Enzo Clemente, Cross River Fiber

Enzo Clemente, Cross River Fiber


Being called a "rising star" in any industry is often met with skepticism these days, but when the term is bandied about by peers in the telecom vertical, it's worth a look. Vincenzo "Enzo" Clemente, founder, president and CEO of boutique dark fiber provider Cross River Fiber, brings more than a decade's worth of experience to his leadership position, including developing network solutions as a director at Optimum Lightpath and helming operations as a VP at dark fiber provider 4Connections before Optimum acquired the CLEC in 2008.

Tapping into the low latency craze has brought plenty of attention to the newly founded Cross River Fiber, which began operations in 2011. The provider in February announced the completion of a 23.25 km "express fiber route," one it touted as the shortest network distance between Carteret and Newark, N.J. What's so important about those two Jersey towns? The network connects two "carrier hotels" that focus on data for the finance vertical--an industry where milliseconds can make the difference between thousands and millions lost or gained in revenue.

To boost the startup's momentum, Clemente in January 2012 brought aboard two key colleagues: Mike Sevret, former regional VP of sales at Optimum Lightpath, and Jim Martini, former CFO at 4Connections. Sevret took on the role of EVP and Chief Strategy Officer, while Martini filled Cross River's CFO position.

While it's still early in the game for Cross River Fiber, the CLEC's experienced leadership team and its commitment to building out a fiber network in the midst of the highly competitive low latency market makes Clemente an executive to watch.

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