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Latest Headlines

Comcast reaches $26M settlement with California over electronic waste

Comcast has agreed to pay the state of California $25.95 million to settle a dispute in which the MSO is accused of unlawfully disposing of remote controls, modems, routers, power adapters, splitters and other electronic waste.

CenturyLink warned by Oregon regulators to improve customer response time

Regulators in Portland, Ore., warned telco CenturyLink that it needs to improve its customer service or it could face financial penalties or ultimately lose its franchise deal with the city.

Comcast's Roberts explains why so many people hate cable companies

Speaking at last week's  Business Insider  conference in New York, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts gave some insight was to why he believes cable companies rank at or near the bottom of consumer satisfaction surveys.

Comcast sweetens Seattle franchise renewal offer

When it comes to Comcast's local franchise deal, Seattle will have what Philadelphia is having. The MSO has agreed to sweeten its franchise renewal offer to Seattle after the city caught wind of the terms agreed to by Philadelphia.

Roberts says Comcast will 'experiment' with wireless, says Steve Jobs put him up to it

Comcast continues to offer confirmation that it's looking to compete in the mobile video market alongside Verizon and AT&T with a pending wireless launch, and Comcast CEO says the company has Steve Jobs to thank for that.

Charter, Comcast hint at mobile activities, but details remain scarce

Cable companies including Comcast and Charter Communications continue to promise that they will eventually enter the mobile industry-- but what exactly they plan to do remains unclear.

Sling TV CEO comes out against Comcast's data caps

The CEO of Sling TV said he is warning federal regulators in Washington, D.C., about the usage caps that Comcast is in the process of implementing across the country. Roger Lynch, the CEO of Dish Network's Sling TV streaming service, said the caps and Comcast's Stream service run afoul of the FCC's net neutrality guidelines.

Comcast's X1 platform will reach 30% of footprint by year-end

Comcast expects to have its X1 platform delivering services in 30 percent of its footprint by year-end and plans to accelerate that deployment in 2016, according to a top Comcast executive.

Report: Declining CPE costs, DOCSIS 3.1 upgrade will reduce pay-TV capex costs

The migration to DOCSIS 3.1 coupled with the growing use of smart TVs and over-the-top streaming devices such as Roku and Apple TV will result in a decline in pay-TV capital expenditure costs, according to a research report from MoffettNathanson.

Seattle to Comcast: We want a sweeter franchise deal

The Seattle City Council was poised to renew a 10-year franchise deal with Comcast today but after getting wind of what the cable giant was offering Philadelphia, city officials are delaying their vote and pressing the company for a better deal.