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Latest Headlines

Changes afoot at thePlatform as CEO Blaine steps down

Comcast's white-label online video management service thePlatform is going through a transition as co-founder and CEO Ian Blaine announced he will step down on June 20. Marty Roberts, head of sales and marketing, and Jamie Miller, COO and CFO, will move into the role of co-leads.

Comcast ready for another grilling, this time from House Judiciary Committee

Barbecue season continues for Comcast as the House Judiciary Committee is next in line to put the MSO on the spit and apply a little heat about its plan to acquire Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion.

NBCUniversal to pay $7.65B to keep Olympics TV rights through 2032

In a move reflective of the sports-mad nature of media and entertainment, if not the fan base, Comcast's NBCUniversal media unit has plunked down $7.65 billion for the right to televise the Olympics through 2032.

Shammo: No comment on Comcast-TWC, FiOS plans on track

Given the opportunity to come down favoring or opposing Comcast's bid for Time Warner Cable, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo stood firmly in the middle during an investor conference presentation Tuesday.

With Comcast witnesses set for House hearing, Franken seeks input from CCIA

The House Judiciary Committee has stacked its May 8 hearing list with potential opponents to Comcast's $45.2 billion Time Warner Cable acquisition. Meanwhile, one name not on the list, U.S. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), is continuing his one-man campaign against an acquisition he says "would concentrate unprecedented power in Comcast's hands."

Report: Comcast prepared to stream EA games to X1 subscribers

Comcast has apparently found yet another use for its advanced cloud-based X1 system: streaming Electronic Arts video games to subscriber televisions.

Regional sports channel rights muddle Comcast-TWC merger, drive up costs across industry

A growing firestorm of consumer dissatisfaction with regional sports channels--highlighted, but by no means restricted to the ongoing brouhaha about Time Warner Cable's deal to pay $8 billion for the video rights of the Los Angeles Dodgers--should create concern about whether Comcast can acquire TWC for $45.2 billion, an op-ed in The Consumerist maintains.

Verizon gives 'FiOS-envy' markets little reason for hope

Verizon may be focused on enhancing its FiOS subscriber counts in the markets where it already built out fiber to the home (FTTH) infrastructure, but as seen in its  first-quarter earnings results, it looks as though those markets are becoming saturated. Yet it's doubtful the company will expand into new markets for FiOS.   

Report: AT&T has talked to DirecTV about a purchase

AT&T has been in discussions with DirecTV about purchasing the satellite TV provider, according to a report in  The Wall Street Journal  citing unnamed sources close to the talks.

Shifting consumer behavior driving personalization of pay-TV content

Consumers are behaving differently than in past years, as more content is viewed by more people over more devices. That shifting behavior is presenting some tricky challenges for cable's ecosystem. It's also presenting some appealing opportunities, according to panelists at the Meet the New Consumer Behavior panel at The Cable Show.