Integra Telecom extends enterprise-grade data service to SMBs

SMBs in Colorado that want enterprise-grade services at small business prices have a new ally in Integra Telecom. The CLEC has launched an enterprise-level Internet offering it says will fit the

Southeast Asian undersea cable suffers major damage

On Wednesday a piece of the Asia-Pacific Cable Network2 (APCN2) undersea optical cable that provides connections between China and Taiwan was damaged. As a result, Internet traffic had to be rerouted

Analyst believes marriage between Telus and BCE is nearing reality

Are Bell Canada and Telus, Canada's two largest telcos, going to reignite the idea of consummating a formal marriage? Well, RBC Capital Markets analyst Jonathan Allen thinks that the idea of such a

North American broadband equipment spending up, but down globally

In North America there are signs that cable MSOs and telcos are ramping up new broadband access network projects, but an Ovum report says that other regions saw a decline in shipments of CMTS and DSL

FCC gets serious about smart grids

While it has pretty much kept out of the smart grid fray, it looks like the FCC is now making its move, as it recently hired former venture capitalist Nick Sinai of Polaris Ventures as Energy and

Cable & Wireless goes global with Ethernet

Looking to sate the desires of multi-national corporations (MNCs) for consistent Ethernet connectivity, Cable&Wireless is making its Ethernet service suite available across 31 network sites in

Verizon gets flexible with SMB bundled pricing

As the cable MSOs aggressively target the SMB market with their own branded bundle of voice, data and video--a lot of which is being achieved with their existing HFC plant--telcos such as Verizon

Waiting on the feds

No competition worth winning is going to be easy, right? There may be no better way to describe the federal government's storied Networx program, in which several pre-qualified service providers are

Vermont's telecom regulators are losing patience with FairPoint

FairPoint's time as an operating service provider in Vermont continues to be on the ropes as frustrated regulators launched an investigation to possibly revoke the ILEC's right to continue operating

Infonetics: IP/Ethernet backhaul is an evolution, not a revolution

Ongoing deployments of Long Term Evolution (LTE), the installation of IP and Ethernet-based base stations and increased HSPA+ rollouts, are helping to fuel healthy growth of the IP/Ethernet mobile

Poland: Regulator to delay TPSA breakup

It looks like Poland's telecom regulator UKE (Office of Electronic Communications) is going to delay the functional division of the country's incumbent telco Telekomunikacja Polska SA. In a press

U.K. local loop unbundling: 6 million lines and counting

At 6 million lines, Ofcom is confident that the U.K. is well on its way to achieving the goal of a achieving the goal of creating a competitive broadband market. According to the regulator, there are

Telconomics Today: The Economy of apathy--leadership in transition

By Frank J. Bernhard News broke this week concerning the abrupt resignation of embattled Nortel CEO Mike Zafirovski as the company continues down the liquidation path. Days earlier, Cisco Systems

Qwest bags another GSA Networx win from NASA

Qwest continues to reap the rewards of dining at the General Service Administration's Networx Universal services table, as the service provider has secured a new $14.2 million broadband contract from

Stayton Cooperative Telephone fiberizes its last mile

Making a wholesale switch from an all-copper to an all-fiber based last-mile network is not an overnight process, but Oregon-based Stayton Cooperative Telephone believes it's worth the effort. Seeing

Extreme snaps up Soapstone Networks at bargain price

Extreme Networks has acquired the software assets of Soapstone Networks for what it only reveals is for a price under $5 million. Upon completion of the deal, Extreme will own Soapstone's Provider

Government asks U.S. telcos to gauge broadband availability

In what could be the start of a new communal relationship between the government and the U.S. telecom industry, the nation's largest telcos and cable MSOs have agreed to help the Commerce Department

Challenging economy drives SMB interest in managed services

Even as SMBs hunker down during this ongoing financial storm, a new 11-country study from AMI Partners revealed a number of changes in how this segment buys and leverages IT technologies. One of the

Ericsson could be likely bidder for Nortel's MEN

The fight for Nortel's wireless (both CDMA and LTE) and enterprise assets may have garnered the attention of Ericsson and Avaya respectively, but no one has made a play for the beleaguered company's

tw telecom to offer global IP VPN service

Already well-entrenched in the U.S.-based medium to large business services market, tw telecom is now expanding its MPLS IP-VPN service into 64 new international markets. Such a service will resonate