Congress proposes loud commercials bill

There's probably nothing more annoying than watching a television program and then getting a blast from a loud commercial. And yet that seems to be the mode today. Luckily, now the U.S. government is

AT&T whips up some Southern U-Verse cooking

To battle fierce competition from aggressive incumbent cable operator Comcast, AT&T has launched its suite of U-Verse TV, Internet and voice in its Jackson, Miss. market. With the new service,

Comcast takes covers off its Homepoint VoIP service

Verizon may have overshot its ambitions with its failed Hub VoIP home phone service, but Comcast thinks its Homepoint device, which offers similar functions, won't suffer the same fate. Initially

BT boosts Fiber to the Premise plans

After finding out that the expense would be less than it originally expected, BT Openreach said it will double the reach of its Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) network. Initially set to pass 1 million

Google Voice comes under FCC scrutiny

Once again Google is facing controversy over its Google Voice Service. This time, the FCC is fielding concerns that its Google Voice service is preventing calling from consumers to various rural

Telstra rails against government-mandated telecom reforms

In the latest development of Australia's telecom reorganization saga, incumbent operator Telstra is now arguing that the government's telecom reforms will not only dilute shareholder value, but also

Bell Canada tunes in to the online video opportunity

With its Content Delivery Network managed service, Bell Canada is saying that instead of fighting the end-user's use of online video we can actually make some money by providing online video

iBasis continues to mull KPN's upgraded offer

KPN may have increased its offer to purchase the remaining stake in iBasis, but the VoIP provider is still not ready to make a formal decision. In the latest development of the ongoing takeover

AlcaLu's Verwaayen: M&A is not a panacea

A raft of ongoing rumors that Alcatel-Lucent would either merge or be acquired by one of its rivals (Ericsson, Huawei or Nokia Siemens Networks) have been rampant in recent months, but company CEO

FCC looks at open access fiber

Bringing fiber-based services to anchor tenants (hospitals, libraries and schools) has become a major focus and concern of both communities and congressional leaders lately, but now the FCC wants to

Comcast beefs up its mid-sized business capabilities

With little fanfare, Comcast quietly carved out an agreement to acquire Chicago-based CLEC Cimco Communications. Although Comcast is being tight-lipped about the financial details of the acquisition,

Virgin to test video over copper

Virgin Media has found a new medium to carry its broadband and video services, and its name is copper. You heard it right, the U.K.-based cable MSO is looking to expand its footprint beyond the

M&A allure again follows Windstream

There has been some recent speculation that independent rural telco Windstream Communications could be positioning itself to acquire FairPoint Communications. That would be an interesting (yes,

Verizon, McAfee target security in the cloud opportunity

By partnering with security expert McAfee, Verizon is responding to the idea that most businesses don't have the resources or the time to manage their respective IT security needs. Under the terms of

Optical innovators win Nobel Prize

With the invention of the telephone, wireless communications and optical communications, it's clear that the last century has been one of major innovations in the communications industry. Now a

Comcast steps up digital programming drive in San Francisco

Comcast continues to make progress with its 'Project Cavalry' analog-to-digital conversion project in the San Francisco Bay area. The move will enable it to offer 99 HDTV channels. Included in this

NTELOS to expand fiber network presence

Regional telco NTELOS this week announced that it will double its West Virginia fiber network presence by acquiring the majority of Allegheny Energy's glass. Va.-based NTELOS currently has a 400-mile

Telefonica launches counterbid for Brazil's GVT

It was only a matter of time before Telefonica would pick a fight with Vivendi for Brazil's competitive wireline provider GVT. Telefonica's Brazilian Telesp division has now put a $27.20 per share

Court denies Nacchio's latest appeal

Sorry Mr. Nacchio, but you're staying in jail. This was the message that the U.S. Supreme Court gave on Monday as they denied an appeal to overturn Qwest's CEO Joseph Nacchio's insider-trading

Republicans rail against FCC's net neutrality proposals

Incumbent wireless and wireline service providers aren't the only ones opposed to the FCC's proposed net neutrality rules. Now, twenty Republican members of the House of Representatives sent a letter