Windstream to slash 5 percent of its workforce

Verizon and AT&T aren't the only service providers that are deemphasizing their landline roots. Seeing similar opportunities to capitalize on broadband business services to plug up the bleeding

Fiber to the Library movement picks up steam

Last week, a group of congressmen posed a challenge to the FCC to bring more fiber-based broadband services to anchor institutions including libraries, schools and hospitals. Now, the Digital Village

Orange Business: Unified communications improves business productivity

A new Orange Business Service CIO poll revealed that unified communications can improve productivity. CIOs that responded to the service provider's survey said that UC features like integrating

Huawei appoints Matt Bross to CTO post

Where in the world BT's former CTO Matt Bross? Well, that question has been answered today as Chinese telecom vendor Huawei announced that it has appointed the often outspoken technologist as the

Verizon: Metered broadband is on the horizon

During this week's Fiber to the Home Council trade show, Verizon's CTO Dick Lynch intimated that metered billing for broadband services could become a reality. As one of the first Verizon executives

ACA asks FCC to reject utilities' pole attachment proposal

The American Cable Association (ACA) is protesting a petition made by a group of electric utilities to the FCC that seeks to require cable operators offering VoIP service to pay the standard telecom

Cincinnati Bell gets its GPON grove on

Cincinnati Bell may be a bit less vocal than its larger ILEC counterpart Verizon around its FiOS Fiber to the Home (FTTH) drive, but it appears to be making progress. The Ohio-based service provider

Occam wants to make splash in European FTTP market

Occam Networks may have established itself as a common name in the U.S. independent telco market, but the last-mile vendor has broader ambitions to target the European market. The Santa Barbara,

Reliance Globalcom, Futron target federal government opportunities

Reliance Globalcom has set its sights on a new vertical market customer: the U.S. government. However, the Ethernet provider is not going it alone. To target the public sector segment, Reliance

XO rejects Icahn's latest buyout offer

The Carl Icahn XO Communications ownership saga has taken yet another turn this week as a special committee Board of Directors for XO Holdings turned down ACF Industries Holding's offer for the rest

France Telecom sees 24th employee suicide

Employee morale at France Telecom took another hit yesterday as a 51-year-old worker committed suicide by jumping off a highway overpass during peak morning traffic. The employee, who worked at

Ciena consummates the optical and packet marriage

It appears that Ciena has finally made a long-awaited follow up to its flagship CoreDirector platform with the debut of its CoreDirector FS. But when you peel back the layers, the CoreDirector FS is

Could a DirecTV acquisition bolster Verizon's video base?

Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Communicopia event earlier this month, Verizon Communications' CEO Ivan Seidenberg said that not only was he no longer going to worry about voice line loss, but that

Part II--Fierce Telecom Leaders, Chris Ancell, executive vice president, Qwest Business Markets Group

FierceTelecom: Qwest is also being aggressive with its Ethernet roll out. Is it a core part of your business service portfolio and service strategy? Ancell: Ethernet is absolutely a core service. You

Fierce Telecom Leaders, Chris Ancell, executive vice president, Qwest Business Markets Group

Chris Ancell may have just recently been appointed as the executive VP of Qwest's Business Markets Group in August, but his tenure extends back to 2000 when he came to the company. Before taking his

Broadband gateways search for power efficiency

For all the advances we see every day in our telecom industry, its ironic how much of a role traditional electric power continues to play in every e-mail and every call we make. In a town where the

FairPoint plots financial restructuring plan

With a raft of financial issues on its back, FairPoint Communications is trying to turn its financial fortunes around by entering into discussions with lenders to restructure its debt. As part of

Burlington Telecom wants to extend network throughout Vermont

There has always been acrimony between municipally-owned telecom networks and incumbent operators, and Vermont-based Burlington Telecom is no different. The Vermont-based municipal provider will face

CenturyLink puts Calix's GPON backhaul to the test

CenturyLink has been expanding its fiber-based mobile backhaul service capabilities diligently, and now it's furthering that effort by deploying Calix's latest GPON optical network terminals (ONT).

Cable programmers: Possible M&A targets

Although cable industry merger and acquisition activity has been in a relative holding pattern, a group of venture capitalist firms believe that cable program networks could see an uptick in M&A