AT&T puts bandwidth squeeze on Reno

Poor Reno. First, the Comedy Central show "Reno 911." Now AT&T will be experimenting with bandwidth caps and overage charges starting this month in the Nevada city. (Gee, and both concepts

SPOTLIGHT: Frontier warns of broadband overage charges

Rochester-based Frontier Communications is saying it will "probably" charge its subscribers a dollar or two per gigabyte of Internet traffic if they go over monthly allotments of 5 GB that the

Verizon cranks DSL pricing bundles, hikes speeds

After a drop in DSL subscriptions last quarter, the gloves are coming off at Verizon. The company announced new, lower-cost, DSL-based, triple-play bundles today, along with announcing higher speeds

Martin folds; FCC telecom overhaul vote delayed

Under pressure from Congress and consumer groups, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Kevin Martin has canceled a vote tomorrow on a plan to overhaul intercarrier compensation and

Time to be budget-wise, consumer-friendly

The third quarter of 2008 so far has not been as scary as many of us might have anticipated, but while telcos and their competitors continue to add broadband and TV subscribers and paint cautiously

French gov't to retain France Telecom stake

Rumors circulated after France Telecom's third quarter earnings report last week that the French government might be ready to sell some of its 26.79 percent stake in the nation's incumbent telco.

Will FCC chairman postpone big vote?

The Wall Street Journal and Telephony both reported late Friday night that sources were indicating that the Federal Communications Commission may postpone a significant vote on changes to

Internap takes $99.7 million CDN charge

Internap Network Services announced in advance of its third quarter earnings report that it was taking a $99.7 million charge on the write-down of content delivery network assets related to last

Sprint disconnects, re-connects with Cogent

Sprint and Cogent Communications have been engaged in a network peering dispute in recent weeks that late last week resulted in Sprint disconnecting its network from Cogent's network. That action

Reports: Cisco set to unveil new edge router

Cisco Systems has been teasing the press lately with promises of a major announcement coming next week, and now several publications are reporting that financial research firm Oppenheimer & Co.

BT issues profit warning, eyes pension changes

BT last Friday issued what many observers saw as an unexpected profit warning related to its under-performing global services division, and the company's inability to keep pace with necessary cost

CWA sues AT&T over contract weaseling

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) has sued AT&T to stop "the company's use of corporate shell games to avoid contractual obligations" to union members. Filed in U.S. District Court in

100 members of Congress want FCC intercarrier compensation vote delay

There are 535 members of Congress and, at last count, 100 of them have asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to delay a November 4 vote on reforming intercarrier compensation and the

JD Power: Cable over DSL, but fickle users leave on price

High speed Internet customers prefer cable over DSL these days, but 30 percent of them are willing to dump their providers if they get a better deal elsewhere, says J.D. Power and Associates.

SPOTLIGHT: Comcast outscores telcos in broadband subs

Comcast added 382,000 new Internet subscribers in the third quarter, more than AT&T, Verizon and Qwest combined, says Dow Jones News Service. AT&T added 148,000 subs and Qwest added 61,000

If Moto didn't have handsets…

While Motorola can't get ditch its red-ink-spewing handset division in the current environment, its other divisions don't do so badly. The Motley Fool says the rest of Moto is "working just fine"

Kennedy in as Avaya CEO

Kevin Kennedy, who stepped down as CEO of JDSU yesterday, was announced today as the new CEO and president of Avaya Inc. The move will be effective Jan. 2009. Charles Giancarlo, the interim CEO, will

The strategic power of fiber

When Verizon took the right decision to deploy fiber to the home, analysts flayed the company. "Too expensive," they whined. "Not worth the money." As recently as this summer, one analyst argued

JDSU CEO to leave, job cuts planned

Kevin Kennedy, the Bell Labs veteran and one-time Cisco Systems executive who has been CEO of JDS Uniphase for five years, will leave the company next month. He is leaving to become the CEO of Avaya,

Alcatel-Lucent narrows loss

Alcatel-Lucent continued its string of quarterly losses, but showed improved profit on lower restructuring charges in its third quarter 2008 earnings report, and said it is working to streamline its