Broadband, IPTV numbers continue to grow

Good news for telecoms: Global broadband subscribers now number 370 million, while global IPTV subscribers now total almost 15.5 million with ADSL2plus playing a surprisingly big role in delivery,

Will FTTH become FTEH (fiber to every home?)

Emerging markets may embrace FTTH more than more mature markets as new construction will often include fiber as a standard option by 2010, Hong Kong-based Aspen Optics says, explaining its expansion

Malaysian telecom sector sees strong growth

Once seen as a potential high-tech hub, Malaysia now is downplaying its role in the region and has focused instead on developing its own infrastructure, writes Research and Markets in its look at the

Windjammer Communications picks up some Time Warner rural customers

Windjammer Communications—a combination of private-equity firm MAST Capital Management and Communications Construction Services—is now the proud owner of 80,000 former Time Warner Cable

Net neutrality goes public

Net neutrality was once the purview of academics and policy wonks who warned about creating "haves" and "have-nots" in a two-tiered Internet world that was decidedly user unfriendly. With the

New BCE CEO quietly touts 'game-changing' plan

BCE's new CEO George Cope is a believer in the adage that you have to spend money to make money and he says he thinks billions are in order for the Canadian telecom. But first, he says, his initial

Qwest wants union contracts before DNC hits Denver

With the Democrats coming to Denver in August and the GOP heading to Minneapolis in September - both Qwest-served cities - the Denver-based telco is more than usually motivated to ensure labor peace

FCC's Martin wants Comcast to pay for P2P blocking

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin is planning on taking Comcast to the woodshed for violating FCC principles that guarantee consumers open access to the Internet. The nation's

For telcos, cable-laying déjà vu all over again?

It seems like it was only a couple of years ago (is it seven already?) that telcos were slinging webs of undersea cable across the globe like Spiderman on speed. The result? An excess of capacity

NebuAd CEO gets grilled on The Hill

Eventually, it seems, we'll all make an appearance before a Senate or House subcommittee on something or other. This week's guest of honor in front of a Senate sub: Robert Dykes, the CEO of NebuAd, a

Broadband subs to hit 171M in Asia by end of 2008

Broadband subscriptions in the Asia-Pacific region will grow by more than 31 percent this year to 171 million from 129.7 million in 2007, says a new Frost & Sullivan study. But the more

It's iPhone Friday, hope you're reading this online in line

If you weren't up at oh-dark-thirty, chance are your chances for that new iPhone may be pretty slim. And, maybe, that's a good thing. Even though that new 3G iPhone is $200 cheaper than the original,

Cinci Bell names new COO, CFO

Independent teclo Cincinnati Bell has named its current chief financial officer, Brian Ross, as its new chief operating officer. Ross, a 13-year Cincinnati Bell employee, succeeds former COO Rodney

KT feeling economic, competitive pressure

Korea Telecom, the incumbent teclo in South Korea that has been lauded in the past for its aggressiveness and broadband leadership, said this week it is lowering its sales and profit forecasts for

Yankee: Carriers could buy CDN assets

It is no secret at this point that major telecom network operators are increasingly interested in making content delivery network capabilities part of their businesses. AT&T recently announced a

Hardware Corner: Component firms Opnext, StrataLight pair up

The race to develop 100 Gbps systems could be inspiring consolidation among makers of optical components and subsystems. The latest deal has Opnext set to acquire StrataLight Communications for $172

Qwest, retirees battle over life insurance

A group of Qwest Communications retirees who sued the company over dwindling life insurance benefits and having been poised to expand their suit into a class action now say the Qwest is threatening

TranSwitch to acquire Centillium in chipmaker match

TranSwitch Corp., a semiconductor company that was known for SONET, but recently moved into passive optical networking, had agreed to acquire Centillium Communications, a fellow chip maker that was

Comcast, Vonage reach traffic management understanding

Cable TV provider Comcast and VoIP service provider Vonage, who compete on the VoIP front, have reached an agreement under which Comcast has pledged that its traffic management practices will not

Senate approves FISA, telco immunity

As expected, the U.S. Senate approved the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Wednesday with the telco immunity "compromise" intact. The final vote was 69-28 (Obama was a "Yes," Clinton a "No," and