SAS, Teradata Introduce “MagnaComm” from eBay – the Newest Hero of Analytics


Data analyst fights business chaos using SAS to run analytical methods in-database, speed implementation

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SAS, the leader in software and services, and Teradata, (NYSE: ), the data solutions leader focused on and , introduce the newest member of the partnership’s . , an analytic platforms architect , with a global portfolio of businesses that enables hundreds of millions of people to buy, sell and pay online, is one member of a growing community of data scientists and database specialists.

Dubbed by , the leader of the illustrious League of Analytic Heroes, Scheibmeir supports his eBay colleagues who are constantly working to improve the customer user experience of the world’s largest online marketplace. The eBay data environment is a fast-growing multi-Petabyte universe of transaction, customer and Clickstream detail-level data, and processes information generated from millions of shoppers visiting the site every day.

Scheibmeir’s heroics include sifting through and analyzing enormous data volumes moving at high velocity and racing through the eBay universe at clickstream speed – to compare the results of user experience experiments. Generating insights used for faster, better decisions and business execution, MagnaComm is truly an analytic hero.

Scheibmeir has evolved quickly to analytic hero status after joining eBay in 2009, when he was recruited to help launch eBay’s Teradata-based platform dubbed “Singularity,” and using SAS to run analytical methods in-database. He has helped scale the platform’s storage and processing capability, enabling eBay to increase the implementation speed of user experience improvements. From early in his career he knew he was destined to unlock great analytic capabilities.

“Going through school I thought I was going to be the next great web programmer,” said Scheibmeir. “My world was turned upside down when on my first day on the job I learned I would instead be doing something called ‘data warehousing’. I was caught off guard, but luck fell into my lap that day. I have since become very interested in data- oriented development, analysis, and technology. I was excited to help launch our Teradata-driven Singularity platform. Since then we have grown from 300TB to 36PB. It has been an incredible ride. I enjoy working with the technology, the people, and the opportunities.”

eBay processes more than 30 petabytes every day – and the ecommerce leader recently expanded its total Teradata warehouse capacity to 60 petabytes. As a SAS customer eBay is able to utilize Teradata technology to maximize its analytic capability and performance. This effort has resulted in a tremendously streamlined and optimized analytic environment for eBay.

Scheibmeir joins fellow SAS and Teradata analytic hero , aka , who works in the Office of the Actuary for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). MagnaComm and Illumino form the core of Dr. Insight’s growing cadre of analytic super heroes.

Launched in March, the SAS and Teradata talent search for Analytic Heroes seeks best-of-the-best individuals, teams and companies – masters at integrating analytic solutions from SAS and Teradata to produce earth-shattering insights and business value.

The League’s illustrious leader, , continues to report on analytic exploits with blogs and other social media. Dr. Insight is also known as , Teradata Chief Analytics Officer and author of the new book

Michael Rappa, Founding Director of the , faculty member of the North Carolina State University computer science department and leader of the nation’s first has characterized the Analytics Heroes program members as “the grandmasters of data science whose skill in the tools and methods of analytics set them apart from their peers.”

Analytic professionals and data scientists using SAS and Teradata can apply for super hero status on the chaos.” SAS and Teradata associates may nominate analysts. Each nomination is reviewed by an expert panel. Superheroes are immortalized in various ways, and may apply to join

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