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Latest Headlines

Comcast's dual-signal gateway for businesses will expand its Wi-Fi footprint

Comcast is providing its business customers with something many of its residential customers already have--a dual-signal gateway--and simultaneously boosting its own public Wi-Fi footprint.

Windstream's Gardner doesn't fear Comcast-TWC competition

While his company is well aware that a newly combined Comcast-Time Warner Cable could have a competitive impact on its markets, Jeff Gardner, CEO of hybrid telco/CLEC Windstream says he's not concerned that the large conglomerate will significantly affect Windstream's primary large multi-site commercial sector.

Charter doing fine as a standalone operator, analyst says

Charter Communications may have failed to "bag the elephant" when its coveted acquisition target, Time Warner Cable, agreed to Comcast's $45.2 billion merger proposal, but it's doing just fine as a stand-alone company.

Windstream's Gardner: Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger won't change near-term SMB focus

Windstream is aware that the pending  Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger  could potentially have implications in the competitive business market, but in the near-term the hybrid telco/CLEC says it will have the upper hand in the multi-site enterprise market where cable has little experience in serving.

Reed Hastings: Comcast 'wants the whole Internet'

One day after his counterpart at Comcast, CEO Brian Roberts, sat in the same red chairs and accused him of trying to essentially get free digital postage on the transmission of digital movies, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings accused Roberts and pay TV's top service provider of trying to tax the Internet.

Brian Roberts on the TWC purchase: 'It was now or never'

Sitting alongside Re/code technology blog impresarios Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg in the pair's iconic red chairs Wednesday at the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., Comcast CEO Brian Roberts laid out the corporate urgency behind his company's proposed $45.2 billion takeover of Time Warner Cable.

Discovery's Zaslav: Comcast-TWC merger 'raises some real issues'

A high-profile voice in the pay-TV programming arena chimed in on Comcast's proposed $45 million purchase of Time Warner Cable.

AT&T-DirecTV merger may provide much needed cover for Comcast

As it seeks to combine the number-one and-two pay TV and Internet service providers, is Comcast getting help from the other big media merger currently taking place--AT&T's proposed $49 billion takeover of DirecTV?

WSJ: FCC can leverage merger approvals to advance its net neutrality agenda

As it looks to forge new rules on net neutrality, the Federal Communications Commission finds itself between a rock and a hard place.

Analyst: Comcast could make a bid for T-Mobile to bolster wireless strategy

The deal-making chess pieces are being moved around in the telecom industry, and one financial analyst thinks the next move might be for Comcast to make a bid for T-Mobile US.