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Latest Headlines

France Telecom-Orange-led LION2 submarine cable system is ready for service

LION2 (Lower India Ocean Network), a cable system led by France Telecom-Orange (NYSE: FTE) that will connect parts of Africa to other international backbone networks is ready to provide service. One

U.S. helps Kenya create broadband, universal service framework

The U.S. government is working with Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) to help the country build a broadband deployment and universal access strategy. Under the terms of the agreement between

France Telecom may buy ZTE's stake in Congo China Telecom

France Telecom (NYSE: FTE) entered talks Monday with ZTE Corp. to purchase the Chinese company's 51 percent stake in Congo China Telecom, the fourth-largest mobile operator in the Democratic Republic

Main One cable system completes 100 days of operation

Main One, the operator of a 6,900 km submarine cable system that provides connectivity along the West Coast of Africa from Portugal to Nigeria with a day-1 link to Ghana, has completed 100 days of

Week In Research: U.S. wireline equipment manufacturer revenues top $65 billion; 1 in 5 households globally now have broadband

Research and Markets routinely issues "the biggest" reports--this time it's two reports, one covering the size of the wireline carrier industry in the U.S., and the other detailing the 50 largest

IBM to build out computing network for Bharti Airtel in Africa

IBM has signed a "sweeping 10-year collaboration" agreement with Bharti Airtel to build and manage the computer network needed to expand its mobile communications network into 16 countries on the