Survey reveals employee discord at France Telecom

After seeing 32 of its employees take their lives in two years, France Telecom issued a survey that has confirmed employee morale is at an all time low. All of the 80,000 employees that responded

GVTC Communications brings 40 Mbps to Texas users

Texas-based Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative (GVTC) may not be near the size of telecom giant AT&T or the area's cable companies, but for residents that live in the Texas Hill Country and

IMS: Can it reliably deliver Voice over LTE (VoLTE)?

by Tom Maufer Recently, a large group of operators and vendors--many of whom are NGN IMS Forum members--announced that their preferred direction on Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) is a slimmed-down version of

AT&T could be auctioning off its Japan services business

AT&T may be putting its outsourced services business in Japan up for sale, according to two sources cited in a Reuters article today. Acquired from IBM when it bought out IBM's global network

Telus: 09 revenue to fall below expectations

Canada's Telus 2009 revenue forecasts don't look all that pretty. Canada's second largest service provider said that revenue will come in the lower end of its guidance range of about $9.04 billion.

Qwest: An attractive tier 2 ILEC acquisition target?

With many of the existing tier 2 ILECs looking to grow their respective businesses through mergers/acquisitions, a UBS report argues that Qwest could be a prime acquisition prospect. Wall Street

Alcatel-Lucent muscles its way to the routing edge

It was interesting to see a recent Dell'Oro report (Routers Report 3Q09) that illustrated that Alcatel-Lucent is gaining market share in the edge router market. Typically, the edge routing market

Survey: Low percentage of African Americans, Hispanics use Internet regularly

According to a new survey of 900 minority adults conducted by Brilliant Corners Research led by Democratic Pollster Cornell Belcher only 42 percent of African Americans and Hispanics use the Internet

ACA wants USF funds to enhance broadband deployments

The American Cable Association (ACA), a group that represents independent cable operators, has made a call to redirect the Universal Service Fund to enhancing the build out of broadband network

Part II - Fierce Telecom Leaders - Jarrett Appleby, CMO, Equinix

FierceTelecom: Speaking of coverage, Equinix recently established a carrier neutral Ethernet exchange. What drove the development of that and how do you see the evolution of Ethernet Network to

Fierce Telecom Leaders - Jarrett Appleby, CMO, Equinix

Data networking is old hat to Equinix's Chief Marketing Officer Jarrett Appleby. In fact, the former CMO of Reliance Globalcom came to Equinix in December 2008 with over 25 years of telecom and

KPN sets aggressive Fiber to the X timeline

KPN has set a high bar for its Fiber to the X ambitions: connect up to 1.3 million homes by the end of 2012. Already serving 460,000 users, KPN will gradually connect customers to the Fiber to the

Verizon puts its 100 Gbps migration in motion

Verizon has decided to double promote its long haul networks from 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps as it turns up its first commercial live link in Europe. This initial move is part of a broader initiative to

AT&T, CWA Southeast hammer out a tentative contract agreement

The ongoing saga between AT&T Southeast's wireline workers and company management may finally be nearing an end as the ILEC has finally reached a tentative agreement with union workers in the

Orange lights up LION undersea optical network

Orange is riding the ongoing submarine fiber cable renaissance as the service provider has turned up the LION (Lower Indian Ocean Network) cable in Reunion, France. Connecting Madagascar, Reunion and

FCC puts cap on rural service subsidies

The FCC got the upper hand in realigning the Universal Service Fund as a U.S. appeals court upheld the agency's move to cap subsidies paid to rural service providers. Despite protests from both the

Insight Research: Broadband stimulus funding not nearly enough

The U.S. government's broadband stimulus program intends to connect the so-called underserved with broadband, but Insight Research reveals that the $7 billion of available funding will do little to

Kennedy: Telcos struggle to retire copper

There is an industry consensus that future telecom access networks will use fiber optic media and IP/Ethernet protocols. However, there is no consensus on what to do with the 100s of millions of

Reliance rumored to be selling FLAG and Yipes assets

Shouldering large debt and ongoing capital expenditure for expanding its wireless GSM network in India, Reliance Communications needs some cash now. To obtain that cash, the conglomerate reportedly

France Telecom sets sights on Africa, Mid East

France Telecom is confident about expanding its fortunes in other countries, but in obtaining those goals it will continue to expand in markets where it already has an established presence and, in