Supercomm organizer prepares marketing push

Supercomm 2009 was originally scheduled to start next week. What would you have been doing right now if that was still the plan? Putting the finishing touches on a presentation? Trying to get the

CenturyTel-Embarq deal breeds CenturyLink

Monroe, La.-based independent telco CenturyTel, which is very close to completing its acquisition of fellow indie Embarq, announced a new name for the combined company: CenturyLink. The deal closing

Connected Nation's stimulus role questioned

Connected Nation, the Connect Kentucky off-shoot that potentially could be a provider of broadband mapping information for the government agencies awarding broadband stimulus money, is under fire

Conn. AG presses for AT&T fines for repair woes

The something-less than loving relationship between AT&T and Connecticut officials has sprouted new tension. The state's Attorney General and its Office of Consumer Counsel are taking issue with

Broadband bonder Mushroom grows more bandwidth

Broadband bonding, one of the more interesting access innovations to emerge in recent years, is one way for business customers to address fast-growing bandwidth needs, and now one of the pioneer

N.H. PUC puts FairPoint collections on hold

There have been a couple of new developments in FairPoint Communication's ongoing soap opera in New England as it tries to sort out the landline network in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine it bought

Verizon and AT&T: Best investment bets in a troubled industry

Verizon and AT&T are drawing props for their evolution into wireless purveyors from their traditional involvement with landlines. says the pair have transcended their industry by

Analyst: DirecTV's loss could be AT&T's gain

With DirecTV CEO Chase Carey being pursued by his former employer, News Corp., speculation is heating up that his departure could mean a sale of the satellite TV provider, says Multichannel News. The

Comcast sees opportunity in DTV transition

Consumers may still be confused if their TVs are digital ready as the June 12 deadline for the switch from analog to digital broadcasting looms, but cableco Comcast is planning to step into the

BT throttling download speeds for cheapest services

British broadband provider BT Broadband's practice of routinely throttling download speeds on its cheapest package by almost 88 percent during peak hours between 5 p.m. and midnight is drawing

Time Warner again setting stage for metering, service tiers?

Time Warner has riled consumer groups again, quietly changing its terms of service to include language that could allow the cable company to establish service tiers and meter usage. Customers

Obama launches cyberspace policy adventures

President Obama last Friday made his promised pledge to improve overall U.S. and intra-government cybersecurity. There weren't many specifics in his announcement, unless you were looking for a

Ex-Nortel execs pitch to save company, national pride

Can a creative, quick-thinking band of former Nortel Network executives save the company, and in the process also further elevate Canadian pride by creating a national broadband infrastructure

Filing argues against Nacchio Supreme Court review

U.S. government attorneys argue in a new filing the the U.S. Supreme Court should not conduct a review of former Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio conviction on insider trading. The filing comes about a month

Google exec reportedly named deputy U.S. CTO

The New York Times reported late Friday that Google public policy executive Andrew McLaughlin was leaving the Internet giant to join the Obama administration as the deputy U.S. chief technology

Ecuador's prez alleges U.S. telco scam

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa is accusing U.S. telcos AT&T, Sprint and MCI (now owned by Verizon) of short-changing his country by under-reporting the minutes of long-distance calls they

Donnelley's latest phone book opened to Ch. 11

Yellow Pages publisher R.H. Donnelley filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, following Idearc as the latest phone book publisher to seek protection from creditors. Like Idearc, Donnelley likes

Obama 'cyber czar,' cybersecurity strategy imminent

President Obama is expected today to officially create a "cyber czar" position in his administration to lead cybersecurity strategy and coordination efforts at a national level. Further details of

Consolidated faces consolidation questions

As the rural telco arena begins to divide into camps of buyers and sellers in pursuit of consolidation, it appears that Consolidated Communications, based in Matoon, Ill., is more likely to be a

Verizon CEO nudges against Net neutrality

When Barack Obama was elected President last fall, it seemed like Net neutrality would be one of the hot topics of 2009. To date, that hasn't happened, though there have been other things going on in