Cisco replaces Nortel in 2012 Summer Olympics

One of the disappointing side effects of a corporate break-up is that you miss out on all kinds of opportunities for high-profile promotions. This is hardly the most disappointing side effect, but

Telecom Italia: We're keeping our TV network

Despite ongoing speculation that it wants to get out of the television business, Telecom Italia Media SpA said in a Wall Street Journal article that it has no intention to sell its La7 television

Verizon Business gets serious about application security

Cyberterrorism was a hot topic this past week as the U.S. and South Korean governments reported major network attacks on government agency Web sites. To help large enterprises keep such security

JDSU expands storage testing capabilities with Finisar buy

JDSU has taken the opportunity to take out one of its optical component enemies by making a $40.6 million cash bid for Finisar's Network Tools Division. Confident that it can complete the acquisition

RCN abandons bid for FiberNet Telecom

After what could have become a bidding war, competitive cable and business service provider RCN decided to withdraw its bid to acquire FiberNet Telecom for $96 million. RCN's June 16 offer was the

BT unveils aggressive Fiber-to-the-X timeline

Responding to its main cable rival's (Virgin Broadband) claims of having a faster broadband network, BT revealed its plans to pass more than 1 million homes and businesses with a fiber-enabled

Ovum: Move over DSL, here comes Fiber-to-the-home

Given that Japan and Korea are traditionally early adopters of new technology, it's not surprising that Fiber-to-the-home/business broadband access is outpacing ADSL in these countries. But

Verizon Business announces major Russian partnership

Verizon Business announced today an agreement with Russian telco Synterra that will give Synterra's Russian customers access to Verizon's global network, according to the companies. Through the deal,

Sprint hands wireless and wireline network keys to Ericsson

After months of speculation, Sprint made it official today that it will be outsource its wireless and wireline network operations to Ericsson. Calling the deal "Network Advantage," Ericsson, under

A closer look at CLECs

Facility-based CLECs are on pace to rack up nearly $28 billion in revenue in 2009, according to a research report at xchange. The report takes a look at the overall state of the CLEC market, which

11 years and counting

After serving two tours of duty at Horizon House Publications-one as Editor in Chief of the TelecomEngine website and earlier as both Staff and Senior Editor of Telecommunications Magazine--I just

Cablevison's Optimum Business unit extends toll-free service to SMBs

Cablevision believes that even if you're a small business, you should be able to get the the same services as a large enterprise. To bridge that gap, the provider is extending toll-free numbers as

Infineon gets out of the wireline business

Infineon's latest move to sell its wireline communications business to Golden Gate Capital for $348 million is yet another example that the carriers' slowing capex spending cycles are having major

Cisco's Hooper is moving on up

Could Ned Hopper be the next in line to oversee the mighty Cisco Empire? While Cisco has not given any details on who will succeed current CEO John Chambers, the appointment of Ned Hooper to Chief

Report: AT&T tech domain list tightening

It was first reported last month that AT&T is evaluating its list of vendors on various technology areas in an effort to tighten up its list of supply sources. At that point it looked like the

Motorola sells FTTN family to CTDI

In a move that may bring a tear to the eye of long-time fiber-to-the-node fans, Motorola, which was among the first vendors to find success selling FTTN architectures, has sold its FTTN product

Tellabs to cut 150 more jobs

Network equipment vendor Tellabs is set to make its second round of job cuts this year, planning to slash about 150 jobs off its payroll in the coming months after cutting around 60 jobs earlier this

Aepona acquires Valista for payments evolution

Irish software firms are as plentiful as pints of Guinness in their homeland, so two of them getting together might not seem like big news, but service delivery platform vendor Aepona's acquisition

Canadian regulators: Cablecos should pay for using broadcasters' signals

Canadian telcos and cable operators currently including broadcasters’ programming in their offerings could soon be paying for the signals after a government decision to back a

Verizon set to battle Comcast for Pittsburgh subs

Verizon's FiOS could soon be doing battle with Comcast for subscribers in Pittsburgh after the city OK’d a tentative 10-year franchise cable agreement with the telco. Verizon will pay 5 percent