Cable takes aim at Frontier's impending Verizon acquisition

Frontier may be set to become the fifth largest ILEC if its deal to purchase Verizon's rural lines meets final state regulatory approvals, but in the meantime cable operators are wasting no time

France amps up its broadband plans

Following the launch of its Digital France 2012 plan last fall, France's ministry of the economy has debuted its 'Haut Debit Pour Tous' or "Broadband for All" certification. The French government

Verizon remains "cautiously optimistic" about its wireline prospects

As more end-users make wireless phones their only phone and defect to cable for their landline phone service, Verizon will continue to focus on reducing costs and improving its wireline businesses'

Telefonica to pump big bucks into Brazil

Telefonica has never been anything short of ambitious when it comes to its investment in the Latin American telecom market. Part of that ambition continues to be seen in Brazil where the Spain-based

Verizon helps Texas government agencies collaborate

Verizon Business is helping Texas State and Local government agencies become more collaborative. Through the Texas Department of Information Resources, Verizon Business has been awarded a contract to

IDC: Telecom, IT to rebound in 2010

If you're looking out for when the telecom and related IT industry is going to come back, look no further than 2010, says IDC. The research firm argues that a number of 'transformational changes'

Cable gets its wireless backhaul groove on

As I finally wrap up my special report on the top ten wireless backhaul wholesalers (you can read Part 1 today and then Part 2 on Thursday), I can't help but think about the cable industry's drive

FCC: STB innovations could enhance broadband adoption

The FCC believes that the set top box (STB) that resides on the top of your TV set could be yet another medium to increase broadband access. Last Thursday, the FCC put another request for information

Qwest gets sued again over lifetime broadband rates

Once again, Qwest is coming under fire for reneging on its "Price for Life" broadband service guarantee. Utah resident Rick Grosvenor claims that Qwest raised his broadband fees to $49.99 per month

BT Business scores big with the BBC

BT Business has found a new proof point of its network's worth in the BBC--Peel Media awarded the U.K. incumbent operator a five-year communications and IT contract for its MediaCityUK development in

Birch Communications sets sights on new funding

Even if the capital markets are recovering from one of the worst recessions since The Great Depression, CLEC Birch Communications, which was acquired by Access Integrated Networks last year, is

New York ousts sex offenders from MySpace, Facebook

Online predators may be a relatively new form of criminal, but New York is taking no chances. The state disabled over 3,500 registered sex offenders' Facebook and MySpace accounts. Out of the 8,000

AT&T launches holiday U-Verse promotion

In the ongoing battle to attract new customers from going to cable companies, AT&T is offering potential U-Verse customers a $200 promotion card that can be used to purchase a new smart phone or

Deutsche Telekom will have to open broadband network to competitors

Competitive service providers looking to get access to Deutsche Telekom's last mile network have a new ally in Germany's telecom regulator Bundesnetzagentur, who said that the incumbent carrier has

Telstra sets up customer feedback panel

Australia's incumbent telco Telstra wants its customers to have the ability to provide ongoing feedback on how they can improve their experience. To do that Telstra has created a new online panel

Now outside bankruptcy, Charter sets sights on business opportunities

With its eight month Chapter 11 saga behind them, Charter believes the best road to its financial recovery will be a stronger focus on providing commercial business services. Following in the

Delaware's PUC says Verizon is abandoning its DSL subscribers

Delaware's Public Utility Commission (PUC) has a simple message to Verizon: Fiber to the premise may be your ultimate network ambition, but don't turn your back on your DSL customers. Industry

Tiscali expands optical backbone and its LLU coverage

Tiscali is building a new foundation for growth through the expansion of its optical backbone and CLEC operations. First on its list is the upgrade to its nationwide backbone and metro networks by

Australian government unveils regional fiber backbone plan

After it was revealed last month that it was close to naming its network construction partners, it looks like the Australian government is finally putting together the first piece of its National

Cox Business: Wireless backhaul, healthcare will drive our revenues

Now that it's a private company, Cox may no longer be shackled to Wall Street's near-term results drive, but it did reveal at this week's Future of Cable Business Services that it is confident it