Led by Randall L. Stephenson, chairman and CEO, AT&T is the product of the former SBC’s 2005 acquisition of its one-time parent AT&T and later fellow RBOC BellSouth. In the wireline segment, AT&T has been aggressively expanding its rollout of both IP-based business services (Ethernet and VPN) and consumer broadband and video (U-verse IPTV and broadband service).

(Source: Yahoo!)AT&T's Wireline segment provides voice services, including local and long-distance services, calling card, 1-800 services, conference calling, wholesale switched access service, caller ID, call waiting, and voice mail services; and application management, security service, integration services, customer premises equipment, outsourcing, government-related services, and satellite video services. This segment also offers data services, such as switched and dedicated transport, Internet access and network integration, data equipment, and U-verse services; high-speed connections comprising private lines, packet, dedicated Internet, and enterprise networking services, as well as DSL/broadband, dial-up Internet access, and WiFi products; businesses voice applications over IP-based networks; and local, interstate, and international wholesale networking capacity to other service providers. In addition, its Advertising solutions segment publishes yellow and white pages directories, and sells directory advertising and Internet-based advertising and local search.



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

AT&T CEO Stephenson earned $22.2 million in 2012

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson saw his total compensation package increase to $22.2 million last year, the company said in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

AT&T to add ESPN 3D to U-verse TV lineup

Two years after dropping ESPN 3D from its programming lineup, AT&T says it plans to add the channel to its U-verse TV service.

Google Fiber TV undercuts Time Warner Cable pricing on ESPN 3D

Google added ESPN 3D and 3net to the programming lineup on its Google Fiber TV service in Kansas City, where it will charge half the price rival Time Warner Cable collects from subscribers for ESPN 3D.

AT&T increases broadband investment in Kentucky

AT&T on Wednesday said it would dedicate between $600 to $800 million in capital over the next two years to simultaneously support current broadband network capabilities and expand access to next-gen services like U-verse in its Kentucky market.

Open Garden's crowdsourced Wi-Fi appeals to carriers, automakers

Open Garden is talking with mobile operators as well as car manufacturers, with both groups hoping to leverage the startup's crowdsourced application that combines bandwidth from Wi-Fi and cellular networks and enables the automatic creation of on-the-fly mesh networks.

AT&T wises up about outages thanks to TowerScan

TowerScan, which began as a summer intern project during the summer of 2011, has already become a key tool used by AT&T to assess the impact of tower outages on the actual customer experience.

AT&T exec: Mobile Share plans, more data connections will lower churn

AT&T Mobility believes that customers' shift toward its Mobile Share shared data plans and a new emphasis on services such as its Digital Life home automation offering will lead to lower churn and additional revenues, according to a senior AT&T executive.

FiOS, U-verse subscribers like their VOD

Cable and satellite may have been the early advocates of Video on Demand (VOD), but according to a new NPD report, AT&T U-verse and Verizon FiOS customers are spending the most money on the service.

NPD: FiOS, U-verse subs spending more on VOD than Comcast, DirecTV, Dish Network customers

The average Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-verse TV subscriber spent $25.29 on video-on-demand movies in 2012, outspending cable and satellite TV subscribers, NPD Group said Monday.

CenturyLink, Windstream grow leadership roles in the Ethernet market

U.S. incumbent telcos have taken charge of the U.S. retail Ethernet market as they continue to expand their respective portfolios and footprints to serve their SMB and enterprise customers, but they all face a challenging economic reality that's slowed revenue growth.