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Latest Headlines

Netflix's slowing U.S. subscriber market may have driven truce with Comcast

Netflix's apparent truce with Comcast, which will see its SVOD service stream over the cable operator's X1 set-top boxes in the near future, may have been partially driven by the need to grab more subscribers as its U.S. growth slows and its international expansion appears to be less than stellar.

Comcast putting Netflix on its set-top boxes

Comcast and Netflix have reached a deal to put the popular SVOD service on Comcast customers' set-top boxes, according to Recode.

Comcast used 'corrupt' internal scoring system to measure installers, lawsuit claims

Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) developed a proprietary system for measuring the performance of its installation subcontractors, penalizing under-performing firms with millions of dollars in chargeback fees,...

Arris offers equity to Comcast to boost cloud business

Arris International and Comcast Cable today announced a warrant agreement that will allow Comcast to buy up to 8 million of Arris' ordinary shares over the next two years.

AT&T's 382K subscriber drop barely dents 1.7 percent rise in overall pay-TV market

AT&T and other pay-TV providers in saturated markets like North America and Europe are continuing to see subscribers drop services, but worldwide, the number of subscribers rose 1.68 percent in the first quarter of 2016 due to huge gains in the Asia-Pacific region, a new report finds.

Mediocre Yankees are proving Comcast's point in YES dispute

At 39-39, and eight games back of the division leading Baltimore Orioles, the New York Yankees are doing little to change the mind of Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA), which dumped the team's Northeast-reaching regional sports network, YES, over the winter.

Comcast: 50 percent of our traffic will be IPv6-enabled by end of 2016

BOSTON-- Comcast has set an ambitious goal to enable more of its network with IPv6 addressing, reflecting a need to support more devices and functions on its network.

Comcast slows plan to upgrade program guide for older, non-X1 Motorola set-tops

Comcast is not placing high priority on plans to upgrade the program guide on its older Motorola set-tops not operating on the X1 platform.

Comcast/NBCU to broadcast 85 hours of Olympics coverage in VR

NBCUniversal said it will stream 85 hours of Summer Olympics coverage in virtual reality to authenticated pay-TV users equipped with Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Samsung Gear VR headsets.

DreamWorks Animation chief Katzenberg sued over Comcast deal

DreamWorks Animation chief executive Jeffrey Katzenberg has been sued by shareholders, who say he improperly feathered his nest amid the $3.8 billion takeover of the company by Comcast last month.