Ahmed has left Sonus Networks

Sonus Networks, one of the pioneering IP network technology firms of the last decade, continues to endure an overhaul under relatively new CEO Richard Nottenburg. The company announced job cuts last

Telus talks up big 2009 goals

Amid all the talk about the collapsed deal for the takeover of Bell Canada Enterprises, Telus may be Canada's forgotten telco. This week, Telus is doing its best to remind everyone it's still around

Carrier Ethernet Consolidation: Overture Networks buys Ceterus Networks

Bigger is better when it comes to selling to carriers. At least that's one of the reasons we think Overture Networks has acquired Ceterus Networks. Terms of the deal between the two privately-held

SPOTLIGHT: Google builds a CDN. Does the WSJ know what a CDN is?

Is Google really abandoning Net Neutrality? Or just spending its cash to improve performance? The Wall Street Journal says Google's OpenEdge project is designed to give Google content bandwidth unified home networking standard passes ITU

The International Telecommunication Union has blessed the standard for next-generation home networking, but the big challenge now is to get everyone on board. establishes a single global

Qwest speculation: Turnaround or takeover

Investors have been focusing on Qwest's shortcomings, but at least one Wall Streeter is looking hungry like the bull at the stock. Turnaround specialist George Putnam says the company is looking good

Virgin Media rolls out 50 Mbps broadband in UK

Cable operator Virgin Media has officially rolled out its 50 Mbps broadband service in the UK on Monday. The launch offer includes unlimited downloads and no traffic management - an offer U.S. cable

Telstra gets the boot out of multi-billion Australia broadband project

Australia's newspapers are aflame over Telstra's disqualification for participation in the country's $6.7 to $10 billion (US) national broadband network project. Australia's broadband minister said

Telecom takes its flu shot

I always hated getting a flu shot because of the way you felt after it: Kind of like the shot itself gave you the flu. So, I didn't get one for several years. Most of those years, I ended up getting

Infonetics: MPLS-TP gaining carrier mindshare

At the end of a year in which transport-multiprotocol label switching (T-MPLS, known in standards circles as MPLS-TP for "transport profile), and provider backbone transport (PBT, otherwise known as

Charter looking at financial options

Charter Communications, the cable TV company in which Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen owns a controlling stake, is attempting to negotiate with its bondholders to alter debt financing to help the

Ciena: 2009 won't be 2002

Optical networking firm Ciena Corp last week added its own declining revenue report and negative outlook to the cascade of concerns about how the telecom industry will fare in 2009. The increasing

Finding an upside for the next twelve months

Will tighter budgets lead to success for some companies? There are two fundamental strategies that many telecommunications vendors and service providers believe will be their ticket for increased -

Alcatel-Lucent announces strategic shift with job and expense cuts

It's been coming for a while, but Alcatel-Lucent finally announced its "strategic transformation" plan. The company plans to save over 750 million euros (about 1 billion Yankee dollars) over the next

What now for Bell Canada, eh?

As the smoke clears from a failed $50 billion leveraged buyout deal, Bell Canada now has to focus shoring up its bleeding business and trying to collect a $1.2 billion break-up fee from the potential

AT&T may get Supreme Court win, pension plan relief

Times are tight, but AT&T may get some unexpected relief on its pension liabilities from a favorable ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court. On Wednesday, the court was leaning toward AT&T in its

Verizon Philly FiOS deal by end of year derailed

Verizon's push to have a FiOS franchise in Philadelphia by the end of 2008 has been bogged down in city committee meetings and a play by a minority-owned cable company to get into the action. Wilco

SPOTLIGHT: Nortel gets NYSE delisting notice

When it rains, it pours. The day after a Wall Street Journal piece mentioned a potential bankruptcy filing, Nortel announced it received a delisting warning from the New York Stock Exchange. Nortel's

Comcast rolls out DOCSIS 3.0 to three more cities

Cable provider Comcast has rolled out DOCSIS 3.0 and 50 Mbps "wideband" speeds to the cities of Baltimore, Chicago, and North Fulton County, part of Atlanta's suburbs; the rest of Atlanta will be

SP router market slipping, shifting

Fans of our recent service provider edge router coverage (and I use the term "fans" lightly) probably have noticed our failure to comment on a bevy of router market research hitting the wires this