Court dismisses FCC's cable ownership cap

In the latest battle between cable and the FCC, it appears that cable has gained the upper hand as a U.S. appeals court late last week overruled the agency's ownership cap rule that says no cable

CenturyLink takes axe to Embarq employees

Not that it should be completely surprising, but CenturyLink, the new telephone operator created out of the merger of CenturyTel and Embarq, announced late last week it cut 55 Kansas City area

Service provider cost reduction efforts produce results

Given the ongoing economic global turmoil, it's not surprising to hear service providers looking for any way to reduce their operating costs. The TM Forum revealed in its latest business intelligence

NTIA reports strong interest in broadband funding applications

The Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Association (NTIA) and the Department of Agriculture's Rural Utilities Service (RUS) reported this week that they received about

AT&T, CWA reach tentative contract agreement for legacy wireline employees

The CWA and AT&T have reached a tentative contract deal covering about 8,000 legacy wireline employees, according to the company and the union. This is the fourth major contract agreement between

Comcast brings DOCSIS 3.0 to the Windy City

Comcast can now put another point in its DOCSIS 3.0 upgrade wins column. The MSO announced this week that it completed its DOCSIS 3.0 upgrade in its greater Chicago area market, including Northwest

FCC: National broadband plan fraught with challenges

At its status report session to the commission yesterday, the FCC's broadband czar Blair Levin said the agency will have "lots more [broadband] workshops" in the coming month in addition to field

NCTA appoints Rick Chessen to regulatory policy post

When FCC commissioner Michael Copps announced yesterday that his top aide Rick Chessen, who served as the Acting Chief of Staff of the FCC from January to June this year, was going to leave his legal

India's telecom market braces for ongoing growth

If you looking at a region for new telecom service opportunities, look no further than India. A Telecom Engine article illustrates that India's telecom equipment industry grew 20 percent to hit the

Optimum Lightpath brings fiber-based solution to Medical Arts Radiology

Medical Arts Radiology, a Long Island-based medical imaging provider, has recognized Optimum Lightpath's efforts in targeting the medical community with high bandwidth services as it named the

The rural space-time continuum

Somewhere out there in the long, dark shadow of the healthcare reform debate, broadband reform for rural markets may be dying a slow death. I will admit right away that this is probably on

TiVo files patent suit against AT&T, Verizon

TiVo has launched another legal shot in its ongoing Digital Video Recorder (DVR) patent war. This time, TiVo claims that Verizon and AT&T have infringed on its TV "time-warping" technology. Both

36Onetworks throws hat into broadband stimulus funding ring

360networks application for federal broadband stimulus funding is perhaps the latest sign of an emerging trend where wholesale carriers can become the helping ‘middle mile' hand for rural

Michael Noll: Bursty broadband will offer a faster experience

Governments are throwing billions of dollars to bring broadband to homes: $7 billion in the US and $30 billion in Australia. We can debate whether such government intervention is needed or makes

Ikanos Communications wraps acquisition of Conexant's broadband line

Broadband silicon vendor Ikanos Communications continues its acquisition path as it announced the completion of its purchase of Conexant's Broadband Access product line. Under the terms of the

Alcatel-Lucent, Chinese vendor marriage rumored

With the presses barely dry on the idea that Alcatel-Lucent and NSN should consider merging, another rumor emerged in a Reuters report yesterday that Alcatel-Lucent is seeing acquisition interest

Britain clamps down on Internet piracy

U.K. Internet users beware: if you continue to illegally download movies and music, we'll find you and shut down your Internet connection. At least that's the British government's take in a proposed

Reliance, China Telecom complete cable linking China and India

Reliance Communications and China Telecom have finished what they say is the first direct terrestrial optical cable link between China and India's domestic markets. Completed earlier this month, the

FCC won't tolerate violations against net neutrality

Telcos and cable MSOs might not like it, but it's clear that the newly-appointed FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is dedicated to ensuring that service providers can't charge heavy users exorbitant

AT&T ups its global WiFi ante

AT&T wants to make its WiFi more accessible to business road warriors, remote employees and mobile consumers with the addition of about 25,000 WiFi hotpots in various European countries and