Cisco Systems was founded 1984 by husband and wife team Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner who created the multi-protocol router while working as computer scientists at Stanford University as a way to resolve the issue of sending email to each other from their respective offices located in different buildings.

Since those early beginnings the company has become a multibillion-dollar provider of IP-based edge and router equipment for service providers in addition to branching out into the consumer electronics market. Led by John Chambers, Cisco has 72,935 employees and reported $10.4 billion in 2010 full year revenues.


Cisco Systems

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Cisco, TI recruit partners in IoT ecosystem

Cisco Systems and Texas Instruments are both staking claims in the Internet of Things space by forming partnerships with other companies in hopes of advancing this emerging area. Specifically, TI partnered with eight IoT cloud service providers and Cisco launched a challenge to help IoT startups get more visibility.

Cisco CEO Chambers' compensation jumps to $21.1M, more potential successors named

John Chambers, Cisco's chairman and CEO, saw his total compensation rise to $21.1 million during the company's latest fiscal year--up almost double from the $11.7 million he received in total compensation the year previous.

Juniper CEO retiring amid growing competition

Juniper Networks CEO Kevin Johnson announced he is retiring after five years heading up the telecom networking company.  Johnson, age 52, told Bloomberg that he is retiring to focus on "personal priorities" and will remain in the job until his replacement is found.  

Cisco CEO: Cellular data transport 'will become free'

Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers predicted that the cost of transporting mobile data will follow a path similar to mobile voice: As networks become more efficient, the cost of transmitting mobile data will fall.

Strategy Analytics: Cisco positioned to challenge wireless network heavyweights

Due to the move to IP network architecture and because of its recent acquisitions in the mobile industry, research firm Strategy Analytics is warning that Cisco Systems could grow into a major player in the wireless network equipment space, challenging the likes of Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks and Alcatel-Lucent.

Cisco targets network convergence with Catalyst 3850

Much has been made in recent days of Cisco Systems breaking ties with the consumer market by selling Linksys, but if there is a broader telecom resurgence to be had for the company it will come through new networking products connecting with the latest technology trends.

Nokia Siemens, Cisco and Harris tout completed public-safety LTE demo

Vendors are lining up to prove their technologies satisfy the aims of the planned nationwide multi-vendor public safety LTE network. Among those are Nokia Siemens Networks, Cisco Systems and Harris, which jointly announced completion of conformance and interoperability testing of their public safety LTE solutions at the Department of Commerce Boulder Laboratories in Boulder, Colo.

Cisco buys Wi-Fi location analytics firm ThinkSmart

Cisco Systems has acquired Ireland's ThinkSmart technologies, a location analytics company that Cisco reportedly will leverage to bring greater intelligence about usage patterns, such as traffic trends, usage durations and peak-time fluctuations, to service provider and enterprise Wi-Fi networks.

iPhone 5 to drive 4G adoption, Wi-Fi offloading

Increased data traffic on LTE networks, accompanied by a range of operator efforts to deal with it, will be likely side effects of Apple's decision to include LTE capability in the new iPhone 5.

Acme Packet's stock takes hit on lower Q2 forecast

Session border controller vendor Acme Packet's shares declined almost 16 percent on Friday after revealing a lower than expected financial forecast for the second quarter of 2012.