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Latest Headlines

Verizon says migrating customers to fiber will provide a better phone service experience

Verizon is wasting no time firing back at critics who say its plan to retire copper facilities in Ocean View, Va., and Belle Harbor, N.Y., is going to cause harm to consumers.

Lifting the veil off the rhetoric of old networks vs. new networks

Debate has been raging on about our public telephone network as it transitions to support more IP traffic. And at the heart of the large incumbent telcos' argument is that they are building "new networks," while competitors seek to maintain the status quo with their "old networks" and "old technology." Nothing could be further from the truth.

COMPTEL, Level 3, tw telecom say FCC should not approve AT&T's IP experiments

COMPTEL and a group of competitive service providers, including Level 3 and tw telecom, have asked the FCC to not approve AT&T's proposed  TDM-to-IP trials  in Alabama and Florida until the telco makes a number of "significant modifications" to its plan.

Rising stars in wireline: Future leaders to watch in 2014

The time to innovate couldn't be any more pressing for the wireline telecom industry as traditional operators look to shut down 100-year-old TDM networks and transition to all-IP infrastructure. FierceTelecom profiles eight up-and-coming executives meeting the demands of a changing landscape.

Comptel taps Pickering as new CEO, replacing James

Comptel, the trade association representing the competitive telecom service provider segment, has named former Mississippi Congressman Chip Pickering as its CEO.

Ziggo's streamlines mediation process for services with Comptel

Some of Dutch operator Ziggo’s existing systems are being replaced Comptel’s convergent mediation so

Comptel interoperable with Procera

Comptel said it has completed interoperability testing with Procera Networks.   The

Criticism mounts against AT&T's TDM-to-IP migration petition with the FCC

More comments are flowing in on the telco giant's petition to the FCC to hold TDM-to-IP migration trials, with some commenters suggesting AT&T is simply trying to avoid regulatory requirements that come with its legacy infrastructure.

FCC unveils technology transition task force

The FCC on Monday formed the agency-wide Technology Transitions Policy Task Force to address the issue of service providers moving away from TDM to all-IP networks.

Kazakh operator taps Comptel for 3G rollout

Kazakhstan-based Kcell  has deployed