DT maintains positive outlook

A Deutsche Telekom executive said at an investor conference in New York that the German telco is weathering economic troubles fairly well. It's secret? It is getting a boost from many of its mobile

Nortel's future focus, partnerships unclear

A day after filing for bankruptcy, Nortel Networks is of course the topic of much conversation and speculation. Industry observers are wondering if the company can keep it together; if it will lose

Blair Levin illuminates Obama broadband policy, TIGR

WASHINGTON - Making his first public appearance since the presidential election, telecommunications analyst and former FCC staffer Blair Levin revealed his involvement with the Obama transition team

Spotlight: Yankee Group offers FTTH status report

Telephony has completed a two-part series on a Yankee Group fiber-to-the home status report. FTTH investments are under greater pressure than ever to reap returns as the economy teeters, and the Part

FairPoint-Verizon network cutover proceeds

FairPoint Communications is finally ready to complete its long-awaited, previously-delayed network cutover following its acquisition last year of Verizon Communications's wireline properties in New

Nortel files for bankruptcy

Canada's Nortel Networks has filed for bankruptcy in Delaware under Chapter 11 and Chapter 15 guidelines. It has not filed for bankruptcy yet in Canada, but The Wall Street Journal reports that this

Obama's CTO slot remains open

In Julius Genachowski, incoming President Barack Obama reportedly has found his new Federal Communications Chairman (somebody tell the current one, who doesn't want to leave), but Genachowski also

Report: Verizon closer to AT&T affront

There are new rumblings that Verizon Communications will go head-to-head against AT&T in North Texas as some industry observers have been predicting. Light Reading has a story claiming Verizon

Intercarrier comp goes to the back burner, for now

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin's effort to reform intercarrier compensation rules is now dead, and the incoming Obama administration has higher priorities on its agenda. Increased broadband availability

AT&T gets hockey, Verizon gets CBS

In separate announcements today, AT&T revealed it would carry NHL Network and NHL Network HD on U-verse TV, while Verizon and CBS signed "comprehensive" program carriage agreements covering FiOS

SPOTLIGHT: Landlines subs down in Hungary

The decline of landline connections isn't limited to North America by any stretch of the imagination. The National Telecommunications Authority of Hungary reports that landline subs fell by 17,000

Kagan: Impact of economy on telecom minimal

Telecom analyst Jeff Kagan says telecom is holding up pretty well in today's economic turmoil and should be in good shape moving forward. In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, Kagan noted that

More predictions for Obama broadband, telecommunications policies

Speculation is rampant in Washington D.C. as to how the incoming Obama administration will use broadband and telecommunications technologies to stimulate the economy. On Monday, RCR Wireless

Weight of rumors and 'source(s)' say Genachowski to be Obama's FCC Chairman

After weeks of speculation, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal both quote unnamed source(s) that claim Obama technology advisor Julius Genachowski will head the Federal Communications

CES didn't disappoint

We hope you had a chance to read some of our live coverage from CES 2009 last week. Of course, there wasn't nearly enough time to cover everything that needed to be covered, which is why you'll see

Spotlight: Is Huawei being blocked from Nortel deal?

Nortel Networks is still trying to sell its Metro Ethernet division, with Radware reportedly emerging as the latest vendor contending to buy the group. Several companies have been mentioned as likely

CES 2009 - Chambers eases opposition to government help

LAS VEGAS - I'm sure I'm not the only one who was late to CES 2009 keynote speeches because they were held at the Palazzo Hotel rather than at the Las Vegas Convention Center, so I'll skip the

CES 2009 - FCC chief Martin stands his ground

LAS VEGAS - Some of us had to leave Las Vegas to return to snowier parts of the country before Federal Communications Chairman Kevin Martin took the stage at CES 2009 on Saturday, but by many

Qwest proposes broadband funding model to feds

Qwest Communications has joined the call from the telecom industry for broadband stimulus funds from the federal government, and it has suggested a round-about way of doing so-by having the federal

Verizon embraces VoIP future

Verizon Communications always seemed less enthusiastic about exploring the potential of VoIP than fellow big telco AT&T (and instead more interested in suing VoIP companies), but that has changed