eBook: The New Data Center

As more businesses, both large and small, offload various functions to data centers, there has been a growing movement in the telecom industry to build out more data centers and enhance the footprint of existing data centers. Once dominated mainly by the pure data center players such as Equinix, the data center market has begun to attract traditional telcos, notably Verizon, Windstream and CenturyLink, through their respective acquisitions of the former Terremark, Hosted Solutions and Savvis to build up their data center capabilities.

Of course, not all data centers and providers are the same. While some only offer space and power, there’s a growing movement to offer more managed services such as storage, backup and disaster recovery.

In our new eBook, we’ll talk about the strategies service providers are taking to build a sustainable and profitable data center business.

Table of Contents:

  • 2012 Data Center Built for Speed, Economy, and Reliability
  • Data Centers Probably Have a 'Cloudy' Future
  • Linedata's Model Embodies Much That's Changing in the Data Co-lo Business
  • Q&A: Dennis Brower, General Manager, Converged Cloud and Global Network Solutions, Savvis
  • Service Provider Opportunities in the New Data Center

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