IBM report: Embrace social networking

Telecom service providers can't wish away the effect that social networking is having on their offerings, and that effect does not appear to be a passing fad--a thought once raised by critics who

Juniper wary of longer buying cycles

Network equipment vendor Juniper Networks, which serves both service provider and enterprise markets, said that while service provider orders remain strong, customers are delaying delivery on gear,

RadiSys, Enea chop months off ATCA development

Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture vendor RadiSys and software firm Enea together announced this week a new management solution from Enea that drastically reduces the time and effort it takes

KGP to buy Embarq Logistics

One of the questions that lingered after CenturyTel announced its acquisition of Embarq--"What about Embarq Logistics?"--has been answered. KGP Telecommunications, a privately-held firm based in

Telecom steps it up for The Big Game on Sunday

Level 3 and Verizon are touting their efforts working with the NFL in conjunction with the big sporting event - c'mon, can't we just call it the Super Bowl and not be copyright retentive about it? -

FairPoint ready to flip the switch in Northern New England

FairPoint will make the big switch with Verizon Jan. 30. The company will take charge of around two million access lines in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont, a process expected to take more than two

Telecoms seek tax changes on operating losses

A group of phone companies was in Washington D.C. this week to lobby for loosened tax rules to allow them to raise equity capital without losing tax benefits, including deductions for net operating

Rumor Mill: Verizon layoffs at end of Q1

UPDATE: Verizon to axe more jobs Despite a 15 percent increase in revenues in Q4, talk around the water coolers at Verizon has been on company plans to implement job cuts at the end of March. Details

Qwest cuts off SkyWi service again

Internet service and VoIP provider SkyWi says Qwest has once again pulled the plug on a part of its broadband network in New Mexico. If true, the action will likely have ugly consequences for both

Rockefeller pushes $9B broadband stimulus plan

The House of Representatives approved the $819 billion economic stimulus package Wednesday, so the Sebate debate is set to begin with a new set of broadband stimulus numbers proposed by Sen. Jay

Should AT&T go on a buying spree?

AT&T's fourth-quarter profit drop of more than 23 percent has not stopped analysts from suggesting that the timing is right for the mega-carrier to engage in acquisitions outside of the U.S.

DTV delay delayed for now

The four-month delay in the digital TV transition endorsed by the Senate just days ago failed to pass a vote in the House of Representatives. The proposal to delay the switch from Feb. 17 to June 12,

Convergys billing spin-off in doubt

Telecom software vendor Convergys said this week that it is unlikely to follow through in the near term on a previously-announced plan to spin off its billing system business. Though the company also

Cox to test new network management scheme

With the Federal Communications Commission seemingly still on the Comcast's tail about its network management practices, fellow cable TV company and ISP Cox Communications is preparing to trial its

AT&T awaits spring labor talks

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson commented briefly on upcoming labor contract negotiations during the company's fourth-quarter earnings call Wednesday. In response to a question during the Q&A

Bookham, Avanex join optical component M&A trend

Optical components companies Bookham and Avanex, in a long-anticipated move, announced an all-stock, $35 million merger with the aim of strengthening amid a consolidating sector. JDS Uniphase has

AT&T Q4 profit down more than 23 percent

AT&T reported fourth-quarter earnings today, with revenue rising slightly, but profit falling more than 23 percent to about $2.4 billion. The company indicated it will cut capital spending this

Slipping Verizon Business eyes Accenture pairing

Verizon Communications yesterday delivered what you might call a somewhat re-assuring fourth-quarter earnings report. While TV, broadband Internet and wireless data all showed great strength, some

Cnet: AT&T, Comcast may join RIAA team

Cnet News is reporting that AT&T and Comcast are among the ISPs that are expected to cooperate with the Recording Industry Association of America in its newest campaign to curb illegal Internet

Tellabs reports earnings down 10 percent from 2007

Making its Q4 and 2008 yearly financial announcements Tellabs reported Q4 revenues of $408 million, down 13 percent when compared to Q4 2007. For the year, Tellabs reported revenues of $1.7 billion,