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Latest Headlines

Cable sees DOCSIS 3.1 as the competitive response to Google Fiber, telcos' 1 Gbps drive

Cable operators aren't running scared from the 1 Gbps threat made by Google Fiber (NASDAQ: GOOG) and a growing base of telcos like AT&T (NYSE: T) and CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL), but rather are fighting back with the DOCSIS 3.1 standard, one that Cable Labs says will support 1 Gbps over their existing hybrid fiber coax networks. Read more here.

An inside look at the cable industry's race toward 1 Gbps Internet service

The cable industry is rushing headlong into the 1 Gbps future. Starting early next year, cable operators including Comcast and others are expected to begin rolling out the new DOCSIS 3.1 standard for their HFC cable networks. The technology will allow cable operators to increase the Internet speeds they can provide to customers from around 300 Mbps today to 1 Gbps and higher.

From Comcast to Arris: Winners and losers in the cable industry's move to DOCSIS 3.1 and 1 Gbps speeds

CableLabs, the nonprofit research and development consortium for cable operators, makes no secret of why it started work on DOCSIS 3.1: "Gigabit speeds were something very important" to the cable industry, explained Wayne Surdam, CableLabs' vice president of communications. DOCSIS 3.1 "ends up being a very effective way of delivering a high level of service using the [cable operator's] existing HFC plant." Indeed, DOCSIS 3.1 is the cable industry's answer to a range of competitive threats and market trends.

Variety unearths Web-based demo of Comcast's upcoming 'Watchable' online video platform

Variety  briefly uncovered an online demo of Comcast's new online video platform titled, tentatively at least, "Watchable."

Comcast Business lights Gigabit Ethernet service for Hilton San Francisco Union Square

Comcast Business has built out Ethernet services to the Hilton San Francisco Union Square hotel, a win that illustrates the cable MSO's growing presence in the hospitality vertical.

Comcast testing $30-a-month unlimited data option

Comcast is testing in select Florida markets a new broadband billing plan that enables customers to use all the data they want for an extra $30 a month.

Comcast ups Soto to new chief information security officer role

Comcast has created the new role of chief information security officer and has promoted Myrna Soto into the position. The action follows a number of high-profile corporate hacking events, including those affecting Ashley Madison and Sony Pictures.

Amazon Prime enables video downloads for Android and Apple mobile devices, beats TVE to punch

Amazon has taken a major competitive leap forward in the area of mobile video, announcing a new feature that lets users of its SVOD Prime Video service download select movies and TV shows to Android and Apple mobile devices.

AT&T, CenturyLink's 1-Gig fiber deployment boosts Dycom's Q4 revenue to $579M

AT&T and CenturyLink's ambitious 1 Gbps FTTH service build outs have become a revenue boom for Dycom Industries, a provider of specialty contracting services to the telecom industry. 

Casa debuts downstream DOCSIS 3.1 module, the DS8x192

Casa Systems has introduced a new DOCSIS 3.1-compliant module for its Converged Cable Access Platforms (CCAP) intended to enable cable operators to support downstream broadband speeds of up to 10 Gbps.