Enterprises embracing SDN in the data center

CAMPBELL, California, October 31, 2012—Market research firm Infonetics Research released excerpts from its new Data Center Deployment and SDN Strategies: North American Enterprise Survey, which explores the current state of the data center and North American enterprises' plans to evolve the data center over the next 2 years.


"Software-defined networking (SDN) is real, and it's here to stay," notes Sam Barnett, directing analyst for data center and cloud at Infonetics Research. "Nearly 1/4 of the enterprises we interviewed for our new data center and SDN survey have already deployed SDN technology in their data centers, and 1/3 plan to do so by the end of next year. This is impressive given the nascent nature of most SDN technologies and the relatively sophisticated IT community required to implement them."


  • Improving virtualization, security, and application performance are the leading drivers for investing in new data center facilities
  • Cisco and IBM top the list of SDN and programmable network technology vendors installed and under evaluation among enterprises Infonetics surveyed
  • Data center owner/operators are investing across the board; among Infonetics' survey respondents:
  • 70% are increasing spending on storage
  • 67% are increasing spending on cloud services
  • 59% are increasing spending on physical servers
  • While consolidation has been a hot topic in the data center industry, only 14% of survey respondents plan to consolidate their data centers in the next 2 years


For its new 34-page Data Center Deployment and SDN Strategies survey, Infonetics interviewed purchase-decision makers at 103 North American enterprises about their investment plans for data center hardware, management software, and cloud services now and in the next 2 years. Survey participants were asked about data center spending plans, investment drivers, technologies, and vendors, as well as drivers of and barriers to SDN and programmable networks. To buy the report, contact Infonetics:



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