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Latest Headlines

Verizon's McAdam: Gap between broadband, linear video subscriber adds is widening

Verizon may still be one of the largest telco TV players, but the telco is seeing that in the markets where it offers its FiOS services, wireline broadband is becoming the dominant product.  

AT&T's DirecTV deal to bolster rural broadband reach to 15M locations

AT&T's proposed  $48.5 billion deal to acquire DirecTV  will not only make it a powerhouse video provider. As part of the deal with DirecTV, AT&T has committed to expand its broadband services footprint to 15 million customer locations, particularly in unserved rural areas where the telco does not provide service today, using a combination of fiber to the premises (FTTP) and wireless local loop technologies.

BT reaches 19M UK premises with fiber-based broadband service

BT has achieved another major milestone in its ongoing fiber-based broadband initiative, announcing that its last mile fiber network now passes over 19 million homes and businesses.

HickoryTech Q4 2013 fiber, data revenue grows 5 percent to $17.3M

HickoryTech's fiber and data revenue continued to operate well in the fourth quarter of 2013 as revenues rose 5 percent to $17.3 million due to 7 percent growth in business revenue and a 3 percent increase in wholesale revenue.

Cox says it isn't charging overages, billing on usage

Cox Communications cleared the air on speculation that it might launch usage-based billing and charge overage fees on its broadband caps, saying it has no such plans. The speculation arose after a

Google wants satellite farm and cable franchise for Kansas City tests

Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) is asking regulators for help delivering video to homes in Kansas City, where it plans to test the type of advanced services that could be delivered on a 100-gig network. In

SCTE creates broadband premises manual

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) is selling a new manual for cable installers that covers topics ranging from customer service to how to perform underground installations.

AT&T expands U-verse TV rollout in Texas

AT&T (NYSE: T) launched its U-verse TV and U-verse Internet services in Brenham, Texas, earlier this week. The telco will challenge incumbent cable operator Suddenlink Communications in Brenham.

Cable operators can still thrive while losing basic video customers

I sneered when cable executives first began pushing Wall Street analysts a decade ago to measure the success of an MSO by counting the total number of RGUs, or revenue generating units, that a

Battling for broadband subscribers

In today's spotlight, FierceTelecom and FierceIPTV take a look at how telcos and IPTV providers are battling for broadband subscribers. FierceTelecom's Sean Buckley notes that CenturyLink is reducing