Internode cuts call costs with new NBN voice service


Internode today announces that it now offers traditional voice phone services to its customers on the NBN (National Broadband Network) - with untimed landline calls Australia-wide costing just 18 cents each.

Internode has launched its new Fibre Phone service on the NBN after becoming one of the first service providers to complete the NBN Co accreditation process. Internode has also undertaken an extensive customer trial of the new service.

The Fibre Phone (UNI-V) port on the NBN Network Termination Unit is essentially a built-in analog telephone adapter, with battery backup, to allow the delivery of traditional PSTN-type phone services after the copper line telephone network is decommissioned.

Internode Product Manager Jim Kellett said the service was about providing NBN customers with a full range of choices. "Some folk want just a Plain Old Telephone Service, the same as they've always had, so now we can provide them with that service," he said.

"From the customer's perspective it's exactly the same as a regular landline. They just plug in their existing phone handset and start to make calls."

"What makes the Internode Fibre Phone service especially good value is that we provide our NBN customers with VoIP-style pricing, such as untimed phone calls to any fixed line service in Australia for a flat rate of just 18 cents. Our rates for mobile and international calls are equally competitive, delivering much better value than the old copper landline!"

The Internode Fibre Phone service costs $29.95* per month. Customers who order an Internode Fibre Phone service with Internode NBN broadband will receive a $10 per month bundling discount on the broadband service. Customers can opt to transfer their existing phone number to the new Fibre Phone service for a transfer fee of $29.95. See our Fibre Phone page for more details about Internode's new Fibre Phone service.

* The Total Minimum Price for an Internode Fibre Phone service is $78.95, which comprises one month's rental at $29.95 plus a $49 setup fee. This setup charge is waived if the customer signs a 24-month contract. Additional usage charges apply.