Should AT&T go on a buying spree?

AT&T's fourth-quarter profit drop of more than 23 percent has not stopped analysts from suggesting that the timing is right for the mega-carrier to engage in acquisitions outside of the U.S.

DTV delay delayed for now

The four-month delay in the digital TV transition endorsed by the Senate just days ago failed to pass a vote in the House of Representatives. The proposal to delay the switch from Feb. 17 to June 12,

Convergys billing spin-off in doubt

Telecom software vendor Convergys said this week that it is unlikely to follow through in the near term on a previously-announced plan to spin off its billing system business. Though the company also

Cox to test new network management scheme

With the Federal Communications Commission seemingly still on the Comcast's tail about its network management practices, fellow cable TV company and ISP Cox Communications is preparing to trial its

AT&T awaits spring labor talks

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson commented briefly on upcoming labor contract negotiations during the company's fourth-quarter earnings call Wednesday. In response to a question during the Q&A

Bookham, Avanex join optical component M&A trend

Optical components companies Bookham and Avanex, in a long-anticipated move, announced an all-stock, $35 million merger with the aim of strengthening amid a consolidating sector. JDS Uniphase has

AT&T Q4 profit down more than 23 percent

AT&T reported fourth-quarter earnings today, with revenue rising slightly, but profit falling more than 23 percent to about $2.4 billion. The company indicated it will cut capital spending this

Slipping Verizon Business eyes Accenture pairing

Verizon Communications yesterday delivered what you might call a somewhat re-assuring fourth-quarter earnings report. While TV, broadband Internet and wireless data all showed great strength, some

Cnet: AT&T, Comcast may join RIAA team

Cnet News is reporting that AT&T and Comcast are among the ISPs that are expected to cooperate with the Recording Industry Association of America in its newest campaign to curb illegal Internet

Tellabs reports earnings down 10 percent from 2007

Making its Q4 and 2008 yearly financial announcements Tellabs reported Q4 revenues of $408 million, down 13 percent when compared to Q4 2007. For the year, Tellabs reported revenues of $1.7 billion,

Verizon reports Q4 revenues up 15 percent; FiOS looking good

This morning Verizon announced its fourth quarter 2008 earnings were up 15 percent. The company missed its expected earnings per share of 62 cents by a penny. FiOS was a record quarter, while

Copps takes over "demoralized" FCC

Acting Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Copps has his work cut out for him while Julius Genachowski works his way through Capital Hill approval. Observers of the FCC say the agency

IIA announces Broadband Fact Book

As the debate over a national broadband strategy continues, the Internet Innovation Alliance, one of many groups that spoke up in the last year in favor of such an idea, has announced the

Broadband stimulus package restarts special access rates fight

The price AT&T, Qwest and Verizon charge for wholesale "special access rates" is up for discussion again, as plans to build out broadband to unserved and underserved parts of the county move

FairPoint cuts handful of jobs, takes bond rating hit

Compared to Sprint's 8,000 person layoff, FairPoint's layoff of 56 people - less than 1.5 percent of its workforce - is barely worth mentioning. However, a report downgrading of its credit and bond

DT spin-off Zimory opens up cloud computing

On Monday Zimory, a spinoff of Deutsche Telekom, announced its Public Cloud, an online marketplace for buying and selling computing resources. The effort uses open source tools to bring enterprises

FCC's Comcast questions raise many more questions

By this Friday cable TV giant Comcast must formally respond to new questions that the Federal Communications Commission has raised about how its newly-revised network management practices affect VoIP

Alcatel-Lucent may sell Bridgewater stake

An agreement that kept Alcatel-Lucent from selling its shares in Bridgewater Systems, a policy management company in which it owns a 15.5 percent stake, has expired. Thus, the French network

Telco job cuts catch new scrutiny

AT&T announced late last year that it will cut about 12,000 jobs amid economic downturn and in an effort to become more competitive. More than 400 of those job cuts are expected to come in

Analyst offers cable TV Q4 outlook

As companies throughout the telecom industry report fourth quarter earnings in the coming days and weeks, observers will look to compare numbers from big telcos with those of the major cable TV