IBM flies BPL flag in rural markets

Could broadband over power lines be due for a comeback? As broadband stimulus funds are directed toward building out rural market coverage, BPL, a technology once championed by the Federal

MWC: Kontron makes ATCA, MicroTCA announcements

The Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture has been in the news of late, with VDC Research Group last week predicting that 85 percent of Tier 1 network equipment vendors will implement ATCA by the

Hewlett-Packard annoints new telecom unit

Following Hewlett-Packard's acquisition of EDS last year, HP is now looking to package the latter's professional services capabilities with HP's own service delivery, OSS, digital media and other

Verizon Business tackles enterprise CPE challenges

Verizon Business is launching what it calls a Global CPE Service, an offering that aims to ease the liability and challenges that enterprise and government customers encounter with owning and

Obama aide: Broadband stimulus just the start

The Washington Post reports that Alec Ross, who is on President Obama's Technology, Innovation and Government Reform Team, told a Washington, D.C., conference audience that the $7.2 billion allocated

AT&T CEO's 2008 pay package: $15 million

AT&T said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that company CEO Randall Stephenson received a compensation package worth about $15 million, a decline of about $3 million from

Nortel pledges to offer more re-org details

With partners such as JDS Uniphase and Andrew, among others, saying they need more details from Nortel Networks about its bankruptcy protection plans, the Canadian network equipment vendor reportedly

Comcast profit down, telephony revenue strong

Cable TV giant Comcast saw an anticipated write-down related to its investment in Clearwire drive down its profit for the fourth quarter of 2008 to about $412 million, a drop of 32 percent from the

Global Crossing sees enterprise market resilience

Global Crossing reported a net loss of $51 million for the fourth quarter of 2008, though revenue was up by about 4 percent to $642 million. The service provider, which successfully has refocused

Verizon may offer $5 landline plan

In the latest "stem-the-bleeding-landlines" tactic, Verizon Communications may begin offering a $5 per month landline calling plan that would allow customers to receive calls, but only dial out to

DOCSIS 3.0 yummy-yummy to cable customers, companies

Happiness for Comcast's high-speed craving broadband customers translates to speeds of up to 50 Mbps with the roll-out of DOCSIS 3.0. The company's Extreme 50 service has been turned up fairly

Frontier sounds off on rural broadband

Maggie Wilderotter, Frontier Communications chairman and CEO, told state utility commissioners that quality broadband service is the key to aiding a growing rural economy. As the nation's

Sonus Networks launches new IP peering solution

Sonus Networks is rolling out new IP peering technology, Mobile SecurEdge, at Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona, Spain. Mobile SecurEdge is a secure IP-peering solution the company says

Emerson Network Power rolls out new 10 GbE ATCA platform core

Emerson Network Power has announced its "most economical" 10Gb Ethernet system for central office and server applications, the Centellis 4410 ATCA platform core. The 14-slot, 13U Centellis 4410 is

FairPoint continues to plod through email snafu

At two weeks and counting, northern New England customers continue to deal with transferring email addresses from their old service to the new FairPoint Communications email system.

CornerStone builds reputation for consolidation

Rural telco consolidation expected to take place in 2008 was largely put on hold while market conditions for financing collapsed, though CenturyTel's proposal last October to acquire Embarq may have

Stimulus fun has just begun

The broadband stimulus funding plan of about $7.2 billion accounts for less than 1 percent of the overall $787 billion national economic stimulus package. However, when it comes to allocating and

MEF pursues mobile backhaul standards

Ethernet is already becoming a force in the mobile backhaul market--if not a pervasively used backhaul technology, then at least a major influence in the future technical and economic realities of

AT&T to pay $8.3M in E-Rate squabble

The U.S. Department of Justice announced that AT&T has agreed to pay a settlement of $8.3 million related to the DoJ's allegations that the telco's technical services unit "relied on

Final broadband stimulus figure: $7.2 billion

Congress approved the $787 billion economic stimulus bill Friday night by a vote of 60-38, after much debate and compromise that saw the final sum, as well as all of its parts, shift up and down