State craps out in pass at regulating Internet gambling

Minnesota officials who tried to have ISPs block hundreds of sites that allowed state residents to gamble online have decided to drop their efforts, for the moment. The officials backed off after

Civil rights groups target broadband stimulus

Several civil rights groups have formed a new broadband-focus group, the Broadband Opportunity Coalition, that is planning to work with other similar groups to promote broadband availability,

Summer's here, Supercomm's not, so take a break

Supercomm 2009 originally was planned for this week. It has since been moved to Oct. 21-23, and perhaps the trade show and the industry itself will be better off for the change. Still, it seems very

Juniper announces 100G router interface

Juniper Networks has announced a 100-Gbps Ethernet router interface that it expects to have in customer trials later this year, a development that may fit well with Verizon Communications' timeline

Qwest says it won't sell long-haul network

Qwest Communications today seemed to silence speculation about the possible sale of its long-distance network by issuing a statement confirming that it will not sell the network. The company said the

Hawaiian Telcom has post-bankruptcy debt plan

Hawaiian Telcom, the local telco in Hawaii that filed for bankruptcy protection last December, now has a reorganization plan on file with its bankruptcy court that outlines how the company hopes to

ICANN JPA nears end, but legislators concerned

The expiration of the Joint Project Agreement that gives the U.S. Commerce Dept. accountability over the Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers--a situation that many people around the

Levin re-joins FCC to steer broadband plan

Blair Levin, the former Federal Communications Commission official and Stifel Nicolaus analyst who most recently served on President Obama's transition team, is coming back to the FCC to head the

Minnesota court: Internet a utility

The town of Monticello, Minn., won a key legal victory supporting its right to use municipal government funds to build a muni-broadband network, a ruling could further cloud the municipal broadband

Optimum Lightpath launches HD voice

Cablevision Systems' Optimum Lightpath has announced what it claims is the first high-definition voice service for mid-sized and large businesses in the New York City area. HD voice has been touted

Verizon Business leads Infonetics VoIP matrix

Infonetics Research has created a VoIP market leadership matrix identifying the top 10 IP Centrex service providers and top nine IP connectivity providers in North America, and Verizon Business has

WSJ: Long-haul bidders low-ball Qwest

While Qwest Communications has not confirmed widespread speculation that it is trying to sell its long-distance network, The Wall Street Journal reports that the company has collected bids for the

China Telecom, Chunghwa Telecom team for undersea cable

There have been signs recently that business relations between China and Taiwan are thawing a bit, and the latest evidence of that could be an undersea cable project pairing China Telecom and

ATIS tackles environmental sustainability issues

The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, a group thick with carriers, has issued its first ATIS Report on Environmental Sustainability, produced by the ATIS Exploratory Group on Green.

Ciena earnings affected by delayed spending

Maybe it feels like the economic recession already is giving way to something more like cautious optimism, but telecom carriers still are delaying some capital spending as we near the end of the

BT begins broad ADSL2+ rollout

U.K. telco BT is beginning its nationwide launch of ADSL2+ service, which theoretically allows 20 Mbps broadband access. The offering will reach about 10 million customer locations, or about 40

Judge upholds telco immunity, dumps lawsuits

Almost one year after Congress legislated immunity for telcos in the federal wiretapping scandal, a federal judge has upheld the immunity law and also has dismissed dozens of lawsuits that were

Verizon Business launches cloud computing service

Verizon Business made its long-anticipated cloud computing/software-as-a-service/whatever you want to call it announcement. Major telcos have been piecing together their cloud computing strategies

Strategy Analytics sees 5 million U.S. broadband sub additions in 2009

Broadband adoption in the U.S. has been perceived to be slowing at times over the last year or two as the market has matured and economic pressures have increased, but market research firm Strategy

Supercomm organizer prepares marketing push

Supercomm 2009 was originally scheduled to start next week. What would you have been doing right now if that was still the plan? Putting the finishing touches on a presentation? Trying to get the