Verizon standardizes delivery times for special access services

If you're a wholesale carrier customer and need a DS1 or DS-3 circuit a bit quicker, you're in luck if you're buying it off of Verizon Global Wholesale (NYSE: VZ). Verizon has reduced the intervals

UK competitive providers now serve 7 million lines

With seven million of BT's (NYSE: BT) lines being used by competitive players such as Sky or TalkTalk, it's safe to say that the Ofcom's, the UK's main telecom regulator, bet on local loop unbundling

Mexico: Broadband, mobile services become mainstays of growth

Driven by the growth of fixed VoIP, broadband Internet and mobile data, Pyramid Research forecasts that Mexico's telecom market will increase 4.4 percent from $22.9 billion in 2009 to $23.9 billion

Neutral Tandem gains global presence by acquiring Tinet SpA

Interconnection services provider Neutral Tandem (Nasdaq: TNDM) has struck a deal to acquire Tinet SpA, an Italian-based IP Transit and Ethernet wholesale carrier. Under the terms of the agreement,

Four trends to watch at COMPTEL Fall 2010

Chances are, if you're headed out to the COMPTEL PLUS Fall show next week, you're going to hear a lot about various transitions and opportunities taking place in the competitive retail and wholesale

BT prepares to grow Asia-Pacific business

BT (NYSE: BT) is ramping up the first piece of its Asia Pacific investment program, one that will cover resourcing, infrastructure and enhanced set of services for its multinational corporation (MNC)

Goodbye RCN Metro, hello Sidera Networks

Now that ABRY Partners has completed its acquisition of RCN, it has rechristened the former RCN Metro Optical Networks as Sidera Networks. Leading the Sidera management team will be Michael Sicoli,

Frontier shuts down "extended service difficulty" in West Va. territory

Frontier (NYSE: FTR) has dug itself out of its service issue hole in West Virginia by ending its long-term difficulty status and mandatory overtime requirements for technicians and related customer

France's FTTH connections up 14.5 percent

With over 38,700 buildings connected as of the end of June, it's clear that Fiber to the Home (FTTH)-based connections are making an impact in the French broadband market. According to French telecom

Week In Research: broadband to drive capex, revenues in Malaysia; Brazil telecom growth on shaky ground

Malaysia's capex surge: Malaysia's high-speed broadband project will fuel a surge in telecom capital expenditures and revenues for both fixed and mobile segments through 2015, Pyramid Research

Verizon invests in home automation company 4Home

While it may be years before we see a truly automated home where all appliances are controlled remotely, Verizon is looking ahead to this future and has invested an undisclosed amount in connected

New Zealand's Crown Fiber whittles down fiber provider candidates for broadband plan

Crown Fibre Holdings, the holding company charged with building out New Zealand's Ultra-Fast Broadband Initiative, is getting close to finalizing contracts with three regional fiber service

Internet video: broadband service provider threat or opportunity?

Broadband service providers are taking a hard look at Internet video and trying to determine if it is a threat or opportunity. It is a threat if it drives up broadband usage while media companies and

One Communications considers its next move

One Communications, a multi-regional competitive service provider, is now set on plotting out its own future. Although it did not give any specific details, the multi-regional service provider has

Report: Cox gains momentum in SMB, wireless backhaul markets

Cox Communications' efforts to take a chunk out of the SMB and wireless backhaul markets from continues to pay off and is getting the attention of Sanford Bernstein senior analyst Craig Moffett.

Ciena tightens up Q3 2010 losses, but remains cautious about Q4

Ciena (Nasdaq: CIEN) may have narrowed its Q3 losses, but with the global economy still in a fragile state, the company is being conservative about its Q4 revenue forecast. The company forecast that

Brazil's Anatel adds fuel to its universal telecom service plan

Brazil's telecom regulator Anatel has debuted PGMU III, a new policy document that is set on enabling the country to meet its universal service access goals. Although the plan will cost participating

Iowa: Broadband is plentiful, but not everyone wants it

With 95 percent of Iowa's residents and businesses being able to get a broadband connection, broadband availability is not a problem in the state. Despite the near-ubiquity of broadband in Iowa, a

Fujitsu's Santitoro maintains spot on Metro Ethernet Forum board

Ethernet veteran Ralph Santitoro, currently the director of Carrier Ethernet market development at Fujitsu Network Communications, has just been reelected to the Metro Ethernet Forum's (MEF) board of

Swisscom acquires remaining stake in FastWeb for $326 million

Seeing Italy's telecom market as a major growth spot, Swisscom is going to acquire the remaining piece of competitive last mile service provider FastWeb for about $326 million. Swisscom's growth