Advanced ICU Care’s Gary Anderson, MHA, RN, FACHE Addresses Expansion of Tele-ICU Services at 2012 Philips Users Group Meeting

Talk Outlines Pathways for Overcoming Clinical, Technical and Management Challenges

Advanced ICU Care’s Gary Anderson, MHA, RN, FACHE Addresses Expansion of Tele-ICU Services at 2012 Philips Users Group Meeting

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The keys to a successful expansion and implementation of tele-ICU services were presented by Gary Anderson, MHA, RN, FACHE, vice president of operations for Advanced ICU Care, at the Philips Users Group Meeting which was held on November 14-16 in Baltimore, Md.

“Our experience in implementing and operating tele-ICU programs in multiple hospitals with diverse needs has taught us the importance of early, multi-disciplinary collaborations, dedicated implementation teams, and the involvement of technical and clinical leadership, including physicians, in the process,” said Anderson. “As a result, we have incorporated physician engagement, management to performance measures, quality reporting processes, and ongoing training and education into all our programs.”

Advanced ICU Care is the largest independent provider of tele-ICU programs in the U.S. Its clients have praised the organization’s seamless implementations as the “gold standard” for all projects.

The use of telemedicine is rapidly growing in healthcare to improve clinical, operational and financial performance in hospitals. Telemedicine technology is particularly important in expanding the availability of scarce specialists and professionals to broader populations. Advanced ICU Care’s tele-ICU programs combine sophisticated technology with a rigorous adherence to evidence-based medical guidelines to provide round-the-clock monitoring of ICU patients by board certified intensivists. These tele-ICU programs enable hospitals to provide the recommended standard of care to their most fragile patients, reducing the likelihood of complications and improving patient care and safety.

Advanced ICU Care offers ICU programs to improve the clinical and financial performance of its hospital partners using a comprehensive approach with a proven track record of success. As the nation’s largest independent tele-ICU provider, Advanced ICU Care has successfully implemented and managed more programs than any other organization. Our tele-ICU programs combine experienced intensivist-led care teams, sophisticated technology and collaborative programs with hospital staff to achieve a rigorous focus on evidence-based best practices that improve patient care and safety. Our team brings insights gained from decades of nationally recognized ICU leadership and expertise in both bedside ICU and tele-ICU environments. For more information, visit .