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Latest Headlines

NYC lobbies against Altice-Cablevision deal at state Public Service Commission

New York City officials said they have "serious concern" over the proposed $17.7 billion takeover of Cablevision by Europe's Altice NV.

CWA to oppose Altice-Cablevision deal in NYC regulatory hearings

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) said it will testify against the planned merger of Europe's Altice NV and Cablevision at upcoming hearings by New York's state Public Service Commission (PSC).

Consumer coalition asks for stricter broadband privacy rules

A coalition of 60 consumer groups have asked the FCC to adopt rules that require large ISPs to protect personal data collected and shared without their consent.

Altice moves to acquire France's NextRadioTV, hires new government affairs chief

While it sits on its hands in the U.S. amid regulatory approval of its $17.7 billion bid to acquire Cablevision, Altice NV continues to actively make expansion moves back home in Europe.

Altice's Cablevision deal encounters surprise regulatory hurdles in New York

Altice NV has encountered unexpected regulatory "turbulence" with New York regulators in its bid to close its $17.7 billion purchase of Cablevision, The   Wall Street Journal  reports.

Cablevision: Fired part-time employee wasn't so 'exceptional'

Cablevision has fired back against the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), claiming the MSO had a right to fire a part-time worker the labor groups are currently defending.

Lightpath equips over 65 N.J.-based school districts to its Ethernet, fiber network

Lightpath has struck a chord with the education vertical segment, connecting over 65 New Jersey schools to its fiber network thanks to its involvement in a purchasing cooperative created via the New Jersey Department of Education's Digital Readiness for Learning and Assessment Project (DRLAP).

Cablevision settles class-action suit over set-top rental fees

Cablevision has settled a class-action suit filed against it for tying various services to set-top rental fees. According to documents related to the settlement, which were obtained by  Broadcasting & Cable, the settlement obligates Cablevision to open its systems to certain third-party set-top box providers.

Verizon's advertised Internet speeds put to the test by New York AG

Verizon's Internet speeds in New York are facing further scrutiny from Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who asked users on Sunday to test the speeds of their Internet connections and post the results online.

Cablevision shareholders withdraw suits over Altice purchase

A pair of lawsuits filed by Cablevision shareholders over the company's pending acquisition by Altice have been withdrawn.