eBook: Connection- Oriented Ethernet

Offering the deterministic qualities that service providers love about traditional SONET and the flexibility of Ethernet, Connection-Oriented Ethernet (COE) has emerged as a new high performance version of point-to-point Carrier Ethernet. Of course, there are two implementations to COE: Ethernet-centric COE and MPLS-centric COE. Already a completed standard, Ethernet-Centric COE reached a big coup when the IEEE ratified the 802.1Qay standard, which is based on Provider Backbone Bridging-Transport Engineering (PBB-TE). MPLS-centric COE, meanwhile, leverages T-MPLS and MPLS-TP as a way to provide interconnection of Provider Edge (PE) routers in inter-metro core. COE has been touted by supporters as an ideal technology for retail Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) services and wholesale wireless backhaul.

Regardless of the religious warfare of the two approaches, in this eBook we’ll discuss the options COE offers to the large service provider community.


Table of Contents:

  • COE Still Looking to Thrive in a Carrier- Grade World
  • One COE Standard Down, One to Go
  • Seeing the Forest through the Trees
  • Level 3 Makes its Point with Ethernet
  • Connection- Oriented Ethernet Strategies for Next- Gen Networks
  • Q&A: David Sinicrope, Broadband Forum
  • Q&A: Ralph Sanitoro, Metro Ethernet Forum

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