Hardware Corner: ATCA growth ahead

The Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA, or if you're in a hurry, ATCA) is not something that we often hear network operators talk about publicly. It has a lot to do with

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Qwest Q3 profit drops, job cuts ahead

Qwest Communications, still the third-largest telco in the U.S., reported third quarter earnings that included $151 million in net income. That profit posting was sharply lower than the $2.06 billion

Telcos put green strategies on display

Light Reading's Green Telecom 2008 one-day conference was held in Dallas this week, and the event gave telcos like AT&T a chance to promote their environmental friendliness, which must be rooted

Rural telco consolidation: Will they, and when?

CenturyTel's bid this week to acquire Embarq stunned just about everyone except the two companies involved. The surprise occurred mostly because it seemed like ongoing credit pressure and the overall

Comcast profit up 38%, telephony subs rise 483K

Cable TV company Comcast, in its third quarter earnings report, showed no signs of paying for the success that its big telco competitors experienced during the quarter. The largest cable player

Verizon Business details its third quarter

On the day after parent Verizon posted its third quarter numbers, Verizon Business is providing details on how it put $5.4 billion into the bigger financial picture. Focused on large business and

Critics, Congress rally for delaying FCC phone rate vote

It's not to the level of pitchforks and torches, but a scheduled vote on phone rate reform November 4 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is stirring up critics and Congress alike; 61

Bandwidth limits bit users

If you think Comcast is the only service provider limiting access to bandwidth, think again. Clearwire and Qwest also have fine print "terms of use" policies that a small fraction of customers have

Microsoft's Azure cloud drifts in

At its Professional Developer's Conference on Monday, Microsoft announced Windows Azure, its new cloud computing platform and services. The offerings will have an impact upon a number of markets,

Qwest adds GSA services contract to Networx wins

Qwest Government Services has been awarded the U.S. General Services Administration's (GSA) business under the GSA Networx contract. The win has an expected value of $31 million, and it entails Qwest

SPOTLIGHT: Vietnam number confusion

Vietnam has added more digits to its phone numbers, and the decision is currently confusing landline users, though it will ultimately enable the addition of thousands of new subscribers. All six of

Dissecting the CenturyTel-Embarq deal

CenturyTel's bid to acquire Embarq is surprising on at least a few levels. The companies may make a good network match, as CenturyTel's mostly rural market networks are combined with Embarq's

Lines losses, broadband gains mark CenturyTel, Embarq Q3 earnings

CenturyTel and Embarq both reported third quarter earnings this morning along with the announcement that CenturyTel is planning to acquire Embarq. Both earnings reports show telcos under pressure

Cox Communications plans wireless rollout

Cable TV company Cox Communications reportedly is announcing today that it's building its own wireless facilities and will launch service next year, following through on intentions that Cox president

Verizon profit surges 31 percent

On a day in which its news may be overshadowed by the report of two smaller telcos merging, telco giant Verizon Communications reported third quarter earnings that included a 31 percent hike in net

UPDATE: CenturyTel to acquire Embarq

Monroe, La.-based independent telco CenturyTel has confirmed that it plans to acquire fellow telco Embarq, based in Overland Park, Kan., for about $5.76 billion in stock. However, including Embarq

Another rallying cry for U.S. broadband

Is the U.S. facing a "Sputnik moment" in the evolution of broadband? That's what market research firm Strategy Analytics thinks, noting in a new report that "typical speeds advertised by U.S. Cable

Parsing Verizon warranty services

Extended warranties were once the province of retailers, but phone and cable companies have decided to dive into the lucrative business. Verizon's new "Expert Care" suite of service plans gets the

SPOTLIGHT: Phone company celebrates 100 years in business

The Ft. Jennings Telephony Company (FJTC) was organized and incorporated by the State of Ohio in 1908. This year, it celebrates a century of operation. FJTC, like most rural phone operations,