Telecom vendors offer a professional touch

Ericsson's recent deal to effectively run Sprint's wireless and wireline network shows the continued value that some service providers place in having vendors help them handle their daily network

Merit Network lights up 10 Gbps core

Seeing a need to expand its bandwidth capabilities to keep up with research and data projects such as the Large Hadron Collider Project, Merit Network has employed ADVA Optical Networking to upgrade

Qwest ups its FTTN upload/download capabilities

Qwest continues to make good on its Fiber-to-the-Node (FTTN) promise. Already reaching more than 2 million potential customers in its local service region with FTTN capabilities, the RBOC today

Decreased spending could hurt the public Internet, says Ovum

It's no secret that service providers are being more cautious with capex spending, but Ovum Research thinks that this trend could potentially come at the cost of degrading the performance of the

Cisco continues to tighten its belt

Fueled by declining sales and a movement to control costs, Cisco said late last week that it dismissed up to 700 employees. According to a Wall Street Journal report, a source reportedly said that

Australia to unveil leaders of broadband network

Australia's drive to build its own national broadband network, an effort that's been beset with protests from incumbent operator Telstra, appears to be coming closer to fruition. Australian

Vodafone Portugal launches IPTV service

Looking to expand its fixed-line broadband fortunes, Vodafone Portugal has launched a new IPTV service, Vodafone Casa TV, for its existing DSL customer base. Building a profitable wireline business

Comcast extends service reach with iPhone app

Comcast continues to be hot on the idea of connecting various devices to its Smart Zone Communications Center service. Its latest target appears to be the iPhone. Comcast has introduced a free

Nokia Siemens Networks' revenues slide, but services grow

There were no real surprises in Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) second-quarter earnings call, as the company reported a rapid dip in sales compared to previous quarters. Although the company says the

Spain to place tax on service providers, TV stations

If you're a service provider or television station conducting business in Spain, your life is going to get a bit more difficult. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, the country's

FCC seeks insight on international broadband trends

As the FCC begins to develop a national broadband policy, the agency wants to know how the rest of the world is providing and using broadband services. With that task in hand, the agency has tasked

FairPoint makes executive changes to rectify issues

Is there any way FairPoint Communications can stop the bleeding in its New England territories? Newly appointed company Chairman and CEO David Hauser thinks there is: hire another executive to focus

Covad flexes its wholesale service muscle

Covad Communications is not wasting any time extending new network capabilities to its wholesale customer base, as it has begun offering services on its completed nationwide MPLS network and its

IIA study finds consumers/businesses see utility in broadband

As the National Telecommunications & Information Administration and Rural Utilities Service get set to award broadband stimulus grants to service providers, the Internet Innovation Alliance

Alcatel-Lucent is living on the 100 Gbps Ethernet edge

With the debut of its 100 Gigabit Ethernet edge routing interface, Alcatel-Lucent believes it can help alleviate the pain service providers are facing at the network edge as consumers and businesses

FairPoint's Vermont network problems continue to swell

FairPoint Communications seems to be running on a never-ending treadmill in its effort to resolve issues on the telephone lines it purchased from Verizon telephone in New England. The ILEC is now

ADTRAN sees second-quarter profit dip

Slower service provider capex spending cycles are not exactly the best news for wireline vendors such as ADTRAN, and its second-quarter profit reflects that trend. The company's second-quarter profit

Virgin Media puts finishing touch on DOCSIS 3.0 network

With the construction of its DOCSIS 3.0 network now complete, Virgin Media believes it has the U.K.'s winning broadband strategy. Virgin says that it will now be able to extend its much talked about

CWA District 4 reaches tentative deal with AT&T

AT&T and CWA District 4 have reached a tentative deal on the contract affecting some 18,500 wireline workers in the Midwest after nearly five months of bargaining. AT&T said it will continue

U.S.-based home networks: Coax and phone lines are king

Given the proliferation of cable television and (obviously) phone lines in U.S.-based homes, it should be of no surprise that these two wires are leading the ‘no new wires' home networking