Cox: Cable subscriber growth slowing due to maturity, not economy

Dallas Clement, Cox's senior VP of strategy and development, said a recent slowdown in subscriber growth is due to the maturing nature of the business, but the slow economy and increased competition

Emerson launches new ATCA bladed server platform

Emerson Network Power has launched the Katana 2000, a new bladed server platform based on AdvancedTCA (ATCA). Target applications for the new server include high-volume data applications with media

Level 3 intros new wavelength service offerings

Level 3 Communications today announced new optical wavelength services in response to what it describes as "growing customer demand" for optical networks in both the enterprise and carrier markets.

Buyers for Qwest long-haul network likely to be scarce

If Qwest is indeed seeking to sell its long-haul network, it may have a hard time finding a buyer among the usual suspects. A Wall Street analyst says that a sale is "unlikely" for various reasons.

Cloud services and sunny days for telcos

Cloud computing and cloud services have been celebrated as the next big thing and also slammed as the next over-hyped re-tread of an application area that already exists. Everyone from IBM to

TWC plans metered billing expansion

Time Warner Cable is continuing to take the lead on establishing metered billing and tiered pricing for Internet service. The cable TV company was among the first to test the concept in a long trial

April Fools', Netheads (from the IETF)

Network World reports on the Internet Engineering Task Force's annual April Fools' Day joke, this year an announcement detailing a "laughably complex" alternative to the group's recent discovery that

WSJ: Qwest eyeing sale of long-haul network

Remember Qwest Communications' old slogan "Ride the Light"? Well, the company is now looking into selling the long-haul fiber network that provided the "light," according to a story at the Wall

Telco transformation is happening

According to a new study from Convergence Consulting Group, the traditional big telephone companies are shrinking, which probably will not come as news to anyone who works for one of the big

Will the IBM-Sun deal be completed?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the IBM-Sun Microsystems merger deal may have hit some snags, due to delays completing due diligence and questions about the organization of the combined

Idearc's fingers walk to Chapter 11

Verizon Communications phone directory spin-off Idearc is having the same sort of trouble that many publishers of traditional print publications, such as newspapers, are having: Online sales are

AT&T, Cisco take telepresence to feds

AT&T Government Solutions has inked an exclusive deal with Cisco Systems to pitch the vendor's telepresence gear to federal government agencies that are part of the General Services

Cable TV industry awaits Green successor

As we noted in an earlier post, cord-cutting fears are likely to be on the minds of many attendees of annual cable TV industry event The Cable Show this week in Washington, D.C. Whether or not you

Mushroom Networks names ISP customer

Broadband bonding has been a hot topic in the last year or so as vendors have looked to help Internet service providers deliver creative bandwidth solutions to their business customers. It has not

K.C. informational picket on AT&T Thursday

As of Tuesday afternoon, there were almost 200 comments attached to our post from last week about the Communications Workers of America union getting membership authorization to call a strike on

VoiceCon 2009 – News of Note for March 30

Plenty of new product and service announcements are being made at VoiceCon East 2009, and we're taking a moment to highlight the more interesting ones. For the latest breaking news from the

AT&T, Verizon Business, 57 other businesses land $50 billion GSA federal agencies contract

AT&T and Verizon Business are among 59 businesses that will provide IT and professional services to federal agencies for up to 10 years under a U.S. General Service Administration (GSA) contract

RadiSys rolls out ATCA single-board computer for 4G, IMS applications

RadiSys has released the Promentum ATCA-4500, a new AdvancedTCA (ATCA) single-board computer with the new Intel Xeon 5500 processor. The new board has been designed for high performance, a large