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Latest Headlines

Writers Guild asks FCC to reject Comcast-TWC merger

Contending that a merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable "would give too much power over broadcast and cable networks," the Writers Guild of America has asked the FCC to block any such action.

Report: Comcast in talks with Apple for streaming service

In what could be a new twist on the old net neutrality conundrum--or perhaps positioning for better government treatment of its proposed Time Warner Cable acquisition--Comcast is reportedly in talks to give Apple TV set-top boxes special treatment on its broadband networks.

The new Comcast? Jefferies trims video growth outlook, boosts NBCU

If Comcast were still just a cable company, it would be in trouble, according to the latest commentary from Jefferies equity analyst Mike McCormack, who lowered the company's video growth outlook but raised its NBCUniversal forecast.

Comcast answered 25K government requests for customer data in first half of 2013

Comcast's recently issued "Transparency Report" indicates that the company answered 24,698 criminal requests in the first six months of 2013, the bulk of which (19,377) were subpoenas.

Netflix's Hastings makes a case for stronger net neutrality policy

While taking the time to compliment Cablevision for its "strong net neutrality" stance, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings took to task other "big ISPs" that he claims constrain the over-the-top signal and create a degraded viewing experience for Netflix subscribers.

Comcast-TWC propose golden parachutes for Time Warner Cable execs

Time Warner Cable will ask TWC shareholders to approve "golden parachute compensation payments that will or may be paid to TWC executives as a result of its plan to merge with the nation's largest cable MSO," according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

Vertical Systems Group: TWC, Cox, Comcast grow Ethernet service presence

Cable operators continue to gain ground in the ever evolving Ethernet services market as they aggressively build out their own fiber networks and service sets, according to Vertical Systems Group's latest Ethernet Leaderboard.

Florida, Indiana, Pennsylvania join DOJ in review of Comcast-TWC merger agreement

Multiple states are joining the U.S. Department of Justice in reviewing Comcast's merger agreement with Time Warner Cable, Reuters reported Wednesday morning.

Comcast adds 18 live streaming networks to Xfinity TV Go

Comcast said that it has surpassed the mark of 50 networks that Xfinity TV subscribers can watch through apps on mobile devices both inside and outside the home, following the addition of A&E, Starz, TNT and 15 other networks.

Comcast dominates 2013 broadband subscriber growth rankings

With DSL subscriber losses hurting growth at AT&T and Verizon, Comcast was the number-one broadband provider last year in terms of net subscriber additions, Leichtman Research Group said Monday.