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Latest Headlines

Verizon asked to change ads after Comcast complaint

A government panel has asked Verizon to change a series of potentially misleading ads, following a complaint by Comcast.

CenturyLink sounds off on special access debate, wants cable operators included as competition

Incumbent provider CenturyLink said it wants to work with the Federal Communications Commission on its proposed changes to special access pricing, but has a few opinions on specific matters set out by the FCC in early May. Those matters include wireless backhaul and the method by which competition in various markets is determined – including cable competitors.

Jilted Boston NBC affiliate WHDH files appeal against Comcast

Ed Ansin and his Sunbeam Television sued Comcast after the conglomerate decided not to renew its affiliate contract for NBC with WHDH and instead decided to launch a new NBC owned and operated station in Boston early next year.

Cable MVNOs face major challenges in a competitive market

The mobile and wireline industries are set to collide as some cable companies appear to be gearing up to launch wireless services. But there's little reason to expect the mobile landscape to be radically overhauled anytime soon.

Comcast and DirecTV installer UniTek ramps up hiring 18 months after Chapter 11 emergence

Nearly 18 months after emerging from restructuring under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the precise "structure" of King of Prussia, Penn.-based installer UniTek Global services remains...

Comcast customer service overhaul being undermined by up-selling culture, Slate says

Continuing its series of sharply critical pieces focused on Comcast, online magazine Slate says the cable company's laudable effort to improve its customer service reputation is being undermined by a tendency to up-sell customers into unnecessary purchases.

Comcast partners with CTAM and Adobe to create 'universal' TVE sign-in platform

Hoping to address an issue that has plagued TV Everywhere usage growth since the initiative began, Comcast has partnered with Adobe and CTAM to create what it is billing as a "universal" authentication platform.

AT&T one-ups Charter, Comcast in San Diego, El Paso with 1 Gbps launch

AT&T is keeping its foot on the fiber-to-the-premises pedal to stay ahead of Charter and Comcast, announcing that it has launched 1 Gbps services for residential and business customers in parts of El Paso and San Diego.

Comcast, Cablevision and AT&T violating privacy through addressable advertising, groups say

A group of consumer watchdogs has filed a complaint with the FCC, alleging that Comcast, AT&T and Cablevision are violating customer privacy through addressable advertising schemes on pay-TV set-tops.

AT&T, Comcast: Special access market is already competitive

DALLAS-- AT&T and Comcast often don't agree on much, but the telco and cable MSO say that the FCC's proposals on special access could actually hinder a market where there's already plenty of service choices.