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Latest Headlines

Executive comp revealed: Roberts made $33M in 2014; Dolan got a 40% raise to $23.7M

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts received a 5.1 percent raise in 2014, to $32.96 million in total compensation, while his counterpart at Cablevision, James Dolan, saw his total pay spike 40 percent, to $23.7 million.

Wareham, Mass., wants to make fiber connectivity part of Comcast franchise renewal terms

Like many smaller towns, Wareham, Mass., has come to the realization that fiber connectivity should be part of its infrastructure, so it has told Comcast to make it a requirement in its franchise renewal agreement.

Massachusetts town wants fiber as part of Comcast franchise renewal

In Wareham, Mass., the future is fiber, not coax. City fathers want Comcast to install fiber between its hub site and town hall as well as the Wareham Community Television studios.

Comcast performance dissed in City of Philadelphia report

One of Comcast's stronger non-cable allies, the City of Philadelphia, has issued a 571-page report that leaves little doubt that the municipality feels there's room for its biggest corporate resident to improve the way it does business in the City of Brotherly Love.

Comcast, Georgia town call truce in right-of-way fight

Comcast and Chickamauga, Ga., have settled a dispute over one of the oldest problems in the telecom and cable industry: How much should the cable MSO pay to get access to the town's utility poles?

Cable gets ready to take a big bite out of the wholesale market

Cable companies may still not have the same ubiquity or clout that incumbent telcos have enjoyed for years in the wholesale market, but it's clear that they are having an impact. In our latest feature,  Cable hones its wholesale skills in special access and wireless backhaul,  we take a look at how cable operators are taking on the wholesale services industry, providing services to a host of wireless operators, CLECs, IXCs and ILECs that need to fulfill out-of-territory service requirements for multi-site business customers.

Cable companies cater to wireless operator backhaul needs

Wireless operators have become one of cable's largest wholesale customers. According to Vertical Systems Group, cable is the fastest growing segment in the wholesale and retail business Ethernet markets.

Comcast locks in Xfinity Home security technology piece

Comcast has locked in an integral element in its Xfinity Home platform by adding the Kwikset SmartCode 914 touchpad electronic deadbolt to its features list. Xfinity Home customers outfitted with the deadbolt--suggested retail price $219.99--will be able to lock and unlock their doors remotely via the Xfinity Home app or an Internet connected smartphone, tablet or computer.

Comcast, Georgia town settle utility pole dispute

A recently resolved dispute between Comcast and Chickamauga, Ga., revisits the need for grassroots infrastructure in cable system operations. In this case, the dispute revolved around the age-old problem of pole attachment fees and how much Comcast should pay.

Comcast Business invests $10M in Denver fiber network

Comcast Business is looking to make a dent in the Colorado business services market that's been traditionally dominated by local telco CenturyLink by investing more than $10 million to build a fiber-based Ethernet network in the Denver metro area.