Portugal: A thriving FTTH market

Led by incumbent Portugal Telecom, competitive provider Sonaecom and cable MSO ZON Multimedia, Fiber to the Home (FTTH) deployments and customer take rates in Portugal steadily progressed throughout

Politicians oppose government-mandated breakup of Telstra

Australia's government may be set on breaking up incumbent phone operator Telstra, but those desires could be squashed by the country's parliament. Under the current proposal, which is going to be

Comcast beefs up consumer data security with Symantec pact

Comcast is not taking any chances that a virus from an unsuspecting consumer could infect its network so it's now offering Norton's Security Suite free for download to its residential and business

FCC order frees up programming for telcos, satellite providers

Telcos and satellite video providers got a big break yesterday when the FCC voted to shrink the so-called terrestrial loophole that allowed cable companies to block access to some video programming

Telekom Austria sees IPTV subscriber additions decline

Telekom Austria may have carved out a sizeable niche in the country's IPTV market, but its annual growth update revealed a subscriptions decline in 2009. At the end of 2009, Telekom Austria reported

Verizon temporarily waives charges on calls made to Haiti

Verizon is expanding its support to earthquake victims in Haiti by waiving both wireless and wireline long-distance residential voice charges through the end of January. Beginning this Wednesday, any

ADTRAN: Q4 earnings up, but predicts Q1 slowdown

Strong growth in broadband access and optical access drove better-than-expected results for ADTRAN in Q4 09. During the quarter, ADTRAN reported that sales rose 11 percent to $124 million, up from

Stealing copper comes with a heavy cost

At a time when the largest telcos are saying that the PSTN should be read its last rites, a recent raft of copper theft at Canadian service provider Telus reiterates the fact that the copper wire

Verizon expands Ethernet presence through CENX

Verizon Partner Solutions is arguably one of the largest wholesale providers of Ethernet services, but by becoming a partner with neutral carrier Ethernet exchange CENX's network they think they can

Ciena's stock takes a big leap forward

Ciena saw its stock jump up 9.8 percent yesterday when news broke that Credit Suisse upgraded its credit rating. Because of the credit lift--a decision Credit Suisse based on sales growth and

Comcast expands its usage meter

As it looks at how to better gauge consumer network usage patterns, Comcast is bringing its bandwidth usage meter beta into more Pacific Northwest markets. Initially available in just Portland, Ore.,

XO, Hibernia enter long-haul network pact

Hoping to sate the burgeoning demand for long-haul IP transport capacity, XO and Hibernia Atlantic have reached a deal to provide one another with network connectivity across the U.S. and Europe.

Mexican cable operators protest Slim's merger plans

It's been barely a week since billionaire Carlos Slim put his ambitious plan on the table to combine his wireless and wireline service provider holdings Telcel and Telmex into one bigger operation,

BT to make major cuts in its Local Business unit

BT's Local Business division has continued to see sales decline over the past year so it's going to be taking out the job cut axe. Although BT Local Business director Andy Hudson would not reveal

Motorola puts STB unit sale on hold

It appears that Motorola's desire to sell off its Home and Networks Mobility unit has been put in mothballs for the moment because it apparently received lower-than-expected offers for the unit.

NTIA, RUS kick off the 2nd broadband stimulus funding round

If you're applying for federal funds in the next round of the Commerce Department's broadband stimulus process, the U.S. government promises a more streamlined process the second time around. "In

Ericsson sees bright future in professional services

Magnus Mandersson may only have a day under his belt as the new head of Ericsson's Global Services unit, but he's confident that professional services will continue to be a growth engine for the

O2 taps into Britain's wireline voice market

Beginning this March, U.K. consumers will be able to turn to O2 as an alternative wireline phone service provider. The former wireless arm of BT will now go up against its former parent with two

French government encourages fiber broadband investments

Citing a link between broadband investments and enhancing the economy, the French government will allocate $2.88 billion to encourage service provider network investments in smaller cities and rural

FairPoint, Maine CLEC caught in billing spat

FairPoint is fighting another battle in Maine against competitive provider Great Works Internet (GWI) of Biddeford, which claims that the troubled ILEC owes it about $2 million. Great Works has asked