blake Harris is most likely a dark horse among the former FCC staffers being

Alcatel-Lucent pushes big business communications enhancements

Alcatel-Lucent announced a bunch of enhancements Monday within its portfolio of enterprise products under the Corporate Communications banner. Since launching Corporate Communications Solutions two

More cloud computing services for IBM

IBM has announced a bunch of new services to move enterprise customers "into the cloud." New services announced on Monday include industry-specific business consulting services; technology

SLIDESHOW: Physical Testing at ADTRAN

We often take the process that goes into making a router, switch, IP PBX or other rack-mountable device for granted. Down in Huntsville, ADTRAN uses a series of tools and practices to test

A new broadband idea: 'Homes With Tails'

"Homes With Tails" sounds like an effort promoting puppy adoption (an excellent cause, we might add), but it's actually a very interesting idea about how to promote universal broadband. Is it

Diversify and conquer

Do telcos need to start diversifying? And when you already offer voice, data and video to residential consumers, mobile consumers and businesses of all sizes and in all vertical markets, what does

ADTRAN - Physical Testing

We often take the process that goes into making a router, modem, PBX or other rack-mountable device for granted. Down in Huntsville, ADTRAN uses a series of tools to test prototypes and examine

Telecom lobbyist's alleged Obama advisor role criticized

Telecom industry lobbyist James Halpert reportedly is advising President-elect Barack Obama on issues related to intellectual property and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Halpert worked on

Brasil Telecom deal gets regulatory push

It seems like spam comes in everyday from someone urging me to join the land grab in Brazil. Can't vouch for that market opportunity, but we can tell you that Brazil's telecom market is starting to

Qwest CFO reassures investors

Joseph Euteneuer, who has been CFO at Qwest Communication International for only about two months, spoke at a Bank of America investors conference late last week and said the telco will continue to

Iowa Telecom to buy Minnesota telco

Rural telco consolidation continued late last week as Iowa Telecommunications Services said it will acquire Minnesota's Sherburne Tele Systems for $80.6 million. The deal, which is expected to close

SLIDESHOW: Visiting ADTRAN - The Assembly Line

ADTRAN manufactures all of its prototypes, as well as 30 percent of its products, in-house and on-site in Huntsville, Ala. Keeping both prototyping and low-rate manufacturing capabilities in-house

SLIDESHOW: Visting ADTRAN - The Assembly Line

ADTRAN manufactures all of its prototypes in-house, on-site in Huntsville, as well as 30 percent of its products in Huntsville. Keeping both prototyping and low-rate manufacturing capabilities in

ADTRAN gets Real

Having a good product is one thing. Being able to effectively communicate you have a good product is another. Recognizing you have challenges with the latter and need to fix it is what ADTRAN is all

Canada ISPs lose traffic shaping complaint, but...

Up in the Great White North, Canada's phone regulator, CRTC, has denied a complaint by a group of independent ISPs that Bell Canada improperly manages web traffic on its network connections to

AT&T faces $17M verdict for overcharging Calif. customers

A federal jury in Kansas City has ordered AT&T to pay nearly $17 million for overcharging California customers when passing along Universal Service Fund billing. However, the jurors found there

Infonetics: VoIP equipment down, capex spending not so much

A pair of reports by Infonetics Research reports that large carriers are scaling back on VoIP equipment purchases by 8 percent in 3Q08, with total capex spending expected to be down around 2 percent

Hail Britannia! (on the Internet)

UK communications regulator Ofcom says the country leads 12 industrialized nations when it comes to embracing digital technology, offering the cheapest mobile, basic pay-TV and broadband rates.

SPOTLIGHT: Microsoft's telco defections

Microsoft's Communication Sector CTO Michel Burger is splitting, the latest in a series of steady executive defections from Seattle. Burger has reportedly left Microsoft to become head of Now+