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Latest Headlines

Seattle to Comcast: We want a sweeter franchise deal

The Seattle City Council was poised to renew a 10-year franchise deal with Comcast today but after getting wind of what the cable giant was offering Philadelphia, city officials are delaying their vote and pressing the company for a better deal.

Comcast finally reaches Philly franchise renewal deal

Comcast has finally secured a 15-year renewal agreement for its cable franchise in its home city of Philadelphia.

Comcast embeds social media, email, phone alerts into X1

Signifying Comcast's next move to make its X1 video platform the center of domestic life, the company has announced that it is beta testing the ability for customers to receive alerts from Gmail, Jawbone, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Evernote and other platforms on their TVs.

From DAI to programmatic: Why advanced advertising is giving pay-TV operators a reason to stay in the video biz

In television's most disrupted hour, pay-TV operators are in a prime position to not only control the broadband infrastructure that will transport the video of the future, but also to facilitate the advanced advertising schemes that will support it.

Cablevision, Comcast and others see dollar signs in advanced advertising

Traditional pay-TV service revenues may be declining, but Cablevision and Comcast are among operators that see potential dollars in using dynamic ad insertion and programmatic marketplace tools in their on-demand video offerings.

New Street: Comcast could get 20% of its customers onto its MVNO in 5 years

According to new research from the financial analysts at New Street Research, a cable company like Comcast could entice around 20 percent of its customer base to switch to its own MVNO service within five years of moving into the wireless industry. The report offers some important implications for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile US and the rest of the nation's wireless network operators, which may indeed compete against cable MVNOs in the coming years.

Comcast dispute with YES boils down to 'most-favored nation' clause, WSJ says

An impasse between Comcast and a regional sports network (RSN) carrying the Yankees boils down to the intricacies of so-called "most-favored nation" contract language being included in a renewal deal, according to the  Wall Street Journal.

Comcast gets renewed heat for injecting copyright warnings

Comcast's several-year-old, well-documented practice of injecting copyright warners into the video streams of customers who may be illegally watching content has drawn renewed criticism from Internet pundits who say the company should leave its users' traffic alone.

Comcast-owned CTI Towers buys 120 towers from Vyve Broadband

In another possible signal of Comcast's intent to enter the wireless business, CTI Towers Inc., a company majority-owned by the MSO's venture capital arm, has acquired 120 communications towers from Vyve Broadband.

Operators pull installation in-house, begin vetting techs amid a wave of contractor crime

Does the pay-TV industry have a problem with criminal behavior by third-party installation techs? Do a Google search with the basic term "pay-TV installer," and you'll get a veritable rap sheet of recent crime reports by pay-TV customers involving installation contractors.