RVA releases new FTTH review and forecast



North American FTTH activity predicted to grow to record levels by 2017.  

RVA LLC predicts direct investment in North American fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployment will grow to $4.7 Billion annually by 2017, or $18 Billion cumulatively over the next five years.   Further, revenue from applications and services beyond the triple play and directed specifically at high bandwidth users is expected to reach $4 Billion by 2017, or $9 Billion cumulatively over the next five years. 

RVA also predicts the number of high bandwidth capacity users (50, 100, or even 1000 Mbps/1 Gigabit) will soon grow rapidly and represent a market niche worthy of serious attention.    

Consumers have unique desires for applications and services given the availability of higher capacity advanced broadband, thus providing many new opportunities for providers of software and video programming.   

The new "North American Fiber To The Home and Advanced Broadband Review and Forecast to 2017" Report  is an extremely detailed review and forecast of FTTH deployments and consumer desires for advanced broadband applications and services.  Data presented in graph segmented format includes history from 2001-2012 and a five year (2013-2017) forecast.   

In order to increase accuracy, RVA uses a more in-depth approach for gathering information and projecting the future than do most telecom oriented research companies.   Based on extensive research involving interviews with hundreds of providers, vendors, and industry experts, and thousands of consumers, and thorough quantitative analysis, RVA presents sound future forecast data that the industry can rely on.

In summary, the new report provides critical information that will prove valuable for equipment vendors, service providers, investors, government agencies, non-profits, software developers, and video programming providers in developing successful strategies to address future North American FTTH deployment and consumer usage trends.