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Latest Headlines

Comcast doubles the amount of PBS VOD programming on Xfinity

Time-shifting lovers of PBS shows like Downton Abbey will be pleased with Comcast's announcement this week that it's doubling the amount of video-on-demand PBS programming available on its video set-tops and multiscreen apps.

Comcast set to deploy 2 Gbps service in 6 more markets

Comcast is continuing its aggressive deployment of its 2 Gbps Gigabit Pro service, announcing upcoming entries into six new regions including Houston, Utah, Colorado, Oregon and parts of Washington. Comcast is also launching what it calls Extreme 250, a new 250 Mbps service using its hybrid fiber coax (HFC) network.

Comcast to bring 2 Gig service to six new markets

Comcast is not holding back its Gigabit broadband desires, announcing that it will bring its 2 Gbps broadband Gigabit Pro service to six new cities in the Midwest and Western parts of the United States.

Comcast extends HBO Go, Showtime Anytime TVE access to Amazon devices

Comcast is known as one of the stingier MSOs when it comes to extending multiscreen services for the streaming components of the premium programming networks. So it comes as somewhat significant news that the cable operator is now letting its customers authenticate HBO Go and Showtime Anytime on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

Level 3, Comcast sign new network interconnection agreement

Comcast is the latest service provider to sign an interconnection agreement with Internet transit provider Level 3 Communications ahead of the FCC's net neutrality rules that will go into effect next month.

X1 updates: new program restart feature emerges from beta

Comcast has announced a series of updates to its X1 video platform, most notably moving a feature that lets users "restart" a TV show they happen to join in mid-progress. Previously available only through Comcast Labs, "Restart Notification" will now be part of X1's default settings.

CenturyLink to battle Comcast with Prism TV in Minneapolis

The turf battle between IPTV provider CenturyLink and incumbent cable operator Comcast just got a bit bigger. The Minneapolis City Council approved CenturyLink's franchise agreement giving the company the go-ahead to launch IPTV service in Minneapolis with the goal of blanketing the entire city with IPTV coverage within five years.

Comcast video services chief Strauss: Millennials are among our biggest bundle buyers

While young adults are widely viewed as completely dissonant towards cable, Comcast video services chief Matthew Strauss says they're actually among the biggest bundle buyers for the No. 1 cable company.

Broadband grew by 1.2M subs in Q1, and cable accounts for 86% of growth, report says

The top 17 ISPs added nearly 1.2 million broadband subscriptions in the first quarter, according to Leichtman Research Group, with cable companies accounting for 86 percent of that growth. The report comes as Comcast, the No. 1 cable company, is seeing broadband subscribers surpass video customers for the first time.

Comcast vendor CSG says TWC merger would have cost it up to $20M in annual billings

Count backend business services provider CSG International among those who are pleased that the $45 billion merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable didn't occur.