Qwest sued over broadband early-termination feeds

Two former customers of Qwest have taken the telco to court in Seattle to challenge its practice of early termination fees for broadband services. Early termination fees have already been under fire

All bets on wireless – for now

If you are have some spare change to invest, or you're building a name in Washington D.C. for future career options, wireless is the place to be at this moment. Since the dot.bomb bubble, venture

SPOTLIGHT: The big crank phone

Twenty-five years ago, the last hand-cranked phone call was made in Maine. This week, a 14 foot tall metal sculpture of the old-style crank phone was dedicated in Bryant Pond to note the event. The

Covad enhances integrated access SMB offering

Covad Communications announced that it is adding IP PBX and SIP trunking support to its integrated access offerings for small and medium-sized businesses. Telephony reports that it isn't exactly a

NY PSC modifies Verizon grounding edict

Revisiting an ongoing story, the New York Public Service Commission finally has accepted a modified version of a proposal from Verizon Communications for addressing electrical grounding problems

NSN revenues down, hit by exchange rates

Nokia Siemens Networks unveiled its third quarter earnings as part of its parent company's report, stating that revenue for the quarter dropped about 5 percent from the same quarter last year to

Seidenberg optimistic about telecom, wants to fix Knicks

Verizon Communications will not report third quarter earnings until Oct. 27, but Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg, speaking at the Dow Jones-Nielsen Money and Media Conference this week, took an

Verizon revamps wireline bills

Verizon Communications has redesigned its bill for residential wireline services and is now sending the new bill out to customers in New York City. If that doesn't sound like huge news, the move

FCC considers intercarrier fee, USF changes

Intercarrier compensation and the Universal Service Fund are making their semi-annual visits to the top of the Federal Communications Commission's to-do list. This time around, FCC Chairman Kevin

XO taps Ciena for Ethernet gear, E-NNI help

XO Communication has made several big Ethernet announcements already this year, and the carrier just announced another Ethernet move in choosing to deploy vendor Ciena's LE-311v Service Delivery

New IMS/NGN Forum reflects reality of technology movements

IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and Next-Generation Network (NGN) developments have been viewed, at different times by different people, as synonymous, sequential, or competitive with each other. A

IP/MPLS Forum approves mobile backhaul spec

The IP/MPLS Forum announced progress in applying multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) technology to mobile backhaul infrastructures. The group approved its first technical specification as part of

Adtran reports higher profit, sales for Q3

As much of Wall Street was analyzing Intel's third quarter earnings Tuesday, the telecom sector turned to its own bellwethers. Network equipment vendor Adtran is one important one, and it reported

SPOTLIGHT: Verizon Business to expand in India

Verizon Business is bringing private IP nodes online in five major Indian business hubs. The rollout will bring direct, high-speed access to Verizon's MPLS service to New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad,

M2Z drums for action on nationwide "Free" wireless broadband spectrum

M2Z Networks received a boost for its goal to put the "AWS-3" spectrum into play for a nationwide free broadband wireless network Friday. The good news came in a report from the FCC's Office of

A month after Ike, Galveston telecom restoration continues.

A month after Hurricane Ike rolled over Galveston and much of Southeast Texas, thousands of residents are still waiting for electricity, and some are still without landline phone service, cable or

NY county wrestles with its rural digital divide

Even among rural residents of New York, there's a growing digital divide. Some towns in Allegany County lack cable TV, cell phone service and broadband Internet, while those with broadband literally

Cisco's billion dollar Indian bet

Cisco is investing over a billion dollars in India to tap into the country's markets and intellectual capital. Unlike other companies that treat the country as a glorified call center, Cisco views

Monday's rising tide lifts telco stocks

The record one-day surge Monday in the stock market lifted telecom stocks along for the ride. As the Dow Jones industrial average recorded a single-day gain of 936 points on news that global

Third quarter earnings are upon us

Amid record stock market plunges and widespread fears about the health of the overall economy, the telecom industry's major players are about to report third quarter earnings. Investors will have one