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Latest Headlines

Cablevision sued for using customer's home gateway for public hotspot

A Cablevision customer is suing the MSO for turning his residential home gateway into a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Paul Jensen, the plaintiff in the case, claims Cablevision's strategy violates the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act because the cable firm never asked for Jensen's permission before modifying the software on his rented router and opening up the public SSID.

Comcast or Charter will likely buy T-Mobile, Oppenheimer analyst says

All four Tier 1 wireless operators will either partner, acquire or be acquired by a pay-TV provider, according to Tim Horan, an analyst with Oppenheimer. Specifically Horan theorizes that either Comcast or Charter will purchase T-Mobile US.

With more than 500,000 Xfinity Home customers, Comcast's smart home biz 'ready to take off'

Comcast said it now counts more than half a million customers on its Xfinity Home smart home offering. The company, which counts more than 22 million total customers across the United States, introduced the smart home service in 2010 and recently has been working to expand the platform to support a wider range of third-party products and services. Thus, said a top Comcast executive, Xfinity Home now has the potential to be a "comprehensive solution" in the smart home market.

Following loss of Verizon's FiOS, Weather Channel reportedly seeking sale at $3B value, report says

The Weather Channel is reportedly moving ahead with a sale of the company that could split the business into a cable channel and a much more valuable digital operation, according to a report from Bloomberg. The move comes as pay-TV operators including Verizon have declined to carry the Weather Channel, noting that more and more users are obtaining weather information from the Internet.

Comcast tests $10 per month broadband plan for low-income seniors

Comcast is testing a new $10 per month broadband plan for low-income seniors that will provide broadband service, a free modem and a Wi-Fi router as well as access to digital literacy training materials. The service is being piloted in San Francisco and Palm Beach, Fla., and does not require a contract, installation fee or credit chec

Cox quietly challenges Comcast, Amazon and others with flarePlay gaming subscription service

Cox Communications, the nation's sixth largest pay-TV operator, quietly entered the video game space last year with its flarePlay video game subscription package. The offering is notable considering Comcast recently made a noisy-- albeit poorly received-- splash into the streaming video game business with its Xfinity Games service, which offers users access to a handful of EA games.

Will Comcast's X1 platform actually help it be relevant in a cloud-based, digital world?

Comcast's X1 video platform may be enduring the longest launch of any media technology product in history. And that's leaving a lot of questions unanswered.  Special report

Comcast's X1 turns 3, but the rollout has been anything but fast

Comcast's X1 platform may have initially been touted as a "big moment" for the cable MSO when initially debuted three years ago, but the rollout has continued to lag.

Comcast's X1 trickles into subscriber hands as OTT competitors speed by

Pay-TV operator Comcast is betting everything on its X1 platform, hoping the user experience it provides will keep its subscribers from drifting away to OTT alternatives like Netflix, despite the service's $200 per month price tag.

Comcast X1 at 3 years: Painfully slow rollout belies platform's potential to keep cable in the video business

Matthew Strauss describes the creation of company's X1 platform as a "big moment" for Comcast. He said the X1 takes "all the learnings we had from mobile and all the learnings we had from on-demand, and brings it back to the television."