Carrier Ethernet

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Latest Headlines

Post-crisis business models

One ray of sunshine amongst the generally depressed economic picture in recent years has been the continuing success and growth of Carrier Ethernet deployment worldwide and especially in the APAC r

Shining a light on Ethernet exchanges

Ethernet services have fast emerged as one of the hot growth areas for carriers, second only to IP-VPN as a corporate WAN solution as both technologies supplant frame relay and ATM as the managed d

Managing the service lifecycle

As Carrier Ethernet services become mainstream for business, wholesale and mobile backhaul applications, carriers and service providers face a growing need to ensure profitable service delivery by

News In Brief: Berg Insight, Aicent, Cenx, Telecom Srbija, BT, Akamai

The number of smart meters installed in Europe will hit 111.4 million by end 2015, a compound annual growth rate of

New peering standards for Ethernet Exchanges

Service providers worldwide have increasingly turned to Ethernet technologies due to their scalability, simplicity, increasingly sophisticated management features, and lower costs as compared to ol

The drive toward carrier Ethernet

When packet transport first became necessary, the industry's focus was fixated on how to carry packets over the existing non-packet transport infrastructure. Today, the focus is opposite--how to

The MPLS IP-VPN/carrier Ethernet standoff

IEEE's 802.3ba standard sets stage for 40, 100 Gbps Ethernet

With the ratification of the 803.2ba 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps amendments to the 802.3 standard, the IEEE has put together the framework that vendors and service providers can use to sate consumer and

Week in Research: Demand for interconnects drives growth in wholesale carrier Ethernet

Wholesale carrier Ethernet services are set to expand as demand for Ethernet interconnects grows, particularly from wireless carriers, Frost & Sullivan predicts in its latest report. The

CENX turns up Ethernet voice exchange service

With a number of high profile carriers already tuning into its carrier Ethernet exchange service, CENX is now attacking the lucrative voice market with its Carrier Ethernet Neutral Voice Exchange