Comcast steps up digital programming drive in San Francisco

Comcast continues to make progress with its 'Project Cavalry' analog-to-digital conversion project in the San Francisco Bay area. The move will enable it to offer 99 HDTV channels. Included in this

NTELOS to expand fiber network presence

Regional telco NTELOS this week announced that it will double its West Virginia fiber network presence by acquiring the majority of Allegheny Energy's glass. Va.-based NTELOS currently has a 400-mile

Telefonica launches counterbid for Brazil's GVT

It was only a matter of time before Telefonica would pick a fight with Vivendi for Brazil's competitive wireline provider GVT. Telefonica's Brazilian Telesp division has now put a $27.20 per share

Court denies Nacchio's latest appeal

Sorry Mr. Nacchio, but you're staying in jail. This was the message that the U.S. Supreme Court gave on Monday as they denied an appeal to overturn Qwest's CEO Joseph Nacchio's insider-trading

Republicans rail against FCC's net neutrality proposals

Incumbent wireless and wireline service providers aren't the only ones opposed to the FCC's proposed net neutrality rules. Now, twenty Republican members of the House of Representatives sent a letter

Global Crossing expands global Ethernet product suite

By adding global VPLS capabilities to its EtherSphere WAN transport portfolio, Global Crossing is tapping into a market opportunity that Ovum Research says will increase from $1.3 billion in 2008 to

Ciena crafts deal for Nortel's Ethernet assets

Ciena made it official today that it will acquire Nortel's carrier Ethernet business in a $521 million stalking horse agreement. Interestingly, Ciena took down a previous news release that announced

Verizon expands FiOS presence in Central NY

While Verizon has been waging a war against Cablevision in New York City--targeting Multi Dwelling Units with its Fiber to the Premise-based FiOS service--its New York FTTP ambitions have extended

Adelphia's Rigas to remain jailed

Despite the defense's success in getting a reduced sentence, Bloomberg reports that former cable MSO Adelphia founder and chairman John Rigas and son Timothy Rigas will be staying in jail for the

Equinix unveils global Ethernet exchange

Ethernet may be the business service du jour, but the challenge that every service provider faces is making the service available to its customers regardless of the location. And while service

Blockbuster hopes expansion plans will help maintain its viability

With so many ways for consumers to get their video these days, Blockbuster, once the dominant video rental store chain, has struggled to keep up with the times. Now, the Dallas, Tex.-based company is

Qwest expands its hosting center reach into New Mexico

As Qwest gets more requests from its large and even medium-sized business customers to take them out of the telecom business, the ILEC is responding by building out more hosting centers. This week,

Verizon realigns wireline business and corporate structure

With Verizon's current President and COO Denny Strigl fleeing the coop after 41 years in the telecom industry, the ILEC has decided not to hire a replacement but instead combine its residential and

CWA, AT&T wireline union craft deal

AT&T and the Communications Workers Association (CWA) have hammered out a three-year contract that covers 7,000 union employees. With this latest agreement in place, nearly half of AT&T's

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Ciena emerges as suitor for Nortel's Ethernet assets

After months of speculation, Ciena is stepping into Nortel's garage sale to talk about buying the beleaguered company's profitable Ethernet assets. The Maryland-based company said it is now in

Verizon gains MEF recognition for European Ethernet effort

Verizon Business' newly appointed President Fran Shammo said one of his major goals for 2009 and beyond was not only to change the perception that Verizon Business is just a network company, but to

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KPN ups ante to purchase rest of iBasis

The ongoing war between iBasis and KPN, which has been trying since this past summer to purchase the rest of its stake in the wholesale voice competitor, is once again heating up as the Dutch

France Telecom's group deputy CEO departs

Amidst a raft of employee suicides, France Telecom as Louis-Pierre Wenes, the telco's deputy CEO, said he will resign from thecompany today. Citing unhappiness with his respective work environment,