Hathaway resigns from White House cybersecurity post

Cybersecurity may be a top priority for the Obama administration, but getting someone to oversee this task is going to get a bit more difficult as acting cybersecuity head Melissa Hathaway gave her

VoIP thrives amid telco indifference

I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop in a consumer VoIP sector that has been faced with many legal, regulatory and competitive battles. In this case, the other shoe is the rather giant one worn

Frontier Communications Q2 revenue declines

Frontier Communications may be one of the latest rural telco consolidators with its impending purchase of Verizon's rural lines, but it's also the latest telco to see its Q2 revenue decline. In the

Cox Business empowers local Sheriff's car theft prevention efforts

Cox Business is getting into the crime fighting business in New Orleans. The service provider is helping the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office in New Orleans crack down on vehicle theft with its

Strategy Analytics: Consumer broadband "safe" in the bundle, despite recession

By Ben Piper Director, Multiplay Market Dynamics Research for Strategy Analytics Perhaps more than any other single issue, the effect of today's historically challenged economic environment on

France's Iliad first-half revenue jumps 40%

Buoyed by the addition of 200,000 new subscribers during the first half of this year and other bundled service packages, French telecom group Iliad saw its first-half revenue shoot up 40 percent

FiberLight secures $13M in funding

For any service provider, much less a competitive fiber provider, to secure new funding in a down economy is somewhat of an anomaly, yet Atlanta, Ga.-based FiberLight announced this week that it

TDS expands NH reach with Union Telephone purchase

TDS Telecom is on the acquisition prowl again, as the Madison, Wis-based service provider has reached an agreement to acquire privately-owned Union Telephone Company. In 2008 the telco bought State

Cincinnati Bell: Q2 earnings were up, but income declined

Following plans to reduce its workforce during the first quarter, Cincinnati Bell reported that second-quarter 2009 earnings were $26 million, or 11 cents per diluted share, an 18 percent increase

Telstra tries on 100 Gbps for size

Nortel may be struggling to find a suitor for its Metro Ethernet Networks (MEN) division, but that does not seem to matter much as Australian telephone incumbent Telstra announced it conducted a

U.K.'s TalkTalk gets high on fiber-based broadband

Priding itself on being a ‘cheap broadband provider,' UK's TalkTalk is upping the ante of its broadband service suite with the trial of a fiber-based service that will enable users to get up to

Part 4 Interview - Fran Shammo, President of Verizon Business

Fierce Telecom: In addition to your core large enterprise base, Verizon Business recently introduced a set of integrated service packages for the mid-market. How does that market differ than large

Part 3 Interview - Fran Shammo, President of Verizon Business

Fierce Telecom: During the first quarter, one of the highlights for Verizon Business was a continued dedication to rolling out integrated services and security services. Can you touch upon those

Part 2 Interview- Fran Shammo, President of Verizon Business

Fierce Telecom: You mentioned IBM and integrators. What advantage does Verizon have over those companies? Shammo: They are a competitor to us. As I like to say, I think I have a strategic strength.

FierceTelecom Leaders - Fran Shammo, President of Verizon Business

Verizon Business, while seeing enterprise customers push orders out and decreased volume, continues to win opportunities where it can save businesses money. During the second quarter, Verizon

Integrated PC/Internet features drive STB shipments

Consumers may be tuning into the utility of online video services, however, most want to watch their programs not only on the PC, but the TV set. To make the most of their online video experience,

XO spreads its MPLS IP/VPN wings

XO's latest announcement to expand its MPLS IP-VPN service throughout its territory through other carrier partners is another example that no one service provider can practically build their own

FairPoint reworks its capital structure

FairPoint may have become the eighth-largest U.S.-based telephone operator with the purchase of Verizon's New England landline operations in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, but it's come at steep

FairPoint tries to tackle New Hampshire billing issues

It seems like every week one of the states in FairPoint's New England region has an operational issue with the lines it bought from Verizon earlier this year. Following an order from the Maine Public

Estonia gets on the national broadband network train

Australia and the U.S. aren't the only countries with grand broadband network plans. A report emerged in the Postimees Online that the Estonian government has approved a plan to develop a national