Beyond the Cable: The Move to Mobility by MSOs

Date: Now available On-Demand  |  Duration: 1 hour

The best immediate prospects for multiple service operators (MSOs) may lie on an entirely different avenue, using Wi-Fi to harvest data from mobile operators for backhaul over MSO hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks.

Wi-Fi networks provide a huge differentiation and opportunities for cable operators - allowing them to quickly extend their service footprint, defend against the dreaded cord cutting, reduce subscriber churn and wholesaling capacity. The economics and architecture behind this opportunity have become paramount to MSO’s worldwide.

This webinar will detail how MSOs are integrating Wi-Fi into their existing network architectures, identify the technology challenges in offering wireless services and examine the economics behind Wi-Fi for cable operators.

Steven Glapa, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Ruckus Wireless

As senior director of marketing at Ruckus, Steven supports sales and partnering efforts worldwide in the company's carrier and enterprise business segments. Steven's subject matter expertise in wireless reflects more than 15 years of experience in telecom networking innovation, including senior management roles at ArrayComm, Zhone, Lucent, and Booz-Allen & Hamilton.
Steve Hratko, Director of Carrier Marketing, Ruckus Wireless

As director of carrier marketing at Ruckus, Steve supports marketing and sales efforts worldwide for the carrier business segment. Steve's subject matter expertise in the carrier space reflects more than 20 years of experience in the networking industry, including management roles at Juniper Networks, Cisco Systems, and Network Equipment Technologies.