SUPERCOMM: Multitasking your fiber network

Organizers of this year's SUPERCOMM event may have been selling the idea of the broadband connected nation, but one of the offshoots of the show's theme was how service providers are leveraging fiber

Comcast protests broadband stimulus grant applications

It was only a matter of time before the large cable MSOs such as Comcast, who joined the telcos in opting out of the broadband stimulus race over fear of the FCC's net neutrality rules, would begin

BT debuts new Hybrid VPN service

With its latest Hybrid VPN offering, BT is playing to the corporate user's desire to be connected to their headquarters regardless of location. BT's Hybrid VPN service, which allows user to access

Noll: Understanding America's science and math literacy crisis

President Bush in a State of the Union address a few years ago called for an initiative in mathematics and science education, and President Obama has reiterated this call. But in the end will this

FairPoint wants broadband regulations relaxed

Just in time for its Chapter 11 filing, FairPoint Communications is now asking regulators to realign the broadband deployment requirements it agreed to meet in order to acquire Verizon's New England

Extreme Networks lays off 70, CEO resigns

It's not easy being purple. At least that's what Extreme Networks (known for its purple colored packaging) is probably feeling these days as the company, which is facing a tough battle to gain a

Tellabs Q3 09: Revenue down, sales to remain flat

With revenue falling 8.2 percent to $389 million and a forecast of flat sales for the fourth quarter, it's likely that Tellabs' leaders are saying to themselves: telecom recovery, what recovery?

Verizon Q3 '09: FiOS leads the wireline way

Once again, Verizon's Q3 '09 earnings were a story of losses and gains. During the third quarter, Verizon's profit came out ahead of analyst expectations as profit only declined 'a

NIST incorporates PacketCable spec for Smart Grid

While most of the service provider attention around Smart Grids has centered on wireless and wireline telcos, the cable industry is just as keen on cashing in on the opportunity. Among the nearly 80

Icahn flees the Yahoo! coop

Saying that the company's board does not need "to have an activist on the Board of Yahoo," outspoken financier Carl Icahn made it official that he has resigned from Yahoo!'s board. By resigning from

FairPoint files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

While not much of a surprise to anyone watching the telecom industry, FairPoint Communications made it official today that it has filed for Chapter 11 reorganization under in the U.S. Bankruptcy Code

Metro Ethernet Forum makes Ethernet peering progress

Service providers and their business customers may have embraced Ethernet as the next-gen enterprise networking technology, but the one issue that holds it back is service and geographic

Broadband providers: Give the cities a helping hand

To expand broadband opportunities, cities and towns are going to need assistance from local service providers, argued Chicago's CIO Hardik Bhatt during the Friday morning keynote speech at the

FCC comes closer to realizing its net neutrality dream

Amidst great protest from major traditional service providers, the FCC voted to support an open Internet rule that will prevent service providers from throttling down or blocking specific content

Ericsson sees major dip in Q3 09 profit

Outgoing Ericsson CEO Carl-Henric Svanberg (he will step down in January to become the chairman of BP) says that while he's seeing some signs of life in many of the largest telecom markets, it will

New Zealand wants help with its broadband initiative

New Zealand may have high aspirations with its proposed ultra-fast broadband plan, but it's being realistic on how it will carry it from the drawing board to the field. Now, the service provider is

Level 3 expands its wireless backhaul capabilities

Level 3 may not be a stranger to wireless backhaul (it's been providing services to wireless carriers for over ten years), but now the wholesale operator is launching a new service that can

Frontier's Verizon acquisition facing CWA union wrath

Given all of the operational issues that both FairPoint and Hawaii Telecom had after they bought unwanted lines from Verizon, it's not surprising to see that labor unions that work for

SUPERCOMM Thursday keynotes get back to business

CHICAGO--Thursday morning's keynote speeches at SUPERCOMM provided a cool contrast from the Wednesday batch, which had included strong statements from Verizon chief Ivan Seidenberg in opposition of

AT&T Q3 09 wireless up, landlines down again

AT&T's third quarter 2009 earnings present an all too familiar tale in the wireline industry. Third quarter revenues totaled $30.9 billion, net income attributable to AT&T was $3.2 billion,