Dailymotion Launches Short URL Dai.ly for Viral Video Advertising Campaigns


Bit.ly-powered Dai.ly URLs let’s advertisers create memorable URLs optimized for social media driven viral campaigns
New York, NY – Dailymotion, one of the largest Web video sites in the world, today announced the launch of its bit.ly-powered URL shortener, dai.ly.
The dai.ly short domain will enhance Dailymotion’s viral distribution and help advertisers leverage Dailmotion’s vast, viral sharing audience with memorable short URLs. It will also enable advertisers to create recognizable short URLs with brand names and keywords (example: http://dai.ly/cityofscars) for Dailymotion based campaigns that are optimized for sharing across social networks like Twitter and Facebook.
Following several initiatives implemented by Dailymotion to offer a superior video entertainment experience for users, content partners and advertisers, the new dai.ly URLs significantly enhance the popular websites’ options for video sharing and tracking. Developed using bit.ly’s <http://bit.ly> powerful API, dai.ly allows you to share and track links quickly and accurately. Advertisers are also able to view real-time traffic and referrer data, as well as location and metadata to get a clear and objective view of the distribution of their content across popular social networks and other viral distribution platforms like e-mail, SMS and Instant Messenger.
“Viewers, advertisers and content creators are seeking the most effective tools for their video content on all levels,” said Joy Marcus, General Manager of Dailymotion US. “With our robust sharing features, best-of-breed player and flexible advertising solutions, we believe Dailymotion is best positioned to deliver on their demands.”
“Dailymotion is using bitly’s Enterprise service to encourage viral link-sharing, to brand their content as it travels across multiple social networks, and to track their offsite usage,” says Andrew Cohen, General Manager of bit.ly. “We’re pleased to be working with them to make a better Web video experience for their users and advertisers. They’re a real market leader.”
About Dailymotion
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